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Systematic Spell Research Vol. 6  

WT: 3.0 Size: MEDIUM

Item Lore:Volume six of a treatise on spell research
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:1 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Gorthag [Township Rebellion]
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Item Lore: Volume six of a treatise on spell research.
Book Text:

Systematic Spell Research
Volume Six: Inks of

These inks have a variety
of effects within spells.
Remember all inks are made
by mixing one or more
pigments in pure water.

Ink of the Eagle is used
for spells that effect
vision. This one ink can
account for multiple vision
effects on the same spell.
It uses azurite powder.

Ink of Alacrity is used for
spells that increase the
speed of their target. It
is used both for effects
that affect how fast the
target moves and how fast
they can wield a weapon or

a spell. It uses mercury

Ink of Zek is used for
spells that affect how well
their target can attack
another target. It uses
hematite powder.

Ink of the Tribunal is used
for spells that affect the
strength of the armor their
target is wearing. It uses
magnetite powder.

Ink of the Listless is used
for spells that slow down
their target, and like ink
of alacrity will affect
both movement and the speed
at which a weapon can be
swung. It uses manganese

Ink of Ayonae Ro is used
for spells that have a
charm effect. It uses
gypsum powder and chromium

Ink of the Companion is
used for spells that bring
a pet into existence. It
is not used on spells that
just affect a pet. It uses
logwood pigment and
chromium powder.

Ink of Xegony is used for
air effects. It uses
azurite powder and titanium

Ink of the Rathe is used
for earth effects. It uses
catechu Pigment and
Magnetite Powder.

Ink of Cazic-Thule is used
for fear effects. It uses
catechu pigment and copper

Ink of Pain is used for
effects that do damage,
such as spells that damage
their target. It is also
used for effects that
prevent damage from
happening, or cause damage
when something is damaged.
It uses hematite powder and
chromium powder.

Ink of Innoruuk is used for
effects that alter how much
something hates that
target, and works for both
making the target more and
less hated. It uses madder
pigment and hematite

Ink of Forgetfulness is
used for effects that make
the target forget. It uses
manganese powder and
litharge powder.
And the last ink that I was
able to figure out is Ink
of Tranquility, which is
used for effects that calm
the target down and make it
less aware of what is
around it. It uses
limonite powder and
titanium powder.

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