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Repairing and Salvaging Armor  

WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM

Item Lore:A Guide to Specifics, by Farthing Werther
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Item Lore: A Guide to Specifics, by Farthing Werther
Book Text:

Repairing and Salvaging
A Guide to Specifics, by
Farthing Werther

I'm a merchant by trade, so
I've seen all sorts of
items up for sale. I've
dealt with all kinds of
merchants, tradesmen and
adventurers. I've also
seen how often they sell
potentially useful items at
any price just to get rid
of them. Some call me
cheap, I say I'm thrifty.
I figure to share my
knowledge with others, even
if it might cost me some

You've probably seen the
twisted bits of metal that
come from corpses after an

adventurer has chopped the
owner to bits. I'll admit
that most of the time they
aren't worth carrying home,
but lately my opinion on
that has changed. I've
seen some bent and twisted
armor from this Discord
place and it isn't trash.

This armor can be repaired
with some work. For some
all you really need is some
special bolts and a sheet
of copper. I've repaired a
belt myself and the result
is very good. For some of
the pieces you'll need more
than one copper sheet to
line it, but they are
cheap. The trick is making
the bolts.

I've noticed that this

armor will pull iron
filings across a table.
There's a strong magnetic
force in them.
Unfortunately, that means
that regular bolts don't
work all that well. You
need to melt down one piece
of armor into a brick.
Just slap it into the forge
and use yer hammer on it
until you have something
that looks like a brick.
You can use that brick to
make a few useful things,
including the bolts, all
you need is a good mold and
yer hammer. If you really
need to, you can melt down
a repaired piece to make a

You're going to need more
than just the copper to

repair these things.
You'll have to reinforce
them with one or more patch
plates that you can make
from the magnetized bricks.
Any smith should be able
to toss the brick into a
forge and hammer out a
patch plate with just their

I've even had some odd
requests from Gnomes using
this magnetic metal, though
I don't usually bother.
I'm much more interested in
armor than making kids

Anyway, you'll probably
want to practice to get the
right number of copper
sheets and patch plates.
You'll figure it out.

What I really want to tell
you is that I've discovered
how to make these pieces
much more powerful. I
acquired an item that I was
told was plucked from the
center of some magical
walking armor full of
lightning. If you hammer
this core of lightning into
the repaired armor pieces
you can charge them. Now,
I don't wear this armor,
but the one's I've sold it
to tell me that it's pretty

There's just one catch. It
appears that once any of
these pieces is worn the
owner can't sell it. They
can take it off, don't
misunderstand me. They

just can't sell it. It's
somehow attuned to them and
won't work for anyone else.

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