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Culturally Inspired Charms  

WT: 0.5 Size: MEDIUM

Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:1 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Gorthag [Township Rebellion]
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Book Text:

Culturally Inspired Charms
By Rufus Clayworker

I woke up last night and it
just came to me. The Kiln
can be used to create a
smoke that will infuse
pottery made with magical
clay. This infusion will
make the item respond to
being near other items made
from the same material.

With that in mind, I came
up with a pattern for a
charm that will respond to
its wearer also wearing
other culturally inspired
armor. I convinced the
various people that share
the pattern books to add
this pattern to their
books. There are four
different ones, just as

there are four different
ranks of cultural armor.

To make the unfired charm,
simply work a small block
of magic clay with some
water, shaped with the
appropriate pattern. This
can be done in batches of
two or three by simply
doubling and tripling the
amount of clay, water, and
patterns that you use.

You will next want to
collect swatches and bars
of metal appropriate for
your culture. These will
be the swatches used to
make the armor that the
charm will respond to. You
will need one of each of
the swatches your culture
can make. If your culture

has silk and leather, you
will need a silk and a
leather swatch. Dwarves
will not need any swatch as
their culture only works
with metal. You will also
need a bar of the
appropriate metal. This
will mean that you have
collected one to three
different items.

You will also need a symbol
of unity. There are four
different symbols, chosen
for which profession you
want the charm to be most
useful. The symbol of
physical unity is for those
that have no magical
talents and depend on their
strength of arms, the
symbol of spiritual unity
is for those who derive

their powers from the gods
or the spiritual world, the
symbol of mental unity is
for those who derive their
magical powers from study
and the symbol of derived
unity is for those who mix
a mastery of arms with the
use of magic.

Now, place the items in the
kiln carefully. In the
center, place the symbol of
unity. Evenly space the
swatches and bars around
the symbol, then place and
equal amount of unfired
charms between the swatches
and bars. Then carefully
fire up the kiln. You will
find this more difficult
that most things you do in
the kiln, and it will take
some practice, but once you

have mastered the process,
the charms should only
break as often as any other
pottery you work with.

Additionally, the
grandmaster charms will
require a large piece of
corathus fungus. Place it
on the symbol of unity in
the kiln.

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