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Frozen Efreeti Boots  

Slot: FEET
Charges: Unlimited
AC: 14
STR: +9 DEX: +5 STA: +9 CHA: -5 WIS: -5 INT: -5 AGI: +9
Effect: Serpent Sight (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 3.0)
WT: 3.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Appearance:Velious Plate 2
Color (RGB):0, 0, 0
Lucy Entry By:Celestieal Tunemaker
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-10 07:21:02
Page Updated:Mon Feb 21st, 2022

Expansion: Scars of Velious Scars of Velious

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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This item is found on creatures.

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Velketor's Labyrinth

Uploaded February 21st, 2022 by halfridge
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# Mar 30 2013 at 2:27 AM Rating: Good
1,342 posts
The Fabled Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar dropped this tonight.

Alliance Artisan Demonicspawn Dealerofdeath, Scoundrel of the Oathbreakers
Ogre Shadow Knight
Tunare - The Seventh Hammer

Ascending Angels on Beta
cast time?
# Oct 21 2001 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
does anybody know the cast time? is it instant ... or a sec or two?
RE: cast time?
# Nov 09 2001 at 6:16 AM Rating: Decent
didnĀ“t time them but 2 seconds sounds about right.
RE: cast time?
# Oct 24 2002 at 12:30 PM Rating: Decent
The Cast time on these boots is 3 seconds
Yowsa, lookit that AC!
# Jul 15 2001 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
36 posts
Actually I'm an enchanter and I'd love these boots. I can spare the 5 int and 5 cha quite easily and ac 16 in a boot (with the agi) is to die for. Remember by the mid fifties most casters and even many enchanters are swimming in more stats than they know what to do with and working on 800 850 or even 900 ac to live long enough to mez that mob.

Meredeth, 56 ench, Tunare
# Jul 09 2001 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
besides the fact that they will give more crits stam and HP the effect rocks. With these a tank can really tank with some bad *** 15weight weapons without loosing stam. Dam i want these.

31 toll warr
Best for Roag's? pffft
# Mar 23 2001 at 3:02 PM Rating: Decent
The lvl 60 monk can carry 24 wt....thats a lot of wt. specially when most lvl 55+ monks have epic. I would for sure be in on a role for these.
Just my 2 cents.
56 master of drinal
efreeti lord mynameislong
# Feb 27 2001 at 6:57 AM Rating: Decent
88 posts
The guy that drops these boots has a long name, and is lvl 63. he can also drop the efreeti ice staff and some other realllly nice stuff. Hes a real hard mob, needing a lot of people to kill. Has a huge MR too. By the time you can kill this guy, most monks would have been 50+ (having there weight limit upped each level till 60 where it maxes at 22) these would be perfect for you (=
Best for rogues
# Jan 25 2001 at 10:24 PM Rating: Default
A little too heavy for monks
Decent for the tanks, but most likely they're wearing something better if you're camping this guy.
But they are perfect for rogues. Decent AC, great dex, str, and agi boosts, and a nice effect for us folks who keep running out of stamina.
#REDACTED, Posted: May 21 2001 at 12:08 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) What are you talkin about, too heavy for a monk, they give 9 str and weigh 3 stone moron
RE: Best for rogues
# May 19 2003 at 8:00 PM Rating: Decent
wurmys are fun at lower levels but the ratio sucks and its not a balanced weapon at all. i'll keep my Flaming Dirk/Snowchipper. If i started another character whom could use a wurmy i wouldnt. tis a waste of time mony and sta.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 15 2001 at 7:55 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
RE: Best for rogues
# Jan 29 2001 at 8:36 AM Rating: Default
3 pounds is HARDLY to heavy. DWB weighs 5 lb, and those were used often by monks.
nice for dual wielders
# Jan 25 2001 at 7:16 PM Rating: Default
these boots are awsome for dual wielders too bad they weigh 3.0 they would be awsome for monks if they were a bit lighter
# Jan 25 2001 at 4:38 PM Rating: Default
these are kind of the anti-efreeti bots, kinda the opposit of them, heh?
RE: anti-efreeti
# Feb 26 2001 at 2:00 AM Rating: Decent
LOL ya the Tank version of Golden Efreeti Boots. 8)
Definately going on my wish list.
# Jan 25 2001 at 7:20 AM Rating: Default
Isn't it -5 wisdowm on the picture
RE: Wisdom
# Jan 25 2001 at 12:09 PM Rating: Decent
yes and the stat listing also shows it as -5 wis your just reading it wrong.the number after the stat is the number for that stat
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 25 2001 at 8:22 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) for Frozen Efreeti Boots&Body=On the page
# Jan 24 2001 at 10:42 PM Rating: Default
Thanks, Now I don't have to go camp them! :)
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 24 2001 at 10:40 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 1) Get efreeti boots
RE: How to make boots...
# Jan 16 2003 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
4) Have them stolen by a greedy little enchanter named Svinter, before they become his worst nightmare (see the neg stats, eep!) :P

Edited, Thu Jan 16 14:53:08 2003
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