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Spell: Summon Elemental Armaments  

Charges: 1
Skill: Conjuration
Mana Cost: 375
Effect: Summon Elemental Armaments
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: MAG
Race: ALL
Item Type:Scroll
Merchant Value:242 pp 5 gp 8 sp 6 cp
Lucy Entry By:Arlian
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-03-06 00:11:48
Page Updated:Sun Sep 23rd, 2012
Serpents Spine Item

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Level to Attain: 65

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Crafted: This item is crafted by players.
Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Direwind CliffsIcefall GlacierSunderock SpringsThe Steppes


Vendor listing - Premium only

Zone(s) Found In:

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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# Nov 03 2008 at 11:03 PM Rating: Good
94 posts
spell can now be made ( new recipe )

Quill of the Arch Convoker
Ink Additive of the Nameless
Conjuring Thickener
Fine Paper
Ink of Zek
Ink of the Nameless

Trivial of 399

Edited, Nov 20th 2008 3:03pm by TalonclawNoE

Edited, Nov 20th 2008 3:03pm by TalonclawNoE
It does drop in The Steppes
# Aug 12 2008 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
I can confirm that this spell does drop off the darkfell gnolls in the steppes. I have killed a couple thousand gnolls here and have had this spell drop once here. Very rare drop.
# Sep 13 2007 at 12:54 AM Rating: Decent
well. i can pretty much confirm right now that the only spells i have seen drop in direwind on the gnolls is level 71's.... i have about 50 spells of all sorts of various classes, including mag spells... got bot the plate and the muzzle and the rest of the 71's ... but nothing from 72 or 73 for any class off those carrionmancers in direwind at the boneyard.
forgot to mention that i spent over 4 days there, 5 hours or more at a time.

i'm in icefall now, hunting those dire wolfs near the valde entrance. to see if they drop it.

Edited, Sep 13th 2007 8:58am by Vorzsai

Edited, Sep 13th 2007 8:58am by Vorzsai
a Clan Direwind carrionmancer
# Jun 04 2007 at 7:14 PM Rating: Decent
Drops off a Clan Direwind carrionmancer in Direwind, in the boneyard area
Drops in Icefall
# Jun 03 2007 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
Dropped for me off a dire wolf in Icefall Glacier.
Unbalanced offer
# Apr 15 2007 at 1:49 AM Rating: Decent
It is a cruel fate, to have bigger nukes that are easy to get and pet weapons,which could counter balance the increased aggro, so hard to get. 3 cheers for meat shields!!
Pricing Data
# Mar 15 2007 at 4:56 AM Rating: Decent
512 posts
There is no option for pricing data on this item.

One jerk on my server is buying every one of these he can get his hands on and setting the price to 200k. He has anywhere from three to eight of these in stock at any given time, so you know as well as I do that he's not farming them himself.

Edited, Mar 15th 2007 5:29pm by nyteshayd
Jiriki Saonserei, 110/35k AA Wood Elf Ranger
Anadriel Starfire, 107/18k AA High Elf Mage
Odran Kegslayer, 98/12k AA Dwarf Berserker
# Mar 05 2007 at 2:09 PM Rating: Decent
I got one last night off a yellow ooze in sunderrock while camping sulfurog.
Mage spells from gnolls.
# Feb 01 2007 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
I've camped the gnolls for weeks, have killed literally hundreds of the gnolls, have seen numerous Tier 2 spells drop and have seen 3 different Mage spells drop. In this time I've seen 2 Summon Muzzle of Mowcha, 1 Summon Plate of the Elements and 1 Summon Elemental Armaments. They are not common drops by any stretch of the imagination, hence the ultra high prices being asked for them in the Bazaar. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Mage spells from gnolls.
# Apr 04 2007 at 12:52 AM Rating: Decent
Still very skeptical about the pet weopons dropping off gnolls.I have been farming Burly Hill Giants and Darkfell Gnolls for 3 weeks straight and have a kill count of 2500-3000 gnolls now.So far I have gotten the Haste mask,armor and summoned jewelery bag X 2,amongst other spells.Gnolls have not dropped anything but lvl 71 spells and giants up to lvl 72 spells.
# Dec 23 2006 at 3:08 AM Rating: Decent
This spell is NOT no trade 1 for sale on E'ci / Tunare people want 100-300k or so for it when for sale.
spell drops
# Nov 26 2006 at 11:37 AM Rating: Decent
After a total of 5 hrs.+ at the gnolls camp i have gotten a total of 4 spells here all lvl 71 RK2 series . Still no pet toys......If anyone knows of an easy camp for the pet toys pls post...Thanks
# Nov 23 2006 at 4:47 AM Rating: Decent
Have camped gnolls for hrs have only gotten 1 spell to drop from the gnolls camp and it was Beast's reckoning RK2.... Druid charm spell..was hoping someone could post another place to farm this spell tried undead in direwind and after 3 hrs only got magmaskin RK2 and a few cleric spells.
drop zone
# Oct 31 2006 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
I've been told that this is dropping off the dire type wolf's in Icefall
drop zone
# May 22 2007 at 10:30 PM Rating: Decent
Confirmed. One dropped for me tonight.
drop zone
# Nov 17 2006 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
Camped dire wolves, elder dire wolves and orcs in Icefell for hours, not a single spell drop of any kind. No clue where this spell drops.
Undead camp
# Oct 29 2006 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
just for future reference I dont believe it drops from the undead camp anymore. I spent 2 days there PL'ing my mage and we got about 20 level 71 spells, never a mage one, and certainly not any spells lvl 73. about 50% of the spells were druid, the rest a mix of other classes, no mage ones tho.
# Oct 13 2006 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
No clue, guildie had it drop off a mob and now they are saying vendor purchased. So don't know what is the story, just know that mage spells are rare and I haven't seen this one on a vendor yet.
# Oct 08 2006 at 10:35 PM Rating: Decent
Where is this spell?
# Oct 17 2006 at 7:58 AM Rating: Decent
Dropped for me in the SW Camp in Direwind..(undead camp)

Even though this alla says its common, don't believe everything you see. Soe has made this drop rare if anything and when anyone gets a copy, they either use it or sell it fast.
# Oct 31 2006 at 8:23 AM Rating: Excellent
Ungainly Ninja
6,998 posts
shakesafl wrote:
Dropped for me in the SW Camp in Direwind..(undead camp)

Even though this alla says its common, don't believe everything you see. Soe has made this drop rare if anything and when anyone gets a copy, they either use it or sell it fast.

"Common" is the default rarity. If someone tells us differently, we update it.
# Dec 22 2006 at 8:05 PM Rating: Decent
573 posts
I have killed more than 500 of the gnolls and have yet to see any mage spells. Probably had 15 or so of the other class spells and 15 to 20 of crushed diamond dust.

These mages spells need to be tagged ultra rare.
# Nov 02 2006 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
56 posts
I think he just did!!!
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