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Systematic Spell Research Vol. 1  

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Item Lore:Volume one of a treatise on spell research
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Item Lore: Volume one of a treatise on spell research.
Book Text:

Systematic Spell Research
Volume One: The Basics

I still fail to understand
how anyone ever made spells
the way they did before we
got trapped down here. The
sheer randomness of it!
So I decided there must be
a better way and after much
research I found that by
using specific paper,
specific quills, and
modifying specific inks,
that one could make spells
in a way never done before.
This and the following
volumes will explain my

Parchment is the basis of
all spells. The parchment
used will determine how
powerful the spell you

scribe will be.
I have not found a way to
make it yet, but many of
the beings in this
underground area carry
various pieces of parchment
that can be used, after
preparation. I will
further detail the
preparation of the
parchment in volume two.

Once you have the paper you
will need to decide what
quill to use. The quill
you use is different for
each profession that will
be using the spell.
Sometimes there are spells
that more than one
profession can use, and it
is difficult to decide
which to use. Volume three
will explain how to choose

quills, and how to make the
various quills.

Next you will choose what
inks to use. Along with
the specific inscriptions
that you make, the type of
ink used for that
inscription is important.
Some inks work for
inscriptions that cause
damage, some for
inscriptions that affect a
person's body and other
inks for other particular
effects. I will detail
this more in volumes four,
five and six.

After you have chosen the
ink you will use, you will
need to modify it with an
additive and a thickener to
counterbalance the thinning

of the ink from the

The additive you use
determines how the spell
will be resisted by the
target, while the thickener
determines the general type
of spell that you are
scribing. The details for
this will be described in
volume seven.

Finally, from time to time
there are spells whose
formula would be the same,
but they became available
in our world at a different
time. When this happens,
the newer spell will need
to use a special drying
powder that is specific to
the region where it became

I currently only know of
one drying powder, it is
made by heating a sample of
filtered highland sludge in
your spell research kit.

Speaking of the spell
research kit, I have made a
new kit that has all of the
supplies you will need to
do spell research with my
method. I have made this
kit available for a
pittance because I wish for
the world to know of my way
of making spells. It has
inkwells, quill cutting
implements, a very small
set of alchemical devices,
and a small mortar and
pestle to make those
powders. Before you get
excited about the

alchemical devices, this
kit is only useful for
working with liquids and
powders, and does not do as
good a job as the tool that
shamans have to work with.
You will not be able to
make the wondrous potions
that they are able to make
with this kit.

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