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The Odus Chronicle Vol. 9 No. 8  

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Item Lore:Erudin Local Newspaper
Language:Common Tongue
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Book Text:

::Odus Chronicle::
Vol. 9 No. 8

~ The Northmen Send Aid ~

Many citizens have begun to
protest the lack of aid we
are giving the Guktan Army
as the Trolls and Dark
Elves march upon them. It
also seems as though these
protests are popping up all
over Norrath. The only
people that have decided to
take action seem to be the
Northmen of Halas.

An elite force of
Barbarians made a brave
attempt to breach the siege
and render aid to the
Frogloks. Their assault on

the forces of Warlord
Ykesha, who now calls
himself The Grozmok, was
ferocious and fearless. At
first, according to one
survivor, they thought that
they might be able to break
the Troll army.

"We had them near ta
runnin'. Each Troll we
killed looked less
confident than the last.
Then He came up to the
front. He was massive,
bigger than any three of us
put together. He cut us
down like we were made of
soft snow. Even then we
didn't break. We rallied
and fought to the end. I'm
ashamed to have lived when
so many of my kinsmen fell.
Some nasty Dark Elf snuck

up on me and clobbered me
when I was fightin'."

Accounts of the damage
dealt to the Troll army are
wildly speculative. The
Northmen were wiped out
nearly to a man.

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