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Sunshard Dust  

This item can be used in tradeskills.
WT: 0.2 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Lore:Small amount of course dust
Item Type:Combinable
Merchant Value:0 pp 0 gp 0 sp 5 cp
Lucy Entry By:Aryse Andenter SZ
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-09-12 17:41:33
Page Updated:Fri Nov 13th, 2020

Average Price: 14pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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This item is found on creatures.

Barren Coast
NPC Name
a sea turtle

Blightfire Moors
NPC Name
a baleful briar
a blightfire witchlamp
a briar thorn
a darkwater lockjaw
a darkwater snapjaw
a hedge devil
a larval wasp
a marsh creeper
a native gnarlroot
a ridge griffon
a shade of Nokk
a silverfur rat
a sporali decomposer
a sporali elder
a sporali farmer
a sporali warrior
a wandering drunkard
a watchtower guardian
an ancestral guardian
Northern Moorwalker
Western Moorwalker

Burning Woods
NPC Name
a forest giant arbor
a sarnak enthusiast
a Sarnak knight
an ash hornet

Butcherblock Mountains
NPC Name
a crazed goblin
a goblin
Glorin Binfurr
Thar Kelgand

Castle Mistmoore
NPC Name
a dark ass`t librarian
a dark elf noble
a dark offerer
a dark ritualist
a dark sacrificer
a deathly harbinger
a deathly herald
a deathly usher
a fallen noble
a flouting gargoyle
a ghastish ancille
a ghostly ancille
a ghoulish ancille
a glyphed aegis
a glyphed custodian
a glyphed familiar
a glyphed forbidder
a glyphed ghoul
a glyphed guard
a glyphed sentry
a glyphed warder
a gypsy ambassador
a gypsy dancer
a gypsy musician
a hemo enologist
a jeering gargoyle
a leering gargoyle
a negotiator
a shadowy sage
a shadowy scribe
a shadowy scrivener
a sneering gargoyle
a soul inveigling
a soul seductress
a soul temptress
a spectral ancille
a spiritish ancille
a thought defiler
a thought spoiler
a vampire noble
a vampire oracle
a vampiric ancille
a werewolf
a wightish ancille
a will pillager
a will ravisher
a will sapper
an ancille cook
Butler Syncall
Eirod Haerod
Princess Cherista

City of Mist
NPC Name
a lost one
an aberrant

Clan RunnyEye
NPC Name
a slime elemental
Battlewizard Unak

Cobalt Scar
NPC Name
an Othmir Pup
an Othmir Warrior

NPC Name
a griffin
a hill giant
Guard Colin
Guard Tolus
Guard Valon

Corathus Creep
NPC Name
a creep reaper

Crypt of Dalnir
NPC Name
a coerced dwarf - female
a coerced dwarf - male
a coerced Erudite
a kly acolyte
a kly cohort
a kly follower
a kly invoker
a ravenous nibbler
a wry kly imprecator
smoldering goo

Crystal Caverns
NPC Name
a crystal webmaster
a Ry`Gorr miner
a Ry`Gorr watchman
a stalag terror

Dagnor's Cauldron
NPC Name
Bilge Farfathom

Dawnshroud Peaks
NPC Name
a large zelniak
a lightcrawler
a tribal gatherer
a wolf
a zelniak
an ebonfang wolf

Dranik's Scar
NPC Name
a kyv

NPC Name
a tundra yeti
Klaldran the Bald

Dulak's Harbor
NPC Name
a Broken Skull mercenary
an engineering assistant

East Karana
NPC Name
a hill giant

Eastern Wastes
NPC Name
a frost giant
a frost giant scout
a Ry`Gorr centurion
a Ry`Gorr prison guard
a snow dervish
a wooly rhino
an ulthork warrior

Echo Caverns
NPC Name
a fungal fiend
a needlite
a stonegrabber
an underbulk

Emerald Jungle
NPC Name
a raging gorilla
a soulsipper

Estate of Unrest
NPC Name
a festering hag
a skeletal monk
a tentacle terror
a werebat
mortuary fungus

Everfrost Peaks
NPC Name
Karg IceBear

Field of Bone
NPC Name
Kerosh Blackhand
Sythrax guardian

Firiona Vie
NPC Name
a drachnid webspinner
a drolvarg growler
a drolvarg scavenger
a drolvarg snarler
a frenzied leech
Firiona drixie
froglok nok shaman
froglok shin knight
froglok shin warrior
froglok tal shaman
froglok ton knight
froglok tsu shaman

Goru`kar Mesa
NPC Name
a mesa bear
a Tuffein medic
a Tuffein satyr

Great Divide
NPC Name
a Coldain miner
a frost giant scout

Grimling Forest
NPC Name
a grimling fleshsoother

Gulf of Gunthak
NPC Name
a cast out survivor
a gnome pillager
a troll plunderer
an emaciated zombie

High Keep
NPC Name
a pickclaw guard
Mistress Anna

Highpass Hold
NPC Name
a guard
a Highpass citizen
Captain Ashlan
Captain Orben
Gublink Furnhorn
Kaden Gron
Wres Corber

Hollowshade Moor
NPC Name
a sonic tracker
an owlbear ravager

Iceclad Ocean
NPC Name
a dire wolf
a frost giant elite
a frost giant scout
a snow cougar
a snow dervish
dire wolf stalker

Jaggedpine Forest
NPC Name
a cave basilisk
a cave basilisk genitor
a grey pinewolf
a river turtle
Farkus Grime

Kael Drakkel
NPC Name
a domesticated direwolf
Slaggak the Trainer

NPC Name
strathbone healer

Kedge Keep
NPC Name
a bull shark

Kithicor Forest
NPC Name
decaying trooper
risen commander
Tallyn Starwatch
undead cleric
undead mendicant

Lake of Ill Omen
NPC Name
a bloodgill goblin
a Sarnak adherent
charbone skeleton

Lake Rathetear
NPC Name
a deepwater goblin
a stone skeleton

Lavastorm Mountains
NPC Name
a firescale crocodile
a swirling smoke

Lesser Faydark
NPC Name
a brownie outcast
a faerie guard
a fairy guard
Faril Elvebryn
Gundel Elorion
Princess Joleena
Teir`Dal Elite
Teir`Dal Prophet
Thistle Underbrush

Marus Seru
NPC Name
Queen Kvaknak

Mountains of Rathe
NPC Name
a basalt drake
a cyclops
a hill giant
a skeletal monk

Nagafen's Lair
NPC Name
greater kobold

NPC Name
The Fabled Najena

Nedaria's Landing
NPC Name
a majestic grizzly
a serene griffawn
a sleek panther

North Karana
NPC Name
a griffenne

Northern Felwithe
NPC Name

Ocean of Tears
NPC Name
a spectre
Dunvan Mercwinn
Mojo the Tainted

NPC Name
Azzar Habbib

Permafrost Keep
NPC Name
an elite goblin guard
the goblin sage

Qeynos Catacombs
NPC Name
a spectre
Illie Roln
Kron Redstepp
Lahn Whinstone
Wellis Pestule

NPC Name
Shakey Scarecrow

Scarlet Desert
NPC Name
a scarlet cheetah
a sunflower
a vas ren archon
a vas ren musician

Shadeweaver's Thicket
NPC Name
a lesser shade
a shak dratha shawi
Sentry Kedra Kai

NPC Name
A Golem Patroller
A Golem Sentry
Nor Tekkna

Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)
NPC Name
fire goblin wizard

South Karana
NPC Name
a cyclops
a Lteth Val Scribe
a treant
Synger Foxfyre
Vhalen Nostrolo

South Ro
NPC Name
a sand giant
Sandgiant Husam

Steamfont Mountains
NPC Name
a kobold missionary
Cargo Clockwork
Meldrath The Malignant
Minotaur Guard
Minotaur Lord
Minotaur Sentry
Watchman Grep
Watchman Mylz

Stone Hive
NPC Name
a garden mushroom
a hive sentinel
a lively lotus
a shambling shrubbery

Stonebrunt Mountains
NPC Name
a highland tiger
a kobold

Surefall Glade
NPC Name
Krystal Aspen

Temple of Solusek Ro
NPC Name
a blazing elemental
a keeper
an incarnate

Tenebrous Mountains
NPC Name
a grimling geomancer

The Feerrott
NPC Name
a Tae Ew crusader

The Forgotten Halls
NPC Name
a squeaking rat

The Overthere
NPC Name
a Kunark rhino
a sarnak berserker
a Sarnak enthusiast
a Sarnak knight
a scorpikis
sabretooth tiger
sabretooth tigress

NPC Name
a scuttle bat

Timorous Deep
NPC Name
a golra
a hulking golra
Fire Gator
The Great Oowomp

Tower of Frozen Shadow
NPC Name
a golem usher
a lesser ice shade
a shadow
a shadowbone
a shrouded bat
an angry chef
an armored shadow
an undead dancer
an undead musician
Head Golem Usher

Trakanon's Teeth
NPC Name
sabretooth tiger
sabretooth tigress

Twilight Sea
NPC Name
a lesser shadow
an earth elemental
an underbulk

Upper Guk
NPC Name
a fungus ancient
a saltwater croc

Wakening Land
NPC Name
a drixie thane
a holgresh conjurer
a holgresh elementalist
a panther
a tigeraptor
a unicorn

Warsliks Wood
NPC Name
a forest giant evergreen

West Karana
NPC Name
Ulrich McMannus

Used in 7 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.


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sunshard dust
# Feb 16 2007 at 6:40 PM Rating: Decent
dropped off a skeletal monk in the estate of unrest as well as a werebat.
shadeweaver's thicket
# Feb 16 2007 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
found on shak dratha in Shadeweaver's Thicket. Didn't pay any attention to which ones specifically. Got 2 out of about 40-50 kills

Just got another. Confirmed on a shak dratha shawi

Edited, Feb 16th 2007 5:07pm by ellidoh
# Feb 16 2007 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
At least 3 dropped in City of Mist.

Sorry, did not pay attention to waht mob droped it.
Sunshard Dust
# Feb 16 2007 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
drop in ek 2 days ago off a dust mummy
sunshard dust
# Feb 16 2007 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
dropped off of creep reapers in corathus creep today, bout 1 per hour of a constant clear of the camp
sunshard dust
# Feb 16 2007 at 8:07 AM Rating: Decent
Dropped of of Tizmak's (the Yak men) in Great Divide yesterday
Blightfire too
# Feb 16 2007 at 6:09 AM Rating: Decent
Got a bunch off griffins in Blightfire last night.
More Drops
# Feb 15 2007 at 8:51 PM Rating: Decent
I looted one of these off an Underbulk in the high side of Echo Caverns last night as well...
Sunshard Dust
# Feb 15 2007 at 7:59 PM Rating: Decent
Had it drop from a forest giant arbor in Firiona Vie
Sunshard Dust
# Feb 15 2007 at 6:38 PM Rating: Decent
Drops off the shadows in Twilight Sea
# Feb 15 2007 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped off a guard in the commonlands for me. One of the guards at the tollbooth building which used to be in wc right near the ec zone.
# Feb 15 2007 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
MAYBE 1 HOUR sry caps messing in gunthak around fort and got 7
Sunshard dust
# Feb 15 2007 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
Found on a Sonic Tracker, in Hollowshade Moor. Though in several hundred kills, I've only had one drop.
sunshard dust
# Feb 15 2007 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
Also found this on a goblin in Mines of Nurga.
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