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Dragon Spine Staff  

Charges: Unlimited
Skill: 2H Blunt Atk Delay: 20
DMG: 8 Dmg Bonus: 31
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
WIS: +14 MANA: +65
Effect: Bolt of Karana (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 13.5) at Level 50
WT: 7.5 Size: LARGE
Class: DRU
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)
Item Type:2H Blunt
Lucy Entry By:Nilwean
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-08-31 10:03:27
Page Updated:Tue Oct 13th, 2020
Ruins of Kunark Item

Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 55

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Zone(s) Found In:
Modern UI inspect window - Dragon Spine Staff

Uploaded October 13th, 2020 by Andhrimnir
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Drop info - Dragon Spine Staff
# Oct 12 2020 at 7:05 PM Rating: Excellent
132 posts
Drops from Silverwing in Kunark era on TLP. May move when VP 2.0 releases in GoD/OoW.
Dropped by Kluzen the Protector.
# Dec 20 2014 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
242 posts
Dropped by Kluzen the Protector.
# Feb 21 2003 at 4:44 PM Rating: Default
emm k im a lvl 62 druid and i melee when exping
I have a primal hammer, when it procs i have 275str and 238 dex. After it procs i swap in my vadynn hammer(40, 38 1hb) I have a shroud of the darbrood(39percent haste) and with speed of vallon on i can melee like mad, average hit of 120 er so max at 179 and i miss as much as i hit. Now i wouldnt normally melee but i have a horse and am medding while i melee anyway so why not add a little extra damage. besides its alot more fun then inc ch %t /cast 8 ~ over and over. of course this is situational, and could only do it outdoors cause you need the horse to med while meleeing, but druids dont listen to everyone play how you want to.
RE: melee
# Feb 24 2005 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
You Cant med while on a horse if you are meleeing. You can only med on horse if you are NOT attacking anything. You do get some mana regen but its cut down by 3/4ths of your normal mana regen.
# Oct 14 2002 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
We had two of these drop yesterday. (10-13) They are now No Drop.
Luminescent Staff
# Aug 12 2002 at 12:05 AM Rating: Good
73 posts
For those druids out there looking for a right click DD, let me suggest the Lumi staff as a more viable alternative to this. It does about the same amount of damage with around a 10-11 sec cast time and sells for around 10k.
# May 06 2002 at 11:46 PM Rating: Excellent
Got this thing tonight and looks like they changed it. First it is now NO DROP. Everyone I talk to that has one says its pretty worthyless just a toy they use. Who can use is DRU ALL. It dont say nothing about Beastlord. Last for those who was wondering about casting time its 23.5 seconds. Really not worth carrying around at 7.5 weight.

Lanys T'vyl
# Apr 09 2002 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
I take it beastlord is wrong and it should be ranger. None of the beastlord allowable races are listed.
# Nov 29 2001 at 12:35 AM Rating: Default
Bolt of Karana
Decrease Current Hitpoints by 200 (L1)

Classes: None

Skill: Evocation
Casting Area Restriction: Outdoor
Allowable Targets: All

Range to Target: 50 feet

Resistance Check: Magic

Spell Duration: Unknown
Duration Formula: 1

Spell cast on you: Lightning surges through your body.
Spell cast on someone: Soandso has been struck by lightning.
i got one
# Sep 25 2001 at 3:01 PM Rating: Excellent
Ive got one of these and its rotting in the bank. The spell is outdoor only (I fight indoors 95% of the time), you have to be in melee range to cast it and it has a loooong *** cast time ~ around 11 seconds. I dont even recall the exact damage but its single target MR based around 150ish. I am much happier with my orb of the infinite void and trusty paw of oppalla (and no level 60 druids dont melee - they mostly heal casters although they can nuke the hell out of hoshkar /grin).
# Aug 18 2001 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
200 point lighting type magic based DD. Dunno about the casting time. And it's outdoor only.
# Jul 21 2001 at 12:29 AM Rating: Excellent
OK folks enough with the weapon dam/delay; who cares? I only care about getting a mana free damage spell. Now for anyone who ACTUALLY has this could you tell us the specifics on the SPELL and its casting time?
# Jun 28 2001 at 3:05 PM Rating: Default
btw, I realize it is 8/20 2hb... not 1hb. But still, all things being equal, 8/20 2hb with these stats is AWESOME. You don't melee druids.
So in any event, keep that in mind and scratch that last comment about my troll.... if it were 1hb yah, but 8/20 for a 2hb is kinda lame. Still it's fast though. ;-)
freakin' whiners...
# Jun 28 2001 at 2:56 PM Rating: Default
dmg? dly? You're dr00ds guys, not tanks! ***** the dmg/dly discussions, already. For 14wis 65 mana and a very nice 'clickable' effect, you should smile, nod politely and run with staff as fast you can to whatever groove you came from.
This thing is awesome. Period. And btw, any dr00d with an 8/20 wep oughta count his lucky freakin' stars... my 49 warrior wwould be drooling all over something like that.

Take pride in what you have and how you got it, not in what you don't.
the great thing would be....
# Jun 17 2001 at 3:11 AM Rating: Default
The great thing about this weapon would be if, say, it did like 250dmg plus 12sec stun as the proc. Then having it be 8/20 would make much more sense, and I could see wasting my precious quadkiting time on training up 1hb. Unlikey, but there's always hope.

-Ivythorne the Nuisance of Ayonae
56th druid (you know the rest)
RE: the great thing would be....
# Jun 17 2001 at 3:12 AM Rating: Default
My mistake, its a triggered effect, which means Right-click. This item is priceless and will never be sold, and more than likely never traded. Good luck folks.

-Ivy of Aro
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 12 2001 at 1:29 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) just cause VI and SOE are screwed the proc will prolly end up being some kinda lame *** thing like a 12 dmg DD with a whole 8ac drop
# Jun 02 2001 at 5:06 AM Rating: Default
but newp.

This weapon lacks something important for me as a druid in high end situations. Resists & AC.

level 55 druid of the Nameless
breaking 800 ac unbuffed with 90s in all my saves at the same time =P

RE: ...tempted...
# Jun 17 2001 at 3:07 AM Rating: Default
Pfft, you must be one of those druids that labors under the assenine hilucination that AC and SV will save you in a high level encounter. Sorry to break it to you bro, the druids always die 8)

Spend your equip on STR Mana and HP if you have extra space (200+ wis that is), or even better, weapons with a useful effect.

-Ivythorne of Ayonae
56th dr00d d00d w/ no illusions about what and who he is.
RE: ...tempted...
# Jan 22 2002 at 10:50 AM Rating: Default
146 posts
I don't know about 50+, but at 40 it's nice to have enough ac and hp to take a few good hits.
Re: why?
# May 20 2001 at 2:43 AM Rating: Default
Actually its pretty nice. If your wis is maxed out, you can use this and replace some other wis items for mana / resist gear. And besides it adds 65 mana as well. Who cares about the damage / delay ratio, at a certain level druids just arent supposed to melee anymore. And I bet the effect rocks ;)

Laurelyn Lifefyre
52 Illusionist
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 17 2001 at 3:09 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) <at a certain level druids just arent supposed to melee anymore>
RE: Re: why?
# May 30 2002 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
don't we get snare at lvl 1?
Albar Terawalker
36 druid...
# May 17 2001 at 12:53 PM Rating: Default
why would they put htis weapon on a high mob like Silverwing? i mean by the time you can get to VP your WIS is maxed and there is no need for the WIS on it. the dmg/del on this sux ***. unless bolt of karana is some awesome DD or DOT spell then this weapon is not worth the risk. but if you are in VP like we were and this dropped, then almost everyone will give it to a twink like i did cause no one wanted it.
# Feb 25 2001 at 4:37 AM Rating: Default
Im trying to find out what bolt of karana is ? anyone know ?
#Anonymous, Posted: Mar 19 2001 at 11:41 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i have no clue
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