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Worker Sledgemallet  

Skill: 2H Blunt Atk Delay: 50
DMG: 6 Dmg Bonus: 149
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
Effect: Overthere (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 50
WT: 80.0 Size: GIANT
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)

Item Lore:Property of Danak Shipyards
Item Type:2H Blunt
Lucy Entry By:rale
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-18 17:28:22
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

Expansion: Ruins of Kunark Ruins of Kunark

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 50

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
The New Worker

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
The Overthere

Uploaded January 11th, 2009 by FCseven
Updated November 8th, 2020
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The SledgeMallet does not proc...
# Nov 07 2020 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
I did the new worker quest today, using the "Shroud way".
Unfortunately, nothing procs when i click on the SledgeMallet...
Any idea?

Tixu, Pally 111, ZEK

Edited, Nov 7th 2020 7:42am by franbamaga
The SledgeMallet does not proc...
# Nov 07 2020 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Ok.. my bad ...
"Effect: Overthere (Combat)" means it must be used while a fight, then it procs
Sorry to have polluted that forum...
Found error on the stats
# Sep 24 2014 at 5:02 AM Rating: Decent
the sledge hammer is 3.2 weight, not 80. :) Though you can see the picture that is linked. Still, for those of us who don't read enough, 80 weight is wrong.

Edited, Sep 24th 2014 4:03am by guated
Found error on the stats
# Feb 06 2016 at 11:56 PM Rating: Good
1,310 posts
80 weight is correct, the screenshot you are reading is old.
Frog Monk is a no go w/ just faction
# Mar 22 2014 at 8:17 AM Rating: Decent
85 monk Frog tried it today after capping faction in VP... Warmly is the best I can get.... tried the braids just to be sure and it doesn't help any... guess I'm going to get strings now. =P ( illusion potion DE doesn't do it.... must be due to being a Marr follower. )

Edited, Mar 22nd 2014 10:29am by DapperJackScarlett
Frog Monk is a no go w/ just faction
# Jul 03 2019 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
32 posts
DapperJackScarlett wrote:
85 monk Frog tried it today after capping faction in VP... Warmly is the best I can get.... tried the braids just to be sure and it doesn't help any... guess I'm going to get strings now. =P ( illusion potion DE doesn't do it.... must be due to being a Marr follower. )

Edited, Mar 22nd 2014 10:29am by DapperJackScarlett

Warmly is higher than amiably. Amiably is the first step up from indifferent. If you're warmly, you can do the quest.
# Jan 18 2014 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
111 posts
I take it if you fall inside the hole in the boat when you port to where the hammer leaves you, you're stuck
Awesome item.
# May 12 2012 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
228 posts
One of the best items in the game IMO... Yes it weights 80.0 lbs.
You just GNOMED THAT!.

Hoarder Stickietoes Budderfingers Debt Collector of the Freeport Militia - 105 Froglok Paladin, Luclin
Mats 105 Magician of Luclin
Fillip 105 Bard of Luclin

"Man who runs in front of car is tired, Man who runs behind car is exhausted"
# Jan 22 2011 at 11:46 AM Rating: Decent
73 posts
I just noticed that this thing now weighs a massive 80.0. Not sure why they changed that, but thankfully it weighs nothing on a 100% WR bag...
____________________________ - Zliz's EverQuest Compendium
# Jun 20 2011 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
Confirming this does in fact Weigh 80.0 now.
Master Zambok (Gnome) <Mythic Legends> Lanys T`Vyl
Tegladar (Wood Elf) <Mythic Legends> Lanys T`Vyl
It's easy
# Jan 09 2011 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
It's simple. Just did it.

Worked my Shroud for an hour in FoB until i got the Evil Eye Chanty (go to FoB, put on Spikeskin Pot, and just cast on everything around you).

Once you get the chanty shroud make the lvl 70 version, get a cloudy pot, and levi yourself. In OT go left around the wall and run across the water to the back of the little boats.

Cast the charm, give the jade, and get your hammer. That simple. Faster to get 100% in the tiny shroud than killing a million sarnaks.
It's easy
# Feb 04 2011 at 12:01 AM Rating: Decent
55 posts
This quest still works with Evil Eye Shroud. Did it today. at 1st I thought it was nerfed, turns out I was trying to turn in to Rotgrime instead of the Undead Foreman. LOL I feel pretty dumb.

Edited, Feb 4th 2011 3:54am by lazlo

Edited, Feb 4th 2011 3:54am by lazlo
where it ports you
# Aug 12 2009 at 9:34 AM Rating: Good
122 posts
Don't know if this has been posted before, but if you are wondering where it ports you in OT it ports you to one of those broken down ships on the shoreline inside the Outpost, one of those right in front of the the Foreman. I am KOS to the Outpost but there's just one of those undead skellys on the boat where you port and it doesn't aggro my 70 Monk, and I basically just jump off the right hand side of the boat and run along the shoreline and out the side of the Outpost past the cliff golem and to the POK book. Nothing should ever aggro you if you stay in the middle of the shoreline and the buildings in the middle of Outpost, except possibly the golem when you run out.
where it ports you
# Aug 17 2009 at 11:20 PM Rating: Decent
got mine recently didn't take that long only a few hours and about 50 War beads i started as appreah being a troll SK went to amibly got a jade from the vendor near the undead worker handed the jade in and got the mallet great item for an SK otherwise you got to run everywhere and it sucks to do that without port from wizzy or a druid....
Worker Sledgemallet
# Aug 03 2009 at 12:33 PM Rating: Good
4,580 posts
People on the Mayong 51/50 server were asking how I got the Worker Sledgemallet for my human monk. On this server a lot of people are returning from long-breaks from EQ and are currently poor, and farming hasn’t hit full stride to ensure availability of items like puppet strings and illusion potions. Fortunately for this quest there are many options:

1. There is always the original quest which involves killing the Sarnak Berserkers for the Sarnak War Braids they carry. I have never killed a Sarnak Berserker in the The Overthere without having a war braid be on the corpse, but only the berserkers drop them.

Captain Rottgrime (incidently one of my favourite NPC in EQ, stand around and watch his routine some time) takes the braids in sets of four (unstacked). Each turn in gives positive faction hits to Venril Sathir and traditionally (see below for update) this was the only practical way to raise this faction. Unfortunately not all race/class/diety combos can attempt this original quest being Kill-on-sight. Once amiable to the outpost you hand a jade to the Undead Foreman to get the sledgemallet.

Killing the Sarnaks in the Overthere reduces Sarnak Collective and Brood of Di'Zok factions, so people wishing to align with Chardok (note the quests) avoided doing so in the past. Legion of Cabilis Faction is raised by killing the Sarnaks. This comes in handy for people wanting to do The Bone Chips Quest to raise all of the Cabilis factions (aside from the necromancer guild) and do the quests based out of there (just in case someone needed another reason to do this the old-school long way).

There is no point attempting the original quest if you cannot /consider safe enough to Captain Rottgrime (check on the golem guards outside the outpost) to do the turn ins. My agnostic human monk was safe to use the outpost. In the past many people leveled up and/or explored places like Karnor's Castle (a great place for lowering Venril Sathir faction aside from killing the outpost itself, though some scattered NPC in other places do as well) and thereby harmed their opportunity to do this quest. If you can’t do the turn-ins as you are, skip to #2 or #3, #4 or if higher-level #5.

If you are going to do the turn-ins; it speeds things up considerably to go to the ruined buildings around /loc -1625, 585, -49 instead of chasing roaming Sarnaks all over the zone. All of the static spawns in these ruins can spawn as Sarnak Berserkers, though you will see Sarnak Enthusiasts, the rare spawn Sarnak Gem Oracle, Sarnak Partisans, Sarnak Knights, and the very rare spawn Zorash. Note that the Sarnaks will flee at low health and can run very fast (though not all of them seem to). Also note that if the message “____________ frantically calls for help” pops up then a Sarnak Enforcer comes to beat you (much tougher than the other Sarnaks and drops lore boots and axe that sell for 47p to vendors).

At times the other animals in the zone will path through the ruins and agro (no matter how grey they /con to you). The good part of this camp is the respawn rate is fast and several of the roaming sarnak spawn go through it –so you end up getting extra berserkers that way too.

The dragoon will wander into this area at night. Specifically Dragoon T'Vex came by and cleared house on me on several occasions. Since I was safe to use the outpost, I was safe from him.

2. Some people are close to being acceptable to the outpost faction wise. Bards fit this bill the most as they can use illusion masks and have the faction improving line of songs like Cinda's Charismatic Carillon. Others might have success with An Ornate Velium Pendant and/or illusion potions long enough to do turn-ins and get safe to use the outpost in a natural state. Until safe, the roaming dragoons pose a threat (depending on your level).

3. You don’t have to do the braid quest at all though. Charming the Undead foreman makes him amiable to you as long as he is your pet. Necromancers (can charm undead), Enchanters and Bards all have abilities to do this in the 50s with minimal risk. Puppet Strings are the alternative for non-charming classes. Note that past allakhazam posters cite having better success with high charisma and debuffing the foreman’s magic resist before attempting the puppet strings.

4. The spirit shrouds introduced in Depths of Darkhollow provide another way to accomplish many quests. Dukelatan explained:

“you have to unlock it [the evil eye psion spirit shroud] first. Hail hroudkeeper Hyush or Shroudkeeper Learu in Plane of knowledge, then highlight the "Aberrations" shroud.. shroud down to the level 5 imp wizard. then you XP in field of bone as the imp wizzard shroud to 'unlock' the next shroud, which is the evil eye psion.

(you can check the progression as you XP by going to the shroud tab in your inventory screen)
once you have the evil eye psion unlocked , shroud as a lvl 70 evil eye psion (lvl 50 shroud works at the lowest i think, but higher lvl shroud/charm is more likely to work.. im gonna try to get one at 50 though once my berserker is lvl 50) and go charm the foreman and get your worker sledgehammer.”

So basically you use the shroud to make you an enchanter with a strong charm spell.

5. Once they unlocked a slew of old zones another option for higher-level characters became available in that many npcs in Veeshan’s Peak give +Venril Sathir faction hits when you kill them. Krakajack explained:

“So i got bored reading here on alla's and started exploring a bit. I had read that a lot of zones that needed keys were now open, so i went to VP as i had never been in there before, just to see if i could kill a few dragons, just out of boredom. After a couple of trash mobs I looked at the faction hits, I was getting good faction for VS. So i figured wth, might as well stay awhile and see if it was good enough to get the faction i needed. Later a friend of mine sent me a tell asking if i wanted to do anything and I suggested she come get faction for an OT hammer, just for the sake of having it, (she was an 80 cleric)She decided to get faction for her hubby's pally and we went thru about 40 or so trash mobs, 1 named, most didnt hit very hard, 250ish - 400, took about an hour, by then i read in faction that my faction with VS could not possibly get any better. All the mobs we killed in VP gave good faction for VS.

We gated out and ran back to OT and sure enough i was maxx ally (gnome sk, her hubby was warmly (human pally), and she was indifferent (high elf cleric), so me and the pally both got the hammer after turn in.

This is what i think is a good alternative to the braids and shrouds, i did the braids before and it took me days to collect enough, it was worth it when i was lvl 60, but if your high enough to solo or group in VP i'd definately do that if you dont like level'ing shrouds or gathering braids like me”

Edit: It took my agnostic human monk 88 braids to gain amiable.

Edited, Aug 3rd 2009 4:42pm by snailish
# Apr 17 2009 at 8:11 PM Rating: Decent
60 posts
just in case anyone was wondering shroud charm still works.. altho only shorud i know of that can charm is the evil eye as people have said but i spent a little over an hr getting that shroud so its not hard to get if u have an hr or 2 to spare =P
Better than factioning
# Feb 14 2008 at 7:17 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Got this today for my 62 barbarian warrior. I had to work on spirit shroud to get the Evil Eye Psion shroud. I maxed out spell casting subtelty, and levitated over the water and around the city to get to him. I cast gaze of the beholder on him and got the hammer, no goons aggro'd. I cast spirit sending, and charm broke just as it was going off. Home free. I think you have to be at least 50 for this method to work. In any case you have to be 50 for the hammer to proc, so you might as well wait until then anyways. It's nice to know the EE shroud still works for this.

Good Luck
My 48 Bard has his Worker Sledgemallet
# Nov 02 2007 at 11:48 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
After trying to enter from the South and charm him, we tried coming around by levitating over the water and coming at him from the rise on the NW zone edge. I was able to single "pull" with bard charm. No adds! He beat on me a while, but my shammie friend had regened me and I had virtue so I just kept casting charm until it took.

I had the jade in my cursor and handed it to him and got the mallet in one of my huge container slots.

Now I can't wait until 50 so I can use it.

Theolo - The Combine
don't waste any time
# Sep 25 2007 at 11:07 AM Rating: Good
237 posts
I just got this hammer for my 59 Necro (absolutely love it so far) and wanted to share my experience. It is vital that you turn in the jade as quickly as possible to avoid being killed by the Dragoons that will inevitably attack. Have your jade handy and have some kind of run speed modifier (J Boots in my case). Get close to him, charm him, give him the jade, and then run like the wind. I ran to the Skyfire zone because it seemed more direct than trying to get to the PoK book. Again, do this as fast as possible. If charm doesn't land, just run.

The first time I tried it, charm landed right off and I took my sweet time getting the jade out and turning it in. Meanwhile, charm broke, and as he's hitting me and I'm trying to re-charm I see the Dragoons coming and I try to run to PoK. I end up aggroing some other mobs and next thing I know, I'm a corpse. It took about 5 more tries to get charm to land on the first try.
What I ended up doing after an unsuccessful charm was zoning into Skyfire, then back into OT, and catching up with the foreman on his walk back. I hailed him to stop him and let the dragoons walk on back. It still took a few tries for charm to stick, and zoning in between, but eventually I was able to keep him near the Skyfire zone line and was able to get charm to stick and turn in my jade. Remember, though, speed is of the essence!
# Jun 24 2007 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
The Overthere gate hammer the Worker Sledgemallet is easy to get now using shrouds.

You just have to level up the Abberation shroud from Imp Wizard to the Evil Eye Enchanter. The enchanter of this shroud has an 18 second charm you can use to charm the Undead Foreman in the Overthere. Then just hand him a jade and you get the hammer.

Previously if you were KoS you could not do this quest unless you were a charming class or somehow got the Puppet strings which were a charged charm item, very hard to come by since they are a drop from the golems in Fear.

Even if you were at dubious you had to do a lot of faction work turning in berzerker war braids for faction.
Ok I just did this with my Bst. Who was over level 70 at the time, from what I gather you have to be at least level 50 for this to work(in order to get the shroud no fail charm). I did level my shroud aberration to level two and this took longer than I was lead to believe. Went to a hot zone and was killing dark blues to red cons and was getting on average 1% per kill. So take lots of healing potions and skinspikes that are shroud level appropriate, best if you can two-box a power-level or have a buddy help you out. After I hit level 2 in the aberration category, I got some invis potions and a sow potion and made the level 70 evil eye psion shroud. The undead foreman in Overthere is down by the boats, I invised up and ran to where he was, not getting to close because he is undead and will see through invis. I did my charm and handed him the jade and got the Gate Hammer, however the charm didn’t last too long maybe 15 secs but seemed like less then he started to attack and all his buddies joined in. I ran to the POK book and gated out with 50% life. I was glad I had drank the sow potion! I would say over all this was very easy although a little time consuming getting the shroud to level I would suggest looking into what others have written about fast shroud leveling.
# Jul 31 2007 at 5:11 AM Rating: Decent
429 posts
Level 5 shroud and Forgotten Hall instance are probably the easiest way. Get health II pot, skinspikes II pots, clarity II pots, and celestial healing II pots and you can get to the next shroud in about an hour or so.

I've spent roughly 10 hours total and unlocked nearly a dozen assorted shrouds this way. Clarity II pot is not needed for melee type shroud though.
# May 14 2010 at 4:29 PM Rating: Decent
316 posts
I found with the xp bonus that it's faster to get a 20 shroud if you can and then go lay waste to the hotzone.
*Insert snazzy catchphrase here*
# Apr 16 2007 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
35 posts
So I have a stupid question.. this is marked 2HB, so I assume a Rogue could not use this? =/
# Apr 16 2007 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
1,352 posts
anyone can use this. even if you have 0 skill in 2hb , you can still swing with it and proc it.
# Jul 14 2007 at 12:01 PM Rating: Default
194 posts
I disagree. Rogues cannot equip 2HB weapons because they don't have the skill. It's not that their skill is 0, it's that they don't get the skill at all. So, in fact, Rogue's 2HB is the empty set and they cannot equip the Worker Sledgemallet; and you must equip it to swing it to get it to proc...obviously.
# Jul 14 2007 at 6:18 PM Rating: Decent
1,352 posts
You can equip it and swing with it, even if you have 0 skill in 2hb.
give it a try before you post incorrect info.

i have watched bards proc this.. it just sometimes takes a while, since they have 0 2hb, all they do is miss, but it does eventually proc.

bards dont get any skill in 2hb either, but my ex girlfriend equipped and used this still. Heck, there's posts on ths page about bards who use this.

however, sneak won't work for the quest because you need amiable faction when giving him the jade.

Edited, Jul 14th 2007 8:56pm by DukeLatan
Evil Eye Psion Shroud
# Nov 30 2006 at 5:27 AM Rating: Decent
Where do u get this shroud?
Evil Eye Psion Shroud
# Apr 17 2007 at 6:17 AM Rating: Decent
1,352 posts
you have to unlock it first. Hail hroudkeeper Hyush or Shroudkeeper Learu in Plane of knowledge, then highlight the "Aberrations" shroud.. shroud down to the level 5 imp wizard. then you XP in field of bone as the imp wizzard shroud to 'unlock' the next shroud, which is the evil eye psion.

(you can check the progression as you XP by going to the shroud tab in your inventory screen)
once you have the evil eye psion unlocked , shroud as a lvl 70 evil eye psion (lvl 50 shroud works at the lowest i think, but higher lvl shroud/charm is more likely to work.. im gonna try to get one at 50 though once my berserker is lvl 50) and go charm the foreman and get your worker sledgehammer.

Edited, Jul 14th 2007 8:52pm by DukeLatan
Easy faction
# Nov 29 2006 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
Managed to max my faction on my dwarf cleric at indifferent. Then managed to get Darkelf illusion and my faction jumped from indifferent to warmly.
Messed up :o(
# Sep 16 2006 at 4:41 PM Rating: Decent
I been useing my hammer like no tomorrow getting out of jams to being very lazy and just wack a mob to go home. But after going to Howling Stones and helpping a friend do a task quest well I screwed my faction up big time. I guess now i have to kill the mob on the boat and run andswim around the fort it really sucks when you blow your faction in OT and have the hammer :o(. I tried the DE potion no luck still KOSed and not sure how to get it up again maybe i can do the Evil eye and charm the captain and turn in 100s of braids again to get my faction up. Mosy likey be easier just to jump off the boat and run toward the beach and kill mobs that jump me. Oh well live and learn next time chek your faction when you hunt in Kunark so you don't mess up like me.
Messed up :o(
# Feb 25 2013 at 10:15 PM Rating: Decent
756 posts
russellm wrote:
Oh well live and learn next time check your faction when you hunt in Kunark so you don't mess up like me.

I hear you. I recently came back after being away for 6 years and the first thing I did was to finish the Iksar Skullcap quest for my Dark Elf Necro. I worked a very long time to get my DE into Cabilis, and never even thought about the OT hammer when I had to get a brittle bone in Howling Stones. Bottom line: My OT faction is hosed but good. Will have to level up and start killing in Veeshan's Peak.

Edited, Feb 25th 2013 11:23pm by KEC
Messed up :o(
# Sep 18 2006 at 1:52 AM Rating: Default
1,340 posts
Any faction adjustments - positive or negative - made whilst in Shroud form are negated the instant you remove the Shroud, so handing in Braids in Shroud form will get you nowhere. The way to get faction adjustments in Shroud Form is to use the Shroud form to GET the quest items needed.

For example, to build Cabilis faction you can turn in the knives dropped by Explorers in their tower in the Lake of Ill Omen. Sadly, killing these Explorers will NORMALLY make you KoS to the good guys in Firiona Vie, Kaladim, and Kelethin. To avoid this, you just use a Shroud to kill the Explorers, loot the knives, then DE-Shroud (losing the negative faction you have, in the process) and THEN hand them in :)

Anyway, enough of that, and back to your problem. It's easy enough to get out of Overthere for me, and my faction to Venril Sathir cannot get any worse now, heh. The boat you arrive on is 100% safe, with only an "indifferent" skeleton near you. So, I just Invis (the potions are just a few plat, if you aren't able to cast the spell) or Sneak/Hide, then I jump off the right-hand side of the boat and head to the town wall. Hug the wall and then just exit the town gate and head to the PoK Stone - simple as that. The Foreman, who sees Invis (if memory serves) is out of aggro range if you hug the wall, and the Golem can't see though Invis, so I can't see your problem, really. I have done this many times with a variety of characters and have had no trouble whatsoever.
Got it in about 2 minutes :)
# Aug 30 2006 at 12:50 PM Rating: Decent
1,340 posts
Hi all

I've just done this using both the lvl 50 and lvl 70 Evil Eye Psion Shroud, and it worked a treat! I now have my Sledgemallet for my 70 Beastlord and my 50 Ranger, and all for a couple of minutes work and a cost of under 25 plat each, to cover Invis Potions and the Jade.

It certainly saved my Beastlord a LOT of time, as her faction to Venril Sathir "can't get any worse" at the moment :D

(NOTE: If you haven't unlocked the Shroud, it's easy. I'd unlocked it out of curiosity a while back, and it only took me a couple of hours soloing, with lots of potions, in a Hot Zone at level 10. With my druid helping a friend, it took him about an hour.)


Edited, Sep 22nd 2006 at 7:40pm EDT by Krago
Worker Sledgemallet Obtained
# Aug 14 2006 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
Got this the other day with my 32nd Level Woodelf Bard (max KoS). Just bought some Essense of Dark Elf Potions. These raised faction up to Dubious. Went over to an Undead Foreman, then used Bard's faction modifier song to raise faction to amiable. Gave him a Jade, and bam, got the hammer. It's almost unfair... Took me forever to get this with my Dark Elf SK.

Edited, Aug 14th 2006 at 12:11pm EDT by audiom
Over There Hammer
# Aug 08 2006 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
241 posts
Just did this quest with my 59 human monk last night. Need chanter to tash mob first then use puppet strings and turn in jade fast. Chanter lost 1/2 heath and used 2 charge of strings as it wears off fast.

When you use the hammer jump off fast away from the POK book then swim around to the POK book to avoid agro.

Nice Item
Hammer time
# Jun 28 2006 at 4:24 AM Rating: Decent
Well I killed the sanraks instead of doing the Shroud quest cuzz undead forman is 50th lvl by the time you get 50 to have a shrouded evil eye to work you can turn in over 100+ war bairds so shrouded hmmm not worth it unless you KOS. I got my hammer i love it use it all the time. Only bad thing you get TPed on a boat don't fall in the hole you will get stuck. Best bet just jump off.
Odoria Nyteblade
51 SK
Profits of Doom
OT Hammer
# Jun 14 2006 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
I try the shroud thing at level 38 as a level 35 evil eye. Well he killed me pretty fast so I'm might need more levels before I try the shroud thing again. I just hope it works soon.
Odoria Lovespite
38 SK
Profits of Doom
RE: OT Hammer
# Jun 19 2006 at 2:48 AM Rating: Decent
well you should probably wait until your atleast lvl 50 since that is when it Procs.
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