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Dark Spiritbone Belt  

Charges: Unlimited
AC: 15
STR: +12 DEX: +14+3 STA: +11 CHA: +8 WIS: +8 INT: +8 AGI: +14 HP: +200 MANA: +205 ENDUR: +205
Haste: +40%
Recommended level of 70. Required level of 68.
Effect: Circle of Power I (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 0.5)
Recast Delay: 1800 seconds, Recast Type: 12
WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)

Item Lore:Carved from the remains of a greater spirit
Item Type:Armor
Lucy Entry By:Iniuan [Assent] Maelin
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-07-27 12:03:14
Page Updated:Wed Jun 24th, 2009

Expansion: Prophecy of Ro Prophecy of Ro

Rarity: Very Rare
Level to Attain: 70

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This item is found on creatures.

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Relic, the Artifact City
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No longer drops ..
# Apr 23 2011 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
This item does not drop in game any more.

After 2 weeks of camping it straight.

skipping 6 hrs at a time to sleep an basic's .. I can honestly say roughly .. hundreds of kills on all 3 of the belt droppers .. and not 1 single belt.
No longer drops ..
# Apr 22 2012 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
135 posts
this item still drops, the drop rate is so low that its almost never seen on most servers. we know it drops because of the discovery dates that were on, one was discovered in november of 2011 or so.

the drop rate is so low though that it would seem it doesnt exist.

its an extremely powerful click, which is why its extremely rare. it has yet to be dropped on most servers, even to this day, most people start farming the mobs then give up after a few sessions and just assume it does not exist any more.

this is wrong, this item does exist, and is still dropping on all servers to this day.

this is also the only version of circle of power that is not a raid/high end group drop(that ive seen), which is why the drop rate is ~.0001% or less

i have spent almost 3x the time farming this mob that you have as well.

if you are looking for this drop, be prepared for an extremely long camp, i am talking months, unless you get extremely lucky.

Edited, Apr 22nd 2012 4:44pm by woolcoxm
# Mar 24 2010 at 12:20 AM Rating: Decent
246 posts
At least 252 times I logged in and killed all Three. At least 756 NthBorns died as I tried to camp this belt. Finally I just a Silvery Two-Handed Axe and moved on.
It does still drop.
# Dec 26 2009 at 2:34 AM Rating: Decent
I got this 12-25-2009 on Saryrn. Dropped off the 11th born for me.

Before UF I camped this with main or alts cycling mobs 5 days a week 4-6 hrs at time for about 2 months straight. I was doing some coding so was mostly afk and on a lark logged in monk and after about 6 hrs had an extra belt show up in loot window. I double and triple checked window.

Edited, Dec 26th 2009 3:42am by Sslar
Spirit Bone Belt
# Nov 30 2009 at 7:27 PM Rating: Good
23 posts
Getting this drop has been an act of insanity.
I started last year killing all three 5X a week either before or after raids. I've wanted the click since I raided in Solteris.
I decided to buckle down on the "camp" and kill them as they respawn when I learned the time between spawns was about 44 minutes. So for the past 8 days my free time has consisted of killing these guys, surfing the web and chatting in game. My timer I started on an old wrist watch to keep track of total time waiting has reached 41 hours.

I'm having my doubts on this dropping. I don't know any players that own one either. I've sent in feed-back in game, since I'm wondering if this loot table is broken.
Dark Spiritbone Belt in Relic
# Nov 27 2009 at 3:37 AM Rating: Decent
811 posts
A friend has now killed the PHs 450+ times and still none of the 3 will drop the Dark Spiritbone Belt
little info
# Oct 31 2009 at 8:50 PM Rating: Decent
This belt drops off of 9th, 12th , and 11th born ... 12th loc is-14.30 , 464.84 , -273.84 ...9th is on the backside wall by porthio .. and 11th is up. to take portal to top... i soloed them all with lvl 85 ranger.. oh btw this is a very rare drop i camped them both over 6 hours and still no drop ... GL

Edited, Oct 31st 2009 9:51pm by naturekid
# Jun 24 2009 at 12:55 PM Rating: Good
57 posts
One of my guildmates picked it up last night. He said it is a very very rare drop off any of the Ninth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Born scrykin.
# Mar 12 2007 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
Where and what drops this any info would be greatly appreciated
# Sep 07 2006 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
anyone have any info on this belt? Drop/quested?.

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