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Sage's Robe  

Charges: Unlimited
AC: 12
STA: +15 INT: +14 HP: +30 MANA: +90
Effect: Enticement of Flame (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 28.0)
WT: 0.5 Size: MEDIUM
Class: WIZ
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Appearance:Robe of the Kedge
Color (RGB):100, 100, 0
Submitted By:Elrood
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-07-27 09:56:32
Page Updated:Tue Oct 25th, 2016

Expansion: Scars of Velious Scars of Velious

Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 45

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Wizard Thurgadin Armor


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Neriak Third Gate
Quest Name
Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere

West Freeport
Quest Name
Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere

Zone(s) Found In:

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Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Well So what...
# May 02 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Default
You have to admit a no mana nuke is still total rule. and if your high in channeling you may be able to move a bit and then cast or maybe on a horse.
# Jun 17 2003 at 11:36 AM Rating: Default
This Robe is Sweet My guildmate got it lastnight...Its not that hard of a quest if u have the right peeps i sugest a warrior a cleric all high lvls and of course the caster that needs it..
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 06 2003 at 11:26 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) yeah i got this on ol aen last night he can nuke better than a lvl 65 wiz and he can crowd control better than a chanter and heal better than a cleric and i con black to myself now
Best use of this robe
# Jan 29 2003 at 10:41 PM Rating: Default
As a wiz, you kite using our snare (quad or single, you do it). I quad wyverns in cobalt scar, and single pull the drakes. Many times, when the final nuke isnt enough to kill, the drake will just fly in place, waiting to regen or die from that next nuke. Well, this robe is the solution. instead of wasting more mana, you can stand back and finish the job for no mana.

This is a common situation. Another is breaking into Hate. Sitting can be fatal, and as a wiz, you may be required to save your mana for ports when breaking in. This is a free nuke you can add to the raid. Plus it has a built-in raid cast delay timer of 28 seconds.

RE: Best use of this robe
# Sep 02 2003 at 10:53 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Finishing of a mob with a 28 second nuke? Sounds like a theory that wont survive contact with reality. Not only will most mobs regen during that time, they will prolly break root and come whoop your butt or be halfway across the zone before you're done casting it. 28 seconds .. thats about 1/4 of the time that wizzy snare last.

As for using this to nuke on raids; Sure, if it's an outdoor raid and you can sit on a horse/drogmor while casting it it might work to nuke during the long fights. However, if you use this on yard trash you will spend most of the raid FM looking at a 28 second castbar. Furthermore, most mobs will prolly be dead before its done casting.
A nuker who cant land his/her nukes with precision during the last 0-5% of the mob hp wont be very useful to a raid when it faces gater mobs.

Face it, the effects on the Velious quest items is not the primary value. 15sta and 90 mana is what raises my eyebrow, thats very nice for a robe that is obtainable thru MQ a fair bit down the levels.

RE: Best use of this robe
# Feb 20 2004 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
91 posts
i think the person was referring to period when the mobs run away which is about 20% and lower. now i dont have the robe myself so i havent seen the 28 seconds cast time, but from 7-11% i seriously doubt the mob will heal to 20+ in 28 seconds. root last about 30 (if you get the full time) and ive had mobs rooted while i try to raise the last few mana that i need and dont remember them healing that quickly, so i think he has a resonable point. the spell may take a while, but hey, if your on a mount and your sourroundings are safe why not use it?
____________________________ - home of the eq/ranma crossover fusion- Chaos Quest
# Aug 09 2002 at 6:48 PM Rating: Default
Only usefull part of the thurg armor for casters is the robe.. the rest have sucky int/mana, except for the arms, they are nice upgrade to transient. Same mana but give 5 int which helps too. Unless your a low level ( like 25 or lower ) and get some friends to help you raise your coldain faction and just get the thurg armor to make people think your "uber"
# Jun 03 2002 at 1:58 AM Rating: Default
36 posts
right click nuke is just plain awsome, heh but the echanted silk is like impossible to get, oh well guess I'll wait for lvl 50 for this sweet thing=)
# Apr 18 2002 at 7:05 AM Rating: Default
28 second cast time for 450 daamge nuke! Aye? Whats the problem? ITS FREE! What do you expect a 6 second cast time ?

Considering all the crits a wizard can get now, figure this thing can be pumped up to 800+ with Crit 3..

Dont **** and moan, specialy when your OOm and your soloing or grouped and LOM.

I would die for this for my class.
RE: Wtf??
# Feb 17 2003 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
have you ever read the patch messages? AA abilities don't apply to right clicks.
RE: Wtf??
# Sep 02 2003 at 11:10 PM Rating: Default
18 posts
Dear PepsiBoy, wizards recieve their ability to deliver critical spellhits somewhere around lvl 10. With a ID item and a crit, 800+ nukes doesnt seem impossible at all.
Granted, i've never seem anyone deliver a critical blast with a right click nuke, but ive seen weapon procs deliever both critical heals and critical blasts.


PS. WTF is Crit3?? I agree SCF and SCFM are AA-abilities ...
RE: Wtf??
# Feb 27 2004 at 12:11 AM Rating: Default
I have gotten a crit nuke with the wiz only dagger that procs shock of ice, but that's combat and not clicky :)
#REDACTED, Posted: Apr 14 2002 at 6:44 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 28sec cast time on a 450dd nuke LOL
# Mar 26 2002 at 3:49 PM Rating: Default
I have velks robe, Better stats and better right click effect (conflaguration) :) So this robe is pretty useless to me.

There are better robes, but this is nice for lower wizards

Snuft Makex
56th evoker
Divine Grace
RE: Velks
# Oct 22 2002 at 9:18 AM Rating: Default
Velks robe is better?!! What kinda Crack you smokin'? Less INT less MANA less Resists!! Obviously you're one of the lower lvl wizards you speak of.
RE: Velks
# Apr 22 2002 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
Lower Wizards?! Hehe, look at the item, its no-drop and so is the torn silk that you need to get in the Kael arena. Just how low a wizard do you think can get this? While its obvious that you have amazing gear, I can tell you that a lot of Wizards 50-60 would love to own this robe. I know I would.

One other thing ... what exactly was the point of your post? (besides bragging about your gear).

50 Wizard
RE: Velks
# Aug 18 2002 at 4:37 PM Rating: Default
You can multi quest Thurg armor.

The person that loots the robe turns in, then you turn in the (purchased) gem and get this robe.

Both of you have to have sufficient faction to have the npc give you the quest.
RE: Velks
# May 15 2002 at 9:27 PM Rating: Default
Agreed, Phil is a 56 wizard and before I got this I was in a Froglok Bonecaster's Robe.

The funny thing about this is, our guild does Kael lots (arena mostly) - but the torn enchanted silk robe droped off a mob on our way to the castle at the bank area? And if I remember correctly, it was just some random mob too, nothing special.

And he says the Velks robe has better stats? Lets take a look at them:

Vermillion Robe of Torrefaction:
AC 15, 10 int, 25 svs fire, 40 hp, 75 mana, effect: conflagration

Sage's Robe:
AC 12, 15 sta, 14 int, 5 svs all, 30 hp, 90 mana, effect: enticement of flame

I guess each person can judge for themself as to which robe they would want to wear; as far as stats go (and stats only) I choose to wear the Sage's Robe. Both have nice looks, but once again, I think the Sage's Robe has the more unique look.

I was very happy when this was merited to Phil.

Philibus Sophisticus, 56th Evoker of Bertox
Avatars of Solidarity: Officer

Empidocles, 36th Bard of Bertox
Avatars of Solidarity

Zaneil Phiers, 33rd Ranger of Bertox
Avatars of Solidarity
RE: Velks
# Sep 02 2003 at 11:23 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Heh, totally off topic but i think its kinda cute when people list all their alts in the sig =P

as per the effect
# Mar 17 2002 at 3:37 AM Rating: Default
For those of you saying this robe sucks and lada dada. I dont know about all of you other wizzy's out their but i quad kite often to make up down time. I am on Torvo and find that quad kiting is great xp when not in the hole. Ever been quad kiting and one freaking wyrven or whatever resists one of your aoes? Not to mention you started cus they popped and its rare to see 4 up at once and you were only 45mana when you started?! Now you got one very upset wyrven left alive and you with no mana, no c2 and no KEI to help with the run sit or root sit.../sigh just right clicky the robe! Sounds great to me i will prob end up getting the SS robe since i hear that the drops for us wizards are more common their =/
Been in Kael allot and seen 2 enchanted torn silk drops. =/ GL if you get this item flaunt it cus you deserve it!
Now a rotting robe
# Mar 05 2002 at 12:40 AM Rating: Default
This is rotting in my bank now :\ I got the opportunity to upgrade to Robe of Icicles alot nicer but this is still a pretty nice robe... and as for the effect I like rooting the Othmirs and blasting em a couple times to finish em off after I kite em around a lil
New int cap
# Dec 29 2001 at 10:01 AM Rating: Default
Not a bad robe but ***** far as the "int being worth 1 point"
WIth SoL - its now 6 per, 6x55=330
Not much to give up gear for really - but if your soloing melee types - who gives a damn how much resists you got - u might need the mana for another root or nuke

Concentrate on getting to 200 - then work on getting resist gear, then if u pick up an int item that would say - put u at 205, dont sell it right away bank it - should have a set of resist gear AND - AND the mana stuffs
I don't know about the other servers, but my wiz on Terris Thule is soloing his way to 60 :/

# Dec 09 2001 at 5:52 AM Rating: Default
The only good thing about this robe is the +mana, other then that the robe is useless. I am using Rainment of the Chosen (PoH drop) 22ac, +16 Int, +10 sv Poison and Disease (very nice for Trak). The +mana from this robe is not worth the trouble of doing this quest.
Just my thoughts

50th Wizard of Solusek Ro
RE: Robe
# Apr 21 2002 at 7:52 AM Rating: Decent
LOL. I would any time trade 16int no mana for 14int and 90 mana! Get some friggin clue moron!
RE: Robe
# Jan 25 2002 at 8:43 PM Rating: Default
Hehe. Of course, the worthlessness of this robe is declared by someone sporting the rainment of the chosen. For those of us who dont have any vestments of that caliber, this robe is a very nice piece
# Jan 20 2002 at 6:12 PM Rating: Default
where does the enchanted silk drop?
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 02 2001 at 8:03 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) A better effect on all the casting class chest pieces would have been FT1 (unless they are a hybrid, or a preist, then maybe a SHeal would have been better?), or some type of mana enhancement. If anything, Enticement of Flame gets resists just as much as any other spell I have had. There would have been much more usefullness out of mana regen.
My thoughts
# Sep 04 2001 at 2:11 AM Rating: Default
1/ If you cannot sit during a fight, you have overburned.

2/ Forget AGI, forget AC, forget STA, if you're getting attacked in a group, you've overburned. forget everything once INT is 200+ except Resists and +Mana, balance it how you like. Personally I am a resist junkie.

3/ Stop posting nonsense on messageboards if you don't know anything about the topic.

Wizard 55
7th Hammer
RE: My thoughts
# Jun 09 2002 at 10:45 AM Rating: Default
roflmao ethel... obviously you've never been to plane raids (hate especially) or AE groups. In most of these raids/groups you have SWARMS of mobs running around completely untaunted... looking for that poor sapsucker who decides to sit down for a small med break. Also, have you ever actually been to a raid where there are so many mobs that you go oom in the first 3 minutes of a 20 minute battle? If you have, then you would know how wonderful a mana free nuke is. That goes the same for everyone else that says this robe sux. The only person I've seen with a valid point is the guy who was comparing the velks robe, and then you have a close match, not a clearly better robe. Now I would like to know... what exactly does sitting have to do with this robe? I see nowhere where it says 'this robe will help you out only if you are sitting down.' Sheesh... stick to the point.
RE: My thoughts
# Nov 30 2001 at 3:18 AM Rating: Default
64 posts
2/ Forget AGI, forget AC, forget STA, if you're getting attacked in a group, you've overburned. forget everything once INT is 200+ except Resists and +Mana, balance it how you like. Personally I am a resist junkie.

here's my only problem to that, i have most every resist 110+ and i still get smacked with you cant for get sta/hps..thats how you live long enough to be able to nuke, when the guild calls for them.

7th hammer
# Aug 19 2001 at 7:37 PM Rating: Default
that has got to be the ugliest robe ive ever seen. its a shame its got so many good stat boosts
Drops also in PoG
# Feb 16 2001 at 11:35 PM Rating: Default
31 posts
Plane of Growth
RE: Drops also in PoG
# Jun 01 2001 at 10:06 PM Rating: Default
Hey, that looks like Rombus!
RE: Drops also in PoG
# Feb 18 2001 at 12:30 PM Rating: Default
Does the Velious quest armors realy drop in POG?? if so which mob does this robe drop off?
RE: Drops also in PoG
# Jun 15 2001 at 4:42 PM Rating: Default
a robe of same stats but diff name and look drops in PoG
No itr doesnt,..
# Feb 24 2001 at 1:14 PM Rating: Default
this is quest is all thurgadin armor
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 12 2001 at 9:17 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) WHERE DO YOU GET THE GEMS!!! ALL U KEEP talkin about HOW COOL OR NOT IT IS!!! and UR like suppose to put how you get it, not all this junk, I've been reading everysingle post and all i've read is the armor drops either in Icewell +55 mobs or Kael Drak, YA and wut about the GEMS!?!?
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 12 2001 at 3:32 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) STFU dude. Why don't you go out and try to find them yourself? Probably too stupid. And stop acting like people owe you ****. You make it sound like you deserve all this information. What would you do if none of these people would even submitted information? You'd probably be crying to your mom that you can't find the Gems. Boohoo.
# Feb 12 2001 at 9:44 AM Rating: Good
Cobalt Scar. Drops gems off wyverns. possibly other places and mobs also

46 Ranger
42 Wizard
Chain Unbroken
# Jul 27 2001 at 10:11 PM Rating: Default
BP/robe gems drop in dragon necropolis, velk's and siren's grotto, not off easily soloable wyverns )
Triton (=
# Feb 10 2001 at 6:54 PM Rating: Default
88 posts
Gratz Triton, You guys are badass with a capital B (=
# Feb 10 2001 at 9:44 AM Rating: Default
Anyone know what the triggered effect does?
RE: Effect
# Feb 10 2001 at 2:18 PM Rating: Good
It is the level 44 lure spell enticement of flame, 360 damage and eats right through Fire Resist mobs
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 10 2001 at 7:35 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Better have a damned long cast time. No need to give wizzies MORE fire power so to speak...
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 13 2001 at 7:27 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) You don't know what you're talking about. Wizards have the weakest damage capability of any class in the game, outside of enchanters and maybe clerics. Too bad they're supposed to be the best at dealing damage, but they can't win in either the short or the long term. Rogues can do more damage faster than a wizard, and FAR outstrip the damage a wiz can do over 3 min... 60 rogue can easily triple a wiz in that time.
RE: Effect
# Jan 23 2002 at 5:56 AM Rating: Excellent
wow rogues are really that powerful?
Lets see a 60 wizard prolly has about 3k of mana, Porlos' Fury is 450, 3000/450 is 6 casts
6*2000=12000, cast time 6 seconds * 6 = 36sec, recast time 5 sec * 6 = 30sec
12000 damage in 1 minute 6 seconds

rogue must do 36000 in 1 minute 6 seconds to meet your expectations
We must take into concideration that doing that much damage is suicide for a wizard, but snare and root can help out a bit
RE: Effect
# May 14 2001 at 4:25 AM Rating: Default
Its pretty easy to tell when someone that is posting hasnt played the class isnt it.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 24 2001 at 5:16 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hahaha you f*cking moron..get a life, man you people make me sick. The time it took you to type that, you could have maybe got a girlfriend, or perhaps ended your pathetic life. Some day you will look back and see how insignificant everything you've ever said really was to everyone who had the displeasure of stumbling upon your lack of knowledge. Oh and by the way you are wrong....HAHAHA, eat my poo! Bye gimp.
RE: Effect
# Feb 11 2001 at 11:50 AM Rating: Default
It takes 28 seconds to cast it off the robe...So by no means is it overpowering
RE: Effect
# Mar 08 2001 at 6:28 PM Rating: Default
28 seconds? Oh well, so much for the usability of THAT effect. 15 seconds I could see...

Typical Verant, tease you with something good, but cripple it.

RE: Effect
# Mar 29 2001 at 12:26 PM Rating: Default
my root holds for 28 seconds, how about yours?
RE: Effect
# Feb 11 2001 at 5:49 AM Rating: Default
Wizards need more firepower in my openion... if it was not for them beun about the most useless classe Pre-Kunark , wich Spawned all the Mega Resistance Isses wich only Wizards can cast on... Every other caster in the game would not have to cast a Magic Debuff just to hit a Regular MoB...

Persoanly i think this is a good item.. provited the cast time is approx 5 sec's i mean not like thay are gonna Kite something with it.... It just give Wizard another use when thay go OOM.. now thay can contenu to do a little dmg and Aid the group, rather then sit down and die...

And if you ever fought Measto you know that once you argo alot of Umber MoB's you cant Sit down, the Mob will Bypass all the tanks and hit you befor resuming it's attack on the primay target... this will allow a Wiz to Stay standing and still do dmg even if thay are OOM, Just a item to make the Tanks life a little simpler...

54 SK
RE: Effect
# Feb 12 2001 at 11:55 AM Rating: Default
Sorta... They need to make the casting time less ridiculous... since you still have to hit a lot of these mobs in Melee range to even do damage with a spell, in 28 seconds, the mob is gonna do a lot of moving. 5 seconds is too short, I kite with spells over 5 seconds casting time all the time. If this thing cast in 5 seconds, I'd actually go out and spend hours upon hours obtaining one of these, and then kite with it to my heart's content. I think 10 seconds is more appropriate. Too long for kiting, short enough to be useful.
RE: Effect
# Feb 13 2001 at 5:52 PM Rating: Default
im a 44th wiz, still looking to get that spell the regular way :P offhand, id say the robe is very nice without the effect. so ill not complain if it has one, even if it is long. many a time have i been oom with a mob almost dead. if i keep just enough mana, i can root it and finish it off with that. ill take 28 second cast time over nothing anyday.
This is sweet
# Feb 09 2001 at 10:24 PM Rating: Default
Even with 255 int this is sweet. 90 mana on one item is amazing!
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 24 2001 at 5:20 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Morons have 255 int...braggard! get some agility and magic resistance poopypants.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 09 2001 at 11:34 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Why 255 int i thought 200 was the max you could get mana from?
RE: This is sweet
# Feb 10 2001 at 12:43 AM Rating: Default
Actually, you get 1 point of mana for each point of Wisdom/Intelligence above 200.
Big sacrifice though
# Feb 12 2001 at 10:26 AM Rating: Default
1 point = 1 mana when Int is greather than 200 = not worth it.

Not when I can be getting a secondary stat of Stamina or get some mana gear, maybe get some resist gear or better my defense checks with Agility. BTW.... some of the best AGI armor in the game for us.... Loam Encrusted.

Edited, Tue Aug 13 20:13:46 2002
RE: Big sacrifice though
# Aug 25 2001 at 5:42 PM Rating: Default
Only morons get AGI gear. Saves/Mana/HP gear are all a caster should worry about. As long as your AGI is above 75, you're fine.

I still can't believe someone said "Dump it and get some AGI gear."

P.S. Don't pull that "Agi affects dodge" whatnot either. Dodge caps so low on casters that it's not reliable at all. If something swings at you, you WILL get hit, and get hit HARD. You want the HP gear to absorb it, not AGI to hope it may affect your dodge.
RE: Big sacrifice though
# Nov 12 2001 at 2:58 PM Rating: Default
Actually he/she said "Morons have 255 int...braggard! get some agility and magic resistance poopypants".

Keyword = AND (not poopypants).

Me? I'm working on resist mana gear while keeping int above 200 (Just like the majority wizards). I dont give a rip about agility.

Oh, I "dodge" alot even tho the skill is capped at 75. I see "YOU dodge" atlest once every mob that is pounding on my frail weak frame AND (keyword) my AGI is still under 80. Granted it's not enuf but still, once is better then never.
# Feb 09 2001 at 9:34 PM Rating: Default
Now if only I was higher level than 14...
looks like a
# Feb 09 2001 at 8:09 PM Rating: Default
fungi robe
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 09 2001 at 7:41 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Man this is Killer SSSWWWEEEETTTT
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 09 2001 at 9:41 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Not really.. It sucks if you have 255 INT.
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 11 2001 at 5:34 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) um, NO! hell, i'd wear it just to have a FREE LURE SPELL!
# Feb 09 2001 at 11:08 PM Rating: Default
If you have 255 int, I suggest you start trading your int items for mana items. :) With +14 int and +90 mana, I can't think of a robe that I would rather wear.
# Feb 10 2001 at 11:46 AM Rating: Default
200 int is the soft cap, jesus when will people under stand that lol. for every 1 int/wis over 200 you get 1 mana, and quite honestly, that robe owns. almost as much mana on it as kedge robe, 14 int (140~ mana at 50+) resists etc, good all around, quest/PoG sux tho
# Feb 10 2001 at 6:19 PM Rating: Default
Um anyone have a bigger pic of this robe?
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