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Ceramics of the Planes  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Obtained from: This item is obtained from NPCs.

Plane of Knowledge

Zone(s) Found In:
Book Text:

Ceramics of the Planes

The specialized Tanaan Clay
created by the master potters
of New Tanaan can be used
to craft ceramic items that
are symbolic of a particular
plane and channel the powers
of the plane to the possessor
of the representation. The
unfired representations must
be sculpted with sculpting
tools from a block of Tanaan
Clay, a coat of glaze must
be applied, and a gem
imbued with the power of
the plane that the ceramic
item represents must be
set into the item before
it is fired in a Tanaan
Kiln on a High Quality
Firing Sheet.

Ceramic Gavel of Justice

These ceramic gavels grant
their owner the wisdom of
the Tribunal. The gavel is
glazed with justice glaze
and a white diamond of
justice is set in the gavels

Ceramic Shackles of Torment

These evil representations of
the plane of torment are
often sought by those who
practice magics dealing with
prolonged suffering and pain.
They are glazed with
agonizing glaze and a purple
diamond of torment is set
into the right shackle.

Ceramic Hammer of Innovation

These odd totems are sought
after by those who create and
command constructs. They are
glazed with innovative glaze
and a greasy diamond of
innovation, which is merely
a raw diamond cut by a tinker
with a gem cutter and coated
in silicorrosive grease, is
set into the head of the

Ceramic Skull of Decay

These morbid representations
of the plane of decay enhance
the dark arts of death and
disease. The skulls are
glazed with diseased glaze
and a green diamond of
disease is set in the left
eye socket of the skull.

Ceramic Sword of War

These ceramic swords are
prized by sorcerers who often
find themselves using their
magic to damage enemy forces.
The swords are glazed with
war glaze and an orange
diamond of war is set into
the hilt of the ceramic sword.

Ceramic Rod of Storms

These ceramic rods are
sought after by those who
seek to control the forces
of nature. They are glazed
with tempest glaze and a
gray diamond of storms is
set into the top of the rod.

Ceramic Shield of Valor

These ceramic shields aid
those who lend their magical
or divine powers to the
defense of others in battle.
The shields are glazed with
valorous glaze and a yellow
gem of valor is set into the
center of the shield.

Ceramic Incense Burner of Ro

These rare incense burners
are sought after by those who
seek to control the element
of fire. The burners are
glazed with magma glaze and
a red diamond of fire is set
into the base of the burner.

Ceramic Water Sprinkler
of Marr

These rare water sprinklers
carry the blessings of the
Triumvirate of Water. They
are glazed with aqua glaze
and an aqua diamond of water
is set into the head of the

Ceramic Totem of the Rathe

These ceramic representations
of the Rathe enhance magics
that deal with endurance and
fortitude. They are glazed
with earthen glaze and a
brown stone of earth is set
into the mouth of the idol.

Ceramic Totem of Xegony

These representations of the
Queen of Air carry the
blessing of Xegony. They
are glazed with windy glaze
and a cloudy diamond of air
is set into the center of the
statues wings.


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