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Legendary Plate Mail Armors  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL

Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Expansion: Planes of Power Planes of Power

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Obtained From

This item is obtained from NPCs.

Plane of Knowledge
NPC Name Expansion
Magnar Quok Planes of Power

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Plane of Knowledge

Book Text:

Legendary Plate Mail Armors

Over the ages, planar
beings and powerful mortals
alike have passed through
the city of New Tanaan.
Some of these visitors wore
armors of unimaginable
craftsmanship and beauty.
The blacksmiths of New
Tanaan have learned some of
the techniques used in the
crafting of several kinds
of legendary armors, yet it
is not often that one has
an opportunity to craft
such rare and valued
resources as the ones that
compose the armors of

Common Components
Regardless of the base

material that a suit of
plate armor is crafted from
there are common methods to
their crafting. Each piece
of armor requires a Full
Plate Mold of the armor
section being crafted, a
temper appropriate to the
metal being crafted, a
Tanaan Smithing Hammer to
work the metal in the
Tanaan Forges, a set of
Superb Leather padding to
cushion the joints and
another to cushion the
armor against the body of
the wearer. The sheets of
metal used in the
construction of the armors
plates are hammered from a
brick or chunk of planar
metal with a Tanaan
Smithing Hammer and
tempered with a temper

appropriate to the metal
being worked. Three sheets
of metal are needed for a
breastplate or greaves, two
sheets of metal are needed
for vambraces, a helm,
gauntlets, or boots, and
one sheet of metal is
needed for a bracer.

Night Terror Plate Mail

This dark haunting plate
armor was first seen when a
dark knight from the plane
of nightmares visited the
city of New Tanaan. The
armor is crafted from the
nightmare iron mined by the
hobgoblins that inhabit the
caverns of the plane of
nightmares and each piece
is adorned with an Emblem
of Nightmare.

Hurricane Plate Mail

This rare gray copper armor
crackles with the magical
energies of the plane of
storms. The armor is
crafted from electrified
copper and each piece is
adorned with an Emblem of
Storms that channels the
powers inherent to the
magical copper. This armor
is highly prized by
Paladins and Clerics of

Inferno Plate Mail

A legendary armor crafted
from the molten metals of
the plane of fire. Each
section of armor is adorned
with an Emblem of Fire and

the suit itself glows with
an eternal heat. The first
suit of this armor was
crafted by the fiends for a
mortal servant.

Farwater Plate Mail

This stunningly beautiful
armor is crafted from
e'cian ice and each section
is adorned with an Emblem
of Water. The first suit of
e'cian ice full plate armor
is said to have been
crafted by a Slarghilug
noble as a gift to the
daughter of Tarrew Marr.

Livestone Plate Mail

Crafted by an Ogre warlord
that had been trapped in
the Plane of Earth along

with several others from
Rallos Zek's invading
armies, this rather plain
but impressive full plate
armor offers unparalleled
protection to the wearer.
The armor is crafted from
immaculate steel and each
section is adorned with an
Emblem of Earth.

Windessence Plate Mail

This exceptional legendary
armor is crafted from the
rare and mysterious wind
metal of the plane of air.
Each section of the cloudy
armor is adorned with an
Emblem of Air, which
carries the blessing of
Xegony, the Queen of Air.

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