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Ancient Shadowspine Rune  

No Trade Quest Item
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL except WAR MNK ROG BER
Race: ALL

Item Type:Misc
Submitted By:Saraban, Darkwind
Lucy Entry By:Kerran
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-12 06:29:30
Page Updated:Sun Dec 12th, 2021

*This item is the result of a raid event.
Expansion: Depths of Darkhollow Depths of Darkhollow

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 70

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This item is found on creatures.


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Quest Name
Shadowspine Runes

Modern UI inspect window 2022 - Ancient Shadowspine Rune

Uploaded July 19th, 2022 by Andhrimnir
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# Aug 07 2006 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
Nice for Ancient Spells
More sources
# Jan 14 2006 at 4:59 AM Rating: Good
672 posts
Two of those can also be found in each of
a reinforced strongbox
the chest of Devlin Rochester
the chest of the Performer
Ancient Runes
# Nov 16 2005 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
I believe these runes are the same as the Omens Ancient runes that dropped off boss mobs in Anguish.
# Oct 30 2005 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
Has anyone compiled a list of the songs / spells each shadowspine rune gets for each class yet?
RE: List
# Jun 07 2006 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
160 posts
Not broken up into class/level, but listed in alphabetical order:

Spell: Acikin
Spell: Affirmation
Spell: Ancestral Bulwark
Spell: Ancient: Ancestral Calling
Spell: Ancient: Bite of Muram
Spell: Ancient: Call of Power
Spell: Ancient: Chlorobon
Spell: Ancient: Core Fire
Spell: Ancient: Curse of Mori
Spell: Ancient: Elemental Spike
Spell: Ancient: Force of Jeron
Spell: Ancient: Glacier Frost
Spell: Ancient: Hallowed Light
Spell: Ancient: Neurosis
Spell: Ancient: North Wind
Spell: Ancient: Nova Strike
Spell: Ancient: Pious Conscience
Spell: Ancient: Savage Ice
Spell: Ancient: Spear of Gelaqua
Spell: Ancient: Touch of Orshilak
Spell: Ancient: Voice of Muram
Spell: Ancient: Wilslik's Mending
Spell: Anxiety Attack
Spell: Arcane Noose
Spell: Armor of the Champion
Spell: Armor of the Pious
Spell: Aura of Devotion
Spell: Balance of Discord
Spell: Balikor's Mark
Spell: Bellow of Chaos
Spell: Blade Strike
Spell: Blessing of Oak
Spell: Blessing of Steeloak
Spell: Blood of Discord
Spell: Blood of Inruku
Spell: Blood of Yoppa
Spell: Bolt of Jerikor
Spell: Bond of Inruku
Spell: Breath of Wunshi
Spell: Brell's Brawny Bulwark
Spell: Briarcoat
Spell: Bulwark of Calliav
Spell: Bulwark of Calrena
Spell: Bulwark of Piety
Spell: Burning Earth
Spell: Calamity
Spell: Cantata of Life
Spell: Champion
Spell: Chaos Plague
Spell: Chaos Venom
Spell: Child of Earth
Spell: Child of Fire
Spell: Child of Water
Spell: Child of Wind
Spell: Chimera Blood
Spell: Chlorotrope
Spell: Chorus of Life
Spell: Circle of Alendar
Spell: Circle of Dreams
Spell: Circle of Fire
Spell: Circle of Fireskin
Spell: Circle of Nettles
Spell: Circle of Thunder
Spell: Clairvoyance
Spell: Cloak of Discord
Spell: Cloak of Nature
Spell: Cloud of Indifference
Spell: Color Snap
Spell: Compel
Spell: Confidence
Spell: Conviction
Spell: Corona Flare
Spell: Crippling Spasm
Spell: Crusader's Purity
Spell: Curse of Sisslak
Spell: Dark Assassin
Spell: Dark Constriction
Spell: Dark Hold
Spell: Dark Nightmare
Spell: Dark Possession
Spell: Dark Salve
Spell: Deistic Howl
Spell: Desecrating Darkness
Spell: Desolate Deeds
Spell: Desolate Summoned
Spell: Desolate Undead
Spell: Direction
Spell: Dirge of Metala
Spell: Displace Summoned
Spell: Dread Gaze
Spell: Dull Pain
Spell: Earth Shiver
Spell: Eidolon Howl
Spell: Elemental Aura
Spell: Elemental Fury
Spell: Elemental Simulcram
Spell: Eriki's Psalm of Power
Spell: Ether Shield
Spell: Ether Skin
Spell: Ether Ward
Spell: Ethereal Rune
Spell: Euphoria
Spell: Fang of Death
Spell: Farrel's Companion
Spell: Felicity
Spell: Feral Guard
Spell: Feral Vigor
Spell: Ferocity of Irionu
Spell: Festering Malady
Spell: Firebane
Spell: Fireskin
Spell: Focus of Undalla
Spell: Force of Piety
Spell: Frost Wind
Spell: Gelid Rains
Spell: Gelidin Comet
Spell: Glacier Breath
Spell: Glacier Spear
Spell: Glitterfrost
Spell: Glyph of Darkness
Spell: Grip of Mori
Spell: Growl of the Beast
Spell: Guard of the Earth
Spell: Hammer of Reproach
Spell: Hand of Conviction
Spell: Hand of Direction
Spell: Hastening of Salik
Spell: Healing of Mikkily
Spell: Hearth Embers
Spell: Howl of the Predator
Spell: Hungry Vines
Spell: Hunter's Vigor
Spell: Ice Age
Spell: Icebane
Spell: Immolation of the Sun
Spell: Inruku's Bite
Spell: Jeron's Mark
Spell: Light of Piety
Spell: Lightningbane
Spell: Lion's Strength
Spell: Locust Swarm
Spell: Lost Soul
Spell: Luvwen's Aria of Serenity
Spell: Luvwen's Lullaby
Spell: Mark of the Blameless
Spell: Mask of the Wild
Spell: Mayhem
Spell: Meteor Storm
Spell: Muada's Mending
Spell: Mystic Shield
Spell: Nature Veil
Spell: Nature's Balance
Spell: Nature's Beckon
Spell: Nature's Denial
Spell: Nature's Serenity
Spell: Nettle Shield
Spell: Nettlecoat
Spell: Oaken Guard
Spell: Oaken Vigor
Spell: Onyx Skin
Spell: Pact of Decay
Spell: Pained Memory
Spell: Panoply of Vie
Spell: Phantom Shield
Spell: Phase Walk
Spell: Pious Cleansing
Spell: Pious Elixir
Spell: Pious Fury
Spell: Pious Light
Spell: Pious Remedy
Spell: Placate
Spell: Psychosis
Spell: Pure Spirit
Spell: Putrid Decay
Spell: Pyre of Mori
Spell: Pyrilen Skin
Spell: Rain of Jerikor
Spell: Renewal of Jerikor
Spell: Reproach
Spell: Revulsion of Death
Spell: Rune of Decay
Spell: Rune of Salik
Spell: Salik's Animation
Spell: Scent of Midnight
Spell: Scythe of Inruku
Spell: Serene Command
Spell: Sermon of Reproach
Spell: Sha's Legacy
Spell: Shadow Guard
Spell: Shadow of Death
Spell: Shield of Briar
Spell: Shock of Wonder
Spell: Shroud of Discord
Spell: Silent Dictation
Spell: Silvered Fury
Spell: Solist's Frozen Sword
Spell: Solstice Strike
Spell: Son of Decay
Spell: Soulless Terror
Spell: Soulspike
Spell: Sound of Divinity
Spell: Spark of Fire
Spell: Spark of Lightning
Spell: Spark of Thunder
Spell: Spear of Muram
Spell: Speed of Salik
Spell: Spirit Veil
Spell: Spirit of Fortitude
Spell: Spirit of Irionu
Spell: Spirit of Might
Spell: Spirit of Perseverance
Spell: Spirit of Rashara
Spell: Spirit of Sense
Spell: Spirit of Undalla
Spell: Spiritual Ascendance
Spell: Spiritual Serenity
Spell: Spiritual Vitality
Spell: Spurn Undead
Spell: Star Scream
Spell: Star Strike
Spell: Steeloak Skin
Spell: Stormwatch
Spell: Strength of the Hunter
Spell: Summon Calliav's Glowing Bauble
Spell: Summon Calliav's Jeweled Bracelet
Spell: Summon Calliav's Platinum Choker
Spell: Summon Calliav's Runed Mantle
Spell: Summon Calliav's Spiked Ring
Spell: Summon Calliav's Steel Bracelet
Spell: Summon Crystal Belt
Spell: Summon Fireblade
Spell: Summon Pouch of Jerikor
Spell: Summon Spear of the Deep
Spell: Summon Sphere of Air
Spell: Summon Staff of the North Wind
Spell: Sun Cloak
Spell: Sun's Corona
Spell: Sylvan Water
Spell: Symbol of Balikor
Spell: Symbol of Jeron
Spell: Synapsis Spasm
Spell: Talisman of Fortitude
Spell: Talisman of Might
Spell: Talisman of Perseverance
Spell: Talisman of Sense
Spell: Talisman of Wunshi
Spell: Tears of the Sun
Spell: Telekara
Spell: Tempest Wind
Spell: Terror of Discord
Spell: Theft of Hate
Spell: Theft of Pain
Spell: Thundaka
Spell: Touch of Inruku
Spell: Touch of Piety
Spell: Touch of the Devourer
Spell: Tranquility of the Glade
Spell: True Name
Spell: Unholy Howl
Spell: Unswerving Hammer of Retribution
Spell: Vengeance of the Sun
Spell: Verse of Vesagran
Spell: Vindictive Spirit
Spell: Voice of Clairvoyance
Spell: Voice of the Vampire
Spell: Vulka's Chant of Disease
Spell: Vulka's Chant of Flame
Spell: Vulka's Chant of Frost
Spell: Vulka's Chant of Poison
Spell: Vulka's Lullaby
Spell: Wake of Felicity
Spell: Wall of Alendar
Spell: War March of Muram
Spell: Ward of Valiance
Spell: Wasp Swarm
Spell: Wave of Piety
Spell: Word of Chaos
Spell: Word of Vivification
Spell: Wunshi's Focusing
Spell: Yaulp VII
Spell: Yelhun's Mystic Call
Spell: Yoppa's Mending
Spell: Yoppa's Rain of Venom
Spell: Yoppa's Spear of Venom
Spell: Zuriki's Song of Shenanigans
Tome of Aura of Runes Discipline
Tome of Axe of the Destroyer
Tome of Baffling Strike
Tome of Bazu Bellow
Tome of Counterforce Discipline
Tome of Daggerfall
Tome of Deadly Aim Discipline
Tome of Dreamwalk Discipline
Tome of Frenzied Stabbing Discipline
Tome of Imperceptible Discipline
Tome of Mind Strike
Tome of Phantom Cry
Tome of Rapid Kick Discipline
Tome of Savage Onslaught Discipline
Tome of Shocking Defense Discipline
Tome of Unflinching Will
Tome of Unpredictable Rage Discipline
Tome of Vengeful Flurry Discipline
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