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Culturally Inspired Armor - Part 2  

WT: 0.5 Size: MEDIUM

Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:0 pp 0 gp 0 sp 1 cp
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Expansion: Dragons of Norrath Dragons of Norrath

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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Vendor listing - Premium only

Book Text:

Culturally Inspired Armor -
part 2
by Garven Juli

In order to truly finish
the piece you will need
another special pattern
book. Seek them out, they
can be found. With these
patterns you can create a
stylistic symbol that will
represent you and your
chosen deity. This symbol,
when added to your armor,
will complete the work and
produce a wonderful piece
of armor.

Once you have the patterns
from your new book, you'll
need to find a special
liquid to soak your symbol
in. You can find water
blessed by the gods, or

their priests at least, if
you look for them. Then
get a jade shard and have a
jeweler crush the jade into
the water. This works as
both a sacrifice for the
god and a thickener for the

Then take the liquid, your
pattern and a silk swatch
and get to work in your
kit. If you have the skill
you will be able to fashion
a wonderful symbol that
will complete your armor.
At this step as you improve
your skill and attempt more
difficult symbols, you will
want to use something other
than the simple silk
swatch, such as Drachnid
silk swatch, Nightmare
Arachnid swatch and even

glossy drake hide.

This symbol will have
power, but it will only fit
into the armors made with
these patterns. You will
certainly have noticed the
place it attaches to the
armor when you were
creating it. You will be
able to attach the symbol
using one of those
augmentation sealers.

As I mentioned earlier, my
initial work using basic
silk results in journeyman
pieces. If you feel that
your skill is greater than
that, then you may wish to
try more complicated armor
pieces. I've discovered
that the basic procedure is
the same, and the key to

making better quality armor
is in using better quality

For silk you will need to
go from a simple silk
swatch to a drachnid silk
swatch. From there you may
wish to try a Stormweave
swatch. If you are truly a
grandmaster, then attempt
the procedure with a coarse
silk swatch that can be
made from those nasty
spiders found in that
dragon place. You know
what I mean.

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