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More of My Best Recipes!  

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Book Text:

More of My Best Recipes!
by Bill "Chef" Chowderly

I've seen how my joyous
love of tuna has caught on
with everyone. You've even
gone so far as to adjust my
recipes for you own
favorite meats, how

Well, I've found some new
meat, so to speak. Looking
at a drake has never made
me hungry, they look so
stringy. They must not
have much meat on them, I
mean, they fly so they must
be very light. Or so I
thought. It turns out that
drakes can become some of
the tenderest fillets
you've ever tasted! Try
them with in any of my

wonderful tuna recipes and
you might never eat tuna

Well, no, you'll still love

Being the famous chef that
I am, I've been able to get
my hands on steak from a
real dragon! Smoked with a
good barbeque sauce. . .
now THAT might make you
give up tuna!

Did you know that drakes
don't just look like birds,
they also lay eggs? I
wouldn't have guessed.
Well, get yourself to a
drake nest! Those eggs are
wonderful! I only serve
bread made from drake egg
dough to my favorite

celebrities. I make
breakfast for Morden Rasp
all the time!

Speaking of breakfast, have
you had an omelet? No? I'm
shocked! Well listen up
and I'll tell you how to
ensure that even the
beautiful people will want
to wake up at your house in
the morning!

Make some egg batter; you
already know how to do
that, honey. Make a double
batch; you'll need all of
it. Add some butter and a
pinch of coarse salt and
swirl the pan to get an
even layer of egg across
the bottom (oh, that
sounded naughty!). Now
start looking for

ingredients while that
cooks over a low flame.

Just about any grilled meat
will work in an omelet, but
I need to keep my figure so
I use vegetables. Of
course you can go crazy and
use both, if you're really
hungry. Gently place the
filling in the center of
you pan, right on top of
the egg batter. You only
need a few minutes to warm
up your filling and let the
egg reach a golden brown.
Add cheese at this time if
you want. Then gently fold
the egg over to cover the
filling. Give it a minute
more on the heat and your
done! You can also try
this with other vegetables;
see if you can make a

better omelet!

One other breakfast tip for
you, my darlings. Get
yourself a goodly amount of
drake intestines. No,
that's not the meal, silly.
Clean them up real good,
but don't break them, just
push the ick out and wash
it. These will make great
sausage casing! Sausage is
simple; grilled meat,
coarse salt, pepper, fennel
and some onion.

I also wanted to give out a
special recipe. It's not
complicated, but I've been
asked for this so kindly
that I had to print it. Of
course you all know that
you can bake a potato by
just wrapping it in some

metallic foil with some
salt and butter, but have
you tried escalloped
potatoes? Just take a
potato and slice it
thickly. Add butter and
salt to taste and place in
a casserole dish. Layer on
the cheese and mushrooms
and bake! Simple and

Finally, for those of you
on the go, consider making
a picnic basket with
breakfast foods. Or
perhaps a lunch basket with
the best sandwich, some
soup and some good beer.
And there's nothing better
than a steak, my escalloped
potatoes with a nice mixed
drink? Of course you'll
need a napkin. Or, perhaps

you could get creative and
make a romantic gift

That's all for now. Enjoy!

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