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Half Capacity Gnomish Vanishing Device  

Charges: 5
This item can be used in tradeskills.
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
Effect: Invisibility Cloak (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 5.0)
WT: 0.7 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Item Lore:Gnomish Vanishing Device
Item Type:Misc
Merchant Value:256 pp 2 gp 1 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2020-07-13 02:41:31
Page Updated:Sun May 28th, 2017
Classic Item

Average Price: 13,700pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Crafted: This item is crafted by players.
Used in 5 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.
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Dead item?
# Jun 29 2007 at 3:59 PM Rating: Decent
Did they kill these or is there only a certain amount of times you can recharge them? When I try to put one in my toolbox to recharge it the combine button stays greyed out now.
Dead item?
# Jun 29 2007 at 6:16 PM Rating: Decent
1,352 posts
you have to use a gnomish recharging kit now .. sold by "Tabben Bromal in Plane of Knowledge sells them. He's upstairs in the smithing building"
Cost on Saryrn
# Dec 26 2004 at 11:10 AM Rating: Decent
80 posts
Just purchased this item for my warrior, on the Saryrn Server, for 5k. Works like a charm too =)
Gwidre~110 Ashenhand of Quellious, Bunny Minion of Iratus Lepus, Xegony Server; Shawlweaver
Trideni~108 Spiritwalker of The Tribunal; Shawlweaver, Bunny Alt
Phedraa~105 Primal Elementalist of Rodcet Nife, Shawlweaver, Bunny Alt
Athelu~108 Farwarden of Tunare, Shawlweaver Aspirant, Bunny Alt
Lisselle~106 Enchantress of Veeshan, Bunny Alt
Macey~106 Druidess of Tunare, Bunny Alt
Trilenol~110 Cleric of Brell, Bunny Alt
Zellanna~96 Grand Occultist of Bertoxxulous, Bunny Alt
how long does this take to cast?
# Nov 09 2004 at 12:41 PM Rating: Decent
296 posts
On my server these are going for 50k since omens came out. While it would be nice not to carry a ton of non-stackable invis potions around, they do have an advantage -- the potions cast instantly and you can cast them while you are running. That comes in very handy for when you start feeling yourself appear at the absolute wrong moment. But still, having bags of potions is annoying!
cast time 5 seconds
# Jan 15 2005 at 8:41 PM Rating: Decent

So you don't get rid of Mirao Frostpouch completely :/
Veludeus Exmachina - Bristlebane

*rate the posts, please*
# Oct 30 2004 at 5:47 AM Rating: Decent
40 posts
Since it's half capacity now, they should make it half as hard to make.
Not JUST for Invis...
# Jul 09 2004 at 5:31 AM Rating: Default
33 posts
All this discussion about the uses and time variables for the device are nice and all but the real reason I see to make these (As Haze Panther Eyes are RARE) is to make a further combine for gnomes which is the Clockwork Armor. The Vanishing Device is used to make the Chestplate for all the Closckwork Armor.

So regardless of the uses, importance, and duration of the effect, enentually any gnome that sells this has no intention of making the armor for himself or anyone else.

My advise to Gnomes out there, If you make these.. KEEP Them! You'll need them for your Grandmaster Ability Armor Combines.

Mezsmerizer Mindcandy
Ancient Dragons of the Myst
Level 21 Enchanter
Grandmaster Tinker
Rodcet Nife
RE: Not JUST for Invis...
# Oct 27 2004 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
As a Pally who can only invis vs. undead myselfm this thing is a godsend. The cast time is a little long but mana batteries stack so at most only takes up 3 inventory slots. I regularly gon through 5-10 invis per night and keeping all the bag slots full of non-stackable invis potions just doesn't work for me.

P.S. I don't think that this covers undead as listed previously in this thread but I'll test it tonight.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 26 2004 at 4:41 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) A member in my guild can make em if you need one. Send a tell to Flyguy. I love mine but dont use it often. Invis potions work for me =b
Duration time inaccurate
# Feb 19 2004 at 2:46 PM Rating: Default
Duration: 3.0 mins @L1 to 20.0 mins @L7
Effect duration is inacurate. I made one for a level 65 cleric who reported that she got the "starting to appear" message 2 - 3 minutes after triggering the device.

For the cost to produce, and the rarity of the drop you would think the spell effect would be a set duration like Improved invis for pure casters.
RE: Duration time inaccurate
# Aug 30 2004 at 3:46 PM Rating: Good
Invis has a variable duration. The times listed there represent the maxium that the invis can hold. It's notorius for fading early at the wrong time.
very cool
# Jun 27 2003 at 8:34 AM Rating: Good
So you can buy Deluxe Toolbox in PoK and class 5 mana battery .. in PoK also? Stick both in and get 5 more charges .. nice.

Bought mine last night for 5k on BB .. I think the person didnt think it could be recharged .. thats why so cheap =)
I need one!
# Dec 03 2002 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
45 posts
I really like fixing faction problems, and there are a lot of times I need to get past guards or the like to do so. This would be quite handy tucked away for the times I need it, and don't have an enchanter nearby. Keep it in the bank, since you won't use it much.
Corpse retrieval is just a bonus, but since it's in the bank, I'm glad to have it there.
This rocks BUT
# Sep 09 2002 at 10:34 PM Rating: Decent
As a monk owner of one of these I love having mine however don't be mislead by the 20 minute duratation it is capable of, as with most invis spells this is a random timer and will not always last a full 20 minutes.

Edited, Mon Sep 9 23:20:46 2002
how do i recharge item
# Sep 08 2002 at 6:31 PM Rating: Good
How do i recharge the item?
RE: how do i recharge item
# Nov 04 2002 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
377 posts
You put the Vanishing Device and the Class Five Mana Battery (storebought in Iceclad Ocean, dropped in Plane of Innovation) into a common Toolbox, hit combine and it's recharged.
RE: how do i recharge item
# Mar 05 2004 at 11:01 AM Rating: Good
201 posts
Class Five battery is also sold in PoK. It's the small room behind the jewelry vendors.

If you stand in front of the room of the vendors, look right. Go through the door you see, past behind the gnome lady is another door on the left.

In this room is the vendor with the batteries up to class six.

H'Sishi Shortfinger
<Die Reisenden von Norrath>
Kael Drakkal
HSishi Shortfinger
Proud Rogue
Member of <Age of Unity>
Antonius Bayle
Nelin Singus
# Jan 15 2005 at 8:32 PM Rating: Decent
Nelin Singus is the name of the gnome, charged 52pp 4gp per battery.
Veludeus Exmachina - Bristlebane

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RE: Nelin Singus
# Mar 29 2005 at 12:10 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Nelin Signus is at Loc +402.96 +843.80 -92.87
RE: how do i recharge item
# May 16 2003 at 3:07 PM Rating: Excellent
Deluxe Toolboxes (10 slot, WT: 3.5, no WR) can also be purchased from Maryalis N`Ryt in the Plane of Knowledge. She is in the building between the Neriak & Oggok stones. Enter the building, and go through the door on your left. Her exact location is -857, 197.

No need to haul your fanny all the way up to Iceclad if you don't have to. ;)

Edited, Fri May 16 15:29:44 2003
RE: how do i recharge item
# Aug 15 2014 at 7:12 AM Rating: Decent
44 posts
11 years later and now I find this out. I've been schlepping back and forth.

It may be worth my time to figure out everything available in the POK to save some time.
# Jul 14 2002 at 8:35 PM Rating: Default
Here are the details from someone who owns one:

Invis to Undead
Invis to Regular
20minute fixed duration

Now what was that about this item not being worth it?

Edited, Mon Jul 15 00:26:35 2002
# Jun 16 2002 at 9:14 PM Rating: Decent

LOL at the people who keep talking about invis pots....VERY frequently, I use 4 or 5 invis pots daily..and unless I want to run to town all the time to buy more ALL THE FUXXIN TIME, this item rocks...
Toucan Tanksem
of Vallon Zek, Sebilis, Venril Sathir, Antonius Bayle, and now Toukan of Povar
Nice item too bad it costs an assload
# May 24 2002 at 2:30 PM Rating: Default
65 posts
As a 60 monk I can often feign death my way around, but it's still nice to have an invis item to move through dangerous areas quicker. This thing is a lot better than invis potions which aren't stackable, too bad every tinkerer I've seen making em wants 15k+. I feel sorry for you tinkerers your tradeskill is expensive and rarely pays off, but I'm not gonna go poor to pay some ridiculous amount for an item with 5 charges of invis, and it isn't exactly cheap to recharge. Go to Sebilis and fight at B2 camp. The named golem there drops a mask with 10 charges of invis A LOT cheaper then this.
Transcendent Swifttail
The Tribunal
RE: Nice item too bad it costs an assload
# Jan 25 2003 at 2:30 PM Rating: Default
Price is down to 7400 on solusek ro, just bought one for my wife (pain in the *** to get the eyes so didnt feel like making it myself)
against who?
# Apr 18 2002 at 7:06 AM Rating: Decent
This sounds as an excellent device to move through bothe living and dead zones like Lguk and such. But what i was wondering, does the inv from this toy work against both the undead and living at the same time?
RE: against who?
# Apr 20 2002 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
72 posts
There are no methods of being both invisible against the living and against undead other than Sneak, Hide, Feign and a few Illusions in certain areas (Necromancer's Skeleton forms change their faction against some undead and I am counting them as Illusions). On rare occasions in the past, there have been bugs that allowed both Invisibility and Invisibility versus Undead to stack. Verant has fixed these bugs within a week of becoming aware of them.
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 03 2002 at 8:48 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) this would also be great for all dark races so they could sneak through cities
dark races
# Feb 03 2002 at 8:48 PM Rating: Good
this would also be great for all dark races so they could sneak through cities
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 13 2001 at 1:27 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) WOW! Look at the weight! This is most definitely a monk item!
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 13 2001 at 1:39 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) YES! Next best would be a Rogue, a near endless supply of Invisibility would be great for a Rogue!
RE: Bob
# Oct 15 2001 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
Hmm....near endless supply of invis for rogues...sneak/hide maybe?
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 13 2001 at 2:57 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Suppose I am a tinkerer.... suppose I got lucky and make this pos on the first try...cost ~1kpp
Sounds good to me
# Jun 13 2001 at 2:24 AM Rating: Good
as a level 60 cleric I wouldnt mind one of these. a 20 min invis to both undead and live creatures? hell ill take two. Now to go farm some panther eyes =)
-Xavion Redcross, 60 cleric Tarew Marr
Enlightened Dark
RE: Sounds good to me
# Mar 23 2002 at 3:14 AM Rating: Decent
This gives invisibility to undead? I thought it was just "normal" invisibility that lasted 20 minutes.

This is a nice item for those who can afford it. I just HATE doing rezzes when I'm KOS, and I go through the cloudy potions very quickly in Velketor's Laboratory.

-- Alainia Tannistar
High Priestess of Tunare
RE: Sounds good to me
# Dec 19 2002 at 6:44 PM Rating: Default
72 posts
No... Clerics IVU + this nifty little machine = IVAll (except those with See Invis, of course)
# Jun 12 2001 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
Crap? I think not.

Any class/race can recharge these with a toolbox (come in 10 slot varieties, so nice to carry around anyway). The mana batteries are stackable; for those with math trouble, you can carry around 100 charges of invis in one backpack slot. Considering the number of classes that never get invis, and what a pain it is for them to carry aroud potions (and those near-instant "appearing" messages can make you go though them very quickly) this is incredibly nice.

Expensive but...
# Jun 12 2001 at 10:13 AM Rating: Good
Yes I agree that this item is very expensive and that Tinkering needs some help. But please people, the item is hardly a waste. As a monk I know that I would love to have one. As someone else pointed out, invis potions are not stackable and this one item will free up 4 slots. For a monk this can be invaluable. Keep in mind that this is a class that will pay 20k for a Vox bag only because it is half the weight of a Tinkerer bag :p

And yes I know this item will always be out of reach of all but rich high level folks, their twinks and some rich (and/or smart) guilds. I'm not here to argue economics, simply to note that the item is useful IF you can find one and afford it.
Why gnomes
# Jun 12 2001 at 10:01 AM Rating: Default
I am all for supporting tradeskills. i have a spyglass and a rebreather(10.0 stones and giant sized) At the skill and cost it takes to make useable things, why do they have undesirable qualities? Like have to recharge with a 52pp battery when the thing costs ungodly amount of money. PC on this baby is gonna be at least 5k if not 10. So end result and intermediate skil gainer with some useful purposes is totally ruined by cost and avialibility. May as well line up the gnomes and ice comet till death. Just like VI did to tinkering.
RE: Why gnomes
# Jun 12 2001 at 2:02 PM Rating: Decent
Er...ignore that last line, since this item weighs almost nothing ;)
RE: Why gnomes
# Jun 12 2001 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
Well I can't argue the initial cost, unless you have a friend who is very good at tinkering and very rich, yep, will cost you an arm and a leg, but 52pp for a recharge of 5 charges isn't bad. Invis potions cost what, 11pp each, so right there it is cheaper, recharge vs. potions. AND, as someone else pointed out, the batteries are stackable, so it requires only one primary inventory slot for the toolbox which the batteries fit inside nicely. ;)

Will I buy one? Not a chance! My shaman has invis and my ranger has camo! Add to that for the same price I could BUY a helm for my ranger that has unlimited Superior Camo. But if you get one of these gnomish gizmos and can't invis yourself, well, I'd say its worth its weight in plat from that point on.
# Jun 12 2001 at 9:56 AM Rating: Default
If it were a fixed duration (As in.. like 15-20 minutes..) it MIGHT be worth the extra money...

However we all know Verant would have to have a brain to actually think of that one.
RE: If...
# Jun 13 2001 at 10:15 PM Rating: Default
Verant will NEVER fix the duration on an invisiblity effect, it would be abused WAT too much
RE: If...
# Oct 05 2005 at 6:46 PM Rating: Decent
Verant will NEVER fix the duration on an invisiblity effect, it would be abused WAT too much

RE: If...
# Jun 14 2001 at 5:10 AM Rating: Default
Actually, there are 2 fixed duration invis spells that I know of, one I have, being Improved Invisibility, which is level 55 wizard, and the druid (not sure about ranger) Improved Superiour Camo, not sure on that ones level.
RE: If...
# Nov 03 2002 at 3:56 PM Rating: Decent
Level 50
Potions vs This
# Jun 12 2001 at 12:22 AM Rating: Default
Well if your lucky enough to convince a gnome out of this and pay em for it; 2 things. Grats on the cash to afford it and you just saved yourself 5 inv spaces considering Invis potions of merchants are non stackable...
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