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The Odus Chronicle Vol. 9 No. 9  

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Item Lore:Erudin Local Newspaper
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Book Text:

::Odus Chronicle::
Vol. 9 No. 9 - Special

~ Gukta is Retaken ~

After hours of bloody
conflict, the Trolls and
their allies have entered
Gukta and its defenders
have fallen or fled.

"It was a bloody, confusing
mess. All of us fought
with everything we had, but
it wasn't enough. Look,
I've got to get this man
some help."

This was all that Barnim
Hornfellow had time to tell
us about the fight. He,

like many that allied
themselves with the
defenders of Gukta, was cut
and bloody. Unlike most,
however, he was still

Reports say that Innothule
Swamp is now littered with
the bodies of the battle.
The swamp's waters have
been stained red with the
blood of the fallen. Unlike
the defenders of Gukta, who
are spending their last
strength struggling to
assist the wounded, the
Trolls have piled their
most severely wounded along
with the dead and are now
generally sleeping. Their
Dark Elven allies seem to
have suffered less with far
fewer wounded. They remain

alert and noted our
presence, but did nothing
to drive us away until we
got too close.

The lives lost in this
battle are beyond counting.
The tragedy lies all
around us here in the
swamp. In the present
things are bleak at best.
But even now the Frogloks
are making plans for their
society. They will not be
defeated by the loss of
their home.

"Gukta is important to us,
certainly, but our people
are more important. Our
ancestors and our hope are
important to us. We will
not betray either by giving

Elder Gritib also sent his
thanks to those that came
to aid them in this
desperate battle.

"We are honored that others
were willing to sacrifice
their lives for ours. We
regret that we failed

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