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Eyepatch of Plunder  

Slot: FACE
Charges: Unlimited
AC: 10
STR: +10 DEX: +10 HP: +50
Effect: Captain Nalot's Quickening (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 3.5)
WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Item Type:Armor
Submitted By:Hawkes
Lucy Entry By:keltana
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2020-06-30 06:47:49
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008
Scars of Velious Item

Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 55

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This item is the result of a quest.

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Uploaded November 27th, 2008
Updated November 28th, 2008
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iconless haste
# Oct 15 2001 at 11:31 PM Rating: Decent
There are 4 hastes, not 3, check out the Large Dragonbone Shard for further explanations, I assume there are other weapons or items that include this as well, but I havent seen any personally.

Wuldayen Blackwing
Tunare's Soldier
of The 44th Season
My head hurts
# Oct 07 2001 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
my head hurts from all this haste formula stuff, why don't we just say haste makes you attack faster?
# Sep 29 2001 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
I feel compelled to input my feelings about how haste works...

1. Haste DOES decrease weapon delay. Damage output would make entirely no sense for the word HASTE.

2. There is a minimum weapon delay. This would most likely be in place to prevent 1 2 or 3 delay weapons, hitting multiple times per second. Of course VI would also want to prevent a 0 delay weapon which would likely crash the game.

3. There is a mximum haste percentage. I believe it is around 65%, don't quote me on it though. The enchanter spell Woderous Rapidity is supposedly around this percentage, which would thus eliminate the need for haste items. I seem to recall hearing that WR without haste items was the same speed as WR with haste items.

4. Item and spell haste do stack. This is obvious. However, it is also obvious that song and spell haste will stack, while spell hastes do not stack with each other.

As for the item itself, notice that it IS spell haste (triggered effect). Whether it counts as song (preferable), or spell I have yet to know.

Just my 2cp, flame me all you want, just makes you look like more of a dumbass.
RE: Haste
# Jan 02 2002 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
119 posts
max haste is 100%, or 50% delay reduction. to a max of delay of 10.

so, moss covered twig is as fast as it get's if you got one..

tempered velium warsword (10/20) will be (10/10) at full haste.

Cof (36%), Shissar (66%) = 100% haste

you can have three types of haste.
1)item (FBSS, Sash of dragonborn, Cof, RBG)
2)spell (chanter and shammy spells)
3)bard song (this eyepatch, robe of whistling fists i think, and of course bards).

but still max haste is 100%
RE: Haste
# Oct 18 2001 at 8:28 PM Rating: Default
your close, max haste is 50%. My only correction for your post.
RE: Haste
# Oct 30 2001 at 8:10 AM Rating: Default
How much is the haste on Speed of the Shissar????
66% haste.... so actually i think max haste is 75% but am nottotally sure but i know it is not 50 or else why would they make shissar 66%
RE: Haste
# Nov 19 2001 at 7:29 AM Rating: Default
There is no haste cap.

Cydrenlin Blackfury
56 Dark Elf Warrior
Blood & Guts, Torvo
RE: Haste
# Nov 22 2001 at 7:50 PM Rating: Decent
nay the haste cap is 80%
Speed of the Shissar
Increase Attack Speed by 66% (L1)
Increase Agility by 40 (L1)
Decrease Stamina Loss by 3 (L1)
Increase Armor Class (AC) by 12 (L1)

Classes: None

Skill: Alteration
Allowable Targets: All

Range to Target: 100 feet

Resistance Check: None

Spell Duration: 300 ticks (30.0 minutes)
Duration Formula: 3

Spell cast on you: Your body pulses with the spirit of the Shissar.
Spell cast on someone: Soandso's body pulses with the spirit of the Shissar.
Spell fades: Your body slows.

see haste cap has to be above 60
# Sep 26 2001 at 6:44 AM Rating: Default
Anyone wanna help me with this quest .. the patch is cool .. me wants to get it ...
one question?
# Sep 05 2001 at 3:20 AM Rating: Default
Can i just get the % of haste on this tired of seeing ppl argue about HOW it works.
#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 01 2001 at 9:28 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Anyone that gets THAT involved in this game that they have to know the exact haste they are getting down to the .1 is a ****** loser! get a life people ! its just a game i'm not gonna run around and thinking "by using this weapon i could be hitting 17.444% faster than if i use this other weapon that is 17.443% faster but higher dmg..hmm" you losers are reading waaay too much into this game..bottom line HASTE MAKES YOU SWING FASTER THATS ALL YOU DONT NEED TO ******* KNOW JUST HOW MUCH FASTER OR WHAT IS THE EXACT %! some people have NO lives!
# Sep 11 2001 at 1:09 PM Rating: Default
Umm, just offhand, I would say the person who has another haste spell/song item, and wants to know if it is really worth him camping the turle... which takes several days.

And as for people with no lives... you are on an EQ item posting board talking about how EQ item posts suxxor...

Odd child... take the orc pick out of your nose.
# Oct 11 2001 at 4:51 PM Rating: Default
I hope your not saying we have no lives. I've been playing EQ since shortly after it was released and barlye able to go on plain raids.
Calculating Haste Percentage.
# Aug 29 2001 at 6:06 PM Rating: Good
71 posts
Haste does NOT effect how much *damage* you do over time!

Haste effects the delay, but NOT directly.
If it were to effect delay directly then that would mean that if your delay was 20 and you had 40% haste, the delay would end up being 12, and that would be incorrect.

Use a timer(stopwatch with countdown works best) to see how many rounds your char attempts without haste, then time how many rounds they can get in the same amount of time with haste. you will notice that the number of extra rounds divided by the amount of rounds.

Dual Wielding and double attack will make judging the amount off attack rounds tougher if you are looking in the chat area. click on combat and count the number of times the melee and range blink. They blink once per round and is what the following is based on.

Note: When I refer to round it is when you look at the combat section and watch the top buttons blink.
In each round you have a chance of double-attacking(hit again with same weapon right after first attempt) and also a chance of dual wield, because noone doubleattacks and dualweilds on every round (unless using a discipline), you have to measure haste by attack rounds.

Lets look at the following information:

Without haste-
Duration: 30 Seconds
Delay on weapon: 20.0
Seconds between attack round: 2.00
Attacks in 30 seconds: 15

With 40% haste-
New delay on weapon becomes: 14.28 ( (100/(100+haste%)) x Weapon Delay = New weapon Delay )
Seconds between attack round: 1.428
Attacks in 30 seconds: 21

From the results it shows that we have 6 more attacks with a 40 percent haste in 30 seconds.

6/15 = .4 (.4 is 40 percent)
40 Percent haste will get you 40 percent more attacks in the same ammount of time.

(6 is 40 percent of 15 by the way, 15 was the normal amount of rounds in 30 seconds and with 40 percent haste we got a total of 21 rounds)

Use the following formula to get the new weapon delay with haste(you have to know the amount of haste to do this):
(100/(100+haste%)) x Weapon Delay = New weapon Delay
Or if you want to find out the haste percentage do this:

Turn on auto attack and time it for a set amount of time, durring this time count how many times the combat buttons blink without haste.

Do the same thing, but put on your haste item/spell or whatever your calculating.

Take the number of rounds without haste and subtract it from the rounds with haste.

Divide that number into the amount of rounds you had without haste and the number you get is the haste percent. (.4 = 40, .06 = 6%, etc)
RE: Calculating Haste Percentage.
# Sep 17 2001 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
so ....

Haste DOES affect how much *damage* you do over time! If you do x damage every y seconds, then in z seconds you do x(z/y) damage. As you can see from basic algebra, if you decrease y (i.e. hit more often) then you increase the damage.

RE: Calculating Haste Percentage.
# Jul 23 2002 at 1:05 PM Rating: Decent
ok, i am real confused, your didn't help me much, just got me more confused about the whole haste items thing.
# Aug 25 2001 at 2:04 PM Rating: Default
after reading all the math things on haste, i got a huge headache. After that left, i realized something, as another poster said...percentages don't add up like that (i.e. 20% + 40% won't = to 60%) its 20% of the original number, say 100. then 40% of the now 80 (from the 20% haste). This annuls everyone's almost zero delay theory (i say ALMOST 0 because with all the percent reductions in the world, it will never be 0...unless there is just one 100% haste item) 50% + 50% does NOT = 100% haste. hope this clears that up
RE: haste
# Dec 24 2001 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
That'd be nearly impossible to engineer the game that way because what would determine wich haste hasted the previous haste. It'd be much more difficult and tedious to haste hasted items instead of adding up haste. Think about that.
RE: haste
# Oct 14 2001 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
Well honestly that would depend on how the game engine prioritizes its calculations, it is very possible that it would add up all the bonuses before calcualating final delay. Not saying you are wrong, just saying there is a flaw in your logic that assumes that you know the priority of calculation for the game engine. Logically it would add all the haste bonuses before hand the same way as it does the other bonuses, now as for whether it adds the percentages or multiplies, I honestly don't know :) I have never done the calculations on it, if you have let me know.
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 25 2001 at 6:03 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) you all sit here arguing about how much faster haste makes you hit but if you look into the dex factor it makes you hit more often = less misses = more damage output, yes haste is an important part of melee but if you swing 10 times but miss half of them then your damage still sucks, find a nice shaman to dex buff you along with your haste and you will see major improvements in your damage output, you can also find that at times, you will do more damage with a dex buff than you will with a haste buff, but combined they are great
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 23 2001 at 7:46 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) If you don't have any information on this item then shut the fock up! I know how haste works, and I don't need a bunch of 11 year old quibbling idiots to explain it 1000 times over.
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 24 2001 at 10:21 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) No, and you obviously don't need any lessons in being an unmitigated *** either. Congrats on your great and mighty learning.
# Jul 18 2001 at 9:19 PM Rating: Default
I thought after all my testings that 75% faster attack-rate was the quickest you could achive.

For instance, CoF=36% haste, Speed of Shissar=66% haste.....they will add up to 75% and the rest will vanish. So with the Shiss you can actually just use a FBSS. Considering FBSS is just 9% haste.

YES, FBSS is 9% haste. You will hit 9% more times over a certain amount of time. No idea to say any differant if you dont have tried it yourself, and dont come and say, "that site say....this site says". Do your own extensive research and then you can say something. Remember to do it with a class that has no dubble-attack or dual-wield. Just a plain single-hit.
RE: Urhm...
# Jul 28 2001 at 7:08 PM Rating: Decent
At 60th lvl the haste cap is 100%, funnily enough that works out to be basically halfing the delay on the weapon.
RE: Urhm...
# Nov 18 2001 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
I believe that the haste cap is 104% for warriors at 60th level. This is probably so that they get the edge over other classes in terms of how much aggro they get if they have roughly the same weapons as the other melees that are attacking the Mob. Just something i heard, but i thought it was like what i said above.
51 enc, 14 SK
Haste explained... again /sigh
# Jul 02 2001 at 1:19 PM Rating: Excellent
Please trust me on this, this is correct -
One item haste and one spell haste at any one time is the limit.
The easy way to tell if something is spell haste, is if it has an icon. That means Bard haste songs and Enc/Shaman haste spells will NOT stack. You will get any +stats from either spell, but ONLY the highest haste will take effect. If it leaves an icon, its spell haste. If it doesn't, its item haste.
The *ONLY* exception to this are 2 bard songs called Melody of Ervaj and Composition of Ervaj. These two will stack with any ONE other spell haste and ONE item haste. They will not stack with each other. These are the only spell/song hastes that will stack with other spell/song hastes. End of story.
RE: Haste explained... again /sigh
# Oct 13 2001 at 12:35 AM Rating: Default
also the haste disc's stack with both spells and items, =)
RE: Haste explained... again /sigh
# Mar 31 2002 at 8:20 PM Rating: Decent
Funny, you are the first person I've seen mention that. To be honest, I didn't think of it either, hehe.
re: How haste works
# Jun 09 2001 at 5:25 PM Rating: Decent
Good ***** man. Perfectly explained!

About the different types of haste.
As VI said awhile back, certain haste types stack.

Constant haste (eg Fbss) is one type.
Pure haste buff (some enchie and shaman speed buffs)
Stat and haste buff (Some enchie, bard haste)

You can have ONE of each of these.

In some cases this is not true. You cant have a pure enchie haste buff and a enchie stat and haste buff.
Nor can you have a shaman haste and enchie stat and haste buff.
But, bard haste songs will stack with enchie/sham pure haste buffs. But not the stat and haste buffs.

For example.
A monk with a fbss, Robe of whistling fist with effect on and Celerity will have about 70% haste.
If my memory works for me (sometimes doesnt 8P)
fbss = 17%
Robe = 20ish%
Celer = 40ish%

-wanders off-
RE: re: How haste works
# Jul 02 2001 at 1:25 PM Rating: Decent
See my explanation of haste. Bard and Enc/Shaman haste do NOT stack. The monk would not receive the 20% from the robe.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 18 2001 at 12:27 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Geezus Christ! What the $(#@ do we care what formula it is? Jeez, I mean, it makes you hit harder? faster? who gives a damn? YOU DO MORE DAMAGE OVER TIME. The higher Percentage, the better! More haste = more damage.. Who cares whether its caused by increased damage, decreased delay, whoop de f$@#! More haste = faster killing.
RE: re: How haste works
# Oct 14 2001 at 9:46 AM Rating: Decent
Would have to say for the most part I agree with you on that. However there is one time I can think of that you would want to know how haste is calculated, how high its cap is, and what stacks, thats when you are choosing between items. Last I checked the fbss is a great haste item but absolutely sucks otherwise, so if you are already maxed out in haste with other items, then you would not want this item would you. Less ac for no no bonus = more damage you take = more times the cleric has to heal you = less monsters you are going to be able to kill over time, simple equation no? Now obviously if its your only haste item then by all means your argument is great... it hastes me who gives a crap how much it means more damage
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 18 2001 at 9:55 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Phire Phighter...that is a ******* I N G awesome name
How haste works
# Jun 07 2001 at 1:37 AM Rating: Good
For those unfamiliar, something that has a "Haste" effect is something that makes you faster, something that gives you a greater speed in one way or another. As far as EverQuest goes, Haste more accurately effects how fast you attack. The speed in which you attack is represented by your weapons "Delay" attribute (Del). Delay is measured in tenths of seconds. For instance, a weapon with a Delay of 20 would attack every two seconds. Likewise, a weapon with a Delay of 44 would attack every 4.4 seconds. Going by that system is not 100% accurate because there are many decimal values that are not taken into consideration (ie a Delay of 44 might actually be 44.013). Excluding these decimal values alters your results slightly, but usually only by a maximum of one or two tenths. It is a good system to use, but like I said, not 100% accurate.

A common misconception is that a Haste effect directly alters the Delay of your weapons, when in fact it doesn't. Haste is measured in Damage Increase, NOT Delay Decrease. An item or spell that adds a 40% Haste effect does NOT lower your weapons Delay by 40%, but rather increases the amount of Damage you do by 40% over a period of time. Another point of notice is that Item Haste and Spell Haste combine. For instance if you had a Spell cast on you that adds 20% Haste and an Item equipped that adds 17% Haste your total Haste would be 37%. This does not work in all cases because many Items and Spells have rescritctions where they will not stack with eachother.

Although Haste deals with Damage Increase and not Delay Decrease, you CAN calculate what your weapon Delay would be during the time period you are Hastened. In determining your weapon Delay with a given Haste percentage there are three steps. To illustrate these steps we will pretend that you are using a Fighting Baton (8 Dmg/20 Delay) with a Flowing Black Silk Sash equipped (21% Haste). The first step is to add 100 to the Haste percentage. In this case the result would be 121 (100 + 21 = 121). The second step is to divide that number (121) into 100. The result would be roughly .83 (100 / 121 = .83). The third and final step is to multiply the previous results (.83) by your weapon Delay (20). The result is 16.5 (20 * .83 = 16.5). We have now determined that a Fighting Batons 8/20 with 21% Haste become 8/17 (16.5) during the period of time that you are Hastened.

Here are a few examples of this method of determining haste effects.

[Delay 30 with 40% Haste]
Step One - Add 100 to the Haste Percentage.

100 + 40 = 140

Step Two - Divide the previous result (140) into 100.

100 / 140 = .71

Step Three - Multiply the previous result (.71) by the weapon Delay.

71 * 30 = 21.3

Finished - A Delay of 30 with a 40% Haste becomes a Delay of 21.3.

[Delay 15 with 85% Haste]
Step One - Add 100 to the Haste Percentage.

100 + 85 = 185

Step Two - Divide the previous result (185) into 100.

100 / 185 = .54
.54 * 15 = 8.1

Finished - A Delay of 15 with an 85% Haste becomes a Delay of 8.1.

[Delay 44 with 20% Haste]
Step One - Add 100 to the Haste Percentage.

100 + 20 = 120

Step Two - Divide the previous result (120) into 100.

100 / 120 = .83

Step Three - Multiply the previous result (.83) by the weapon Delay.

.83 * 44 = 36.5

Finished - A Delay of 44 with a 20% Haste becomes a Delay of 36.5.

As you can see, determining the effects of Haste on your weapons Delay using this method is really quite simple. Below are a few important things to bare in mind when considering Haste and Delay.

[Important Facts]
- Delay is measured in tenths of seconds.
- Item Haste and Spell Haste combine (generally).
- Haste is measured in Damage Increase, not Delay Decrease.
- The formula for determining Delay with Haste is: Delay * (100 / (100 + Haste%))
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 14 2001 at 12:48 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) /flame on
RE: How haste works
# Jun 13 2001 at 5:40 PM Rating: Default
I understand that this is the common convension, however it does not make sense to do it this way. Damage is random i.e. you might do 130 damage on the first swing of your sword, and miss the next five swings, and then hit for the next 10 for different ammounts. The delay however is a constant value. So why is haste measured in damage I ask. I makes it almost impossible to determine exact numbers. In both cases you have to time the combat and do math, but only one value is constant. Damage is random, delay is not.. period..
RE: How haste works
# Jun 13 2001 at 5:50 PM Rating: Default
Also some of the people who post haste values do not list the percent of damage increase, they post the percentage of delay reduction.
RE: How haste works
# Jun 16 2001 at 6:26 PM Rating: Default
It is not really damage increase, but attack speed increase, same thing really but either way it is not calculated as delay decrease ((If you wanted it to be damage increase it could be easily confirmed by using averages, which I believe is how the whole thing evolved))

-however some postings on haste have been done by delay decrease. Hence the debate on whether FBSS has 21% or 17% haste... it is 21% speed increase, which = 17% delay decrease approx.
Math lesson
# Jun 07 2001 at 7:47 AM Rating: Default
Let's hear it for him folks! i couldn't have learned more from my algebra teacher! /cheer

jk, quite interesting really...
# Jun 05 2001 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
Haste does not work that way. The haste is increase in swings on your weapon, not decrease in your delay!!!

You can only have one haste item and one haste song/spell at the same time. Thats it!! The triggered effect from the Eyepatch does NOT stack with enchanter/shaman haste buffs! Only with items like CoF e.g.

The haste % that most knows; for instance CoF 36%, FBSS 21%, Shissar 66%, Eyepatch 20%, and so on is increase % in swings. Like if you swing your weapon 100 times without any haste in 2 minutes for instance, then you will swing it 136 times with a CoF in the same amount of time. A person with CoF and Eyepatch will swing 156 times during those 2 min in the expample. (yes, 20+36)

The maximum haste any char on EQ can have (lvl dependant) is 102%. That means that the person with max haste will swing his weapon in the given example 202 times! 102% haste does NOT mean that your delay will be less then 0, LOL!
# Dec 10 2001 at 5:59 PM Rating: Decent
"increasing number of swings over time" and
"decreasing the delay of weapon" are the same thing.
If you increase the number of swings over time, you have decreased the delay of the weapon; if you decrease the delay of the weapon, you have increased the number of swings over time.

Really really simple.

Further: as it has been suggested, haste DOES increase the amount of damage that you do per time; however, the direct effect is not on damage (which is a variable), rather on number of swings; guess what: NUMBER OF SWINGS per time is your DELAY.
# Dec 10 2001 at 5:59 PM Rating: Decent
"increasing number of swings over time" and
"decreasing the delay of weapon" are the same thing.
If you increase the number of swings over time, you have decreased the delay of the weapon; if you decrease the delay of the weapon, you have increased the number of swings over time.

Really really simple.

Further: as it has been suggested, haste DOES increase the amount of damage that you do per time; however, the direct effect is not on damage (which is a variable), rather on number of swings; guess what: NUMBER OF SWINGS per time is your DELAY.
# Jul 03 2001 at 5:19 PM Rating: Default
You are all a bunch of quibbling boneheads. Haste is simply a quickening of the amount of attacks per tick. This has three effects on the battle.

1: Haste increases the amount of swings per tick.

2: This in turn decreases the amount of delay between swings per tick.

3: This in turn increases the amount of damage done per tick.

All you are fighting about is what attribute is being measured.
# Jun 10 2001 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
What's the difference between increasing swings and decreasing delay between swings?
# Jun 08 2001 at 8:00 PM Rating: Default
This guy is saying the same thing as the first guy.
if you do the math then
if some one has a totle of 102% haste then
step two
step three
delay * .495

thus the delay would not be less then 0 it would be less then 50% of the origional delay and no mater how high the haste is even if its 10,000% haste it will never be 0 delay or lower.

you can do either of these methods they will give you the same results just in different terms
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 05 2001 at 10:34 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ok, just read that last post and thought - how hard can it be, so I sat down with my calculator and did some math (yuck).
RE: Haste Calculations...
# Jun 05 2001 at 3:53 PM Rating: Excellent
Just a nerdy, but relevant, note: it doesn't matter what order you multiply numbers together (multiplication is "commutative"). Looks like the above was just a calculation error (20% from 60 is also 48).
# Jun 04 2001 at 11:25 PM Rating: Default
20% haste + 40% haste = 60% haste? no silly. You apply one haste first, then the other. I wont try to explain any further cause I'm not a math major.

Fact: STORMFEATHER IS A TRIGGERED SPAWN. Kill Garou to make him spawn around 10 minutes later. The idea popped into my head after about 30 hours of camping him over 4 days. Making Garou spawn is up to you though hehe. Maybe Dire Wolf Stalker? I don't know.. but it's out of my hands now, I'm done, I am filled with the spirit of water, yada yada yada.
RE: Finished...ugh
# Jul 03 2001 at 5:26 PM Rating: Default
Just killed Stormfeather last night, and you are wrong. After I killed SF I went to Thurgardin to deposit the map piece in the bank, and on the way there I saw a group fighting Garu. It is possible that they are tied together as they spawned at almost the same time, but SF was defiantly dead before Garu.
# Jun 04 2001 at 4:33 PM Rating: Good
From All I have read, I am truly not sure. But if it stacks with one item, one song, and one clickable proc. Then basically it means with CoF, Monk Epic, and this, you could have umm 99 percent haste. Isn't that kinda, wrong? I mean either way with CoF and Monk Epic you have 76 percent haste, making all monks with that a god. Monks own. Nuff Said.
# Jun 01 2001 at 8:20 PM Rating: Default
have you noticed that Nalot backwards is Tolan... like the ranger armor and isnt this a programmer or something?
RE: nalot
# Jul 05 2001 at 1:49 AM Rating: Decent
Yupyup, Tolan was at one point the head GM on Quellious, and has been the head GM on other servers as far as I've heard. I did quite a bit of questing for the npc's he controlled during the halloween event when poh was opened.
#REDACTED, Posted: May 30 2001 at 4:57 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
# May 25 2001 at 9:32 AM Rating: Decent
Dire Wolf Stalker I found around the Portal. I killed maybe 2 dire wolves, and hit auto-target instead of Tracking (don't ask), and there he was.

Stormfeather. On the Rathe, we've found that he's an 18 to 20 hour spawn, no PH. He *can* skip spawns.

RE: Finished
# May 30 2001 at 4:21 AM Rating: Default
Grats Nycah:)))) was 15 hours for me *shakes from caffiene* ...then kept camping Lodizal ....29 no turtle=\ hmm:(


Damn Dumbasses
# May 16 2001 at 1:15 PM Rating: Default
Dex makes a huge difference in proc rate, I wield a FA, under 110 dex it almost never procs, over 110 it procs a decent amount, over 150 it procs like mad.

wow I want this piece.
# May 13 2001 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent

I have the Turtle piece. Sounds like the Wolf was found near the druid ring, but the quest post says the shadow temple. I took that for the TOFS.

Anyone know for sure where stalker pops and what is PH.

Also Understand Stormfeather is tuff spawn to find, but anyone have other info? PH, is it like AC in soro or quilmaine in SK?

Thanks for any info.
RE: wow I want this piece.
# May 20 2001 at 7:47 AM Rating: Default
The wolf is a random spawn in the Dire Wolf spawn table. I have killed it near the TOFS and on the island with the druid ring.

Stormfeather is a rare spawn on the igloo island and has a PH of a random cougar.
Stack with Fbss??
# May 04 2001 at 2:44 PM Rating: Default
Does the effect of this item stack with the fbss? or other haste items. I am just wondering because it is a clickable effect. Thanks
RE: Stack with Fbss??
# May 21 2001 at 2:16 PM Rating: Default
Captain Nalot's Quickening is a right clickable spell, and is stackable with haste items.
# Apr 30 2001 at 4:20 PM Rating: Default
Dex is great for raising weapons skills. its true its not much use under level 15, but after you pass that level you will understand how useful it is.
# Jun 07 2001 at 7:52 AM Rating: Default
What are you talking about? i'm a level 15 melee druid with 120+ dex, 130+ agi, my skils go up like mad, and i'm incredible at fighting (ie 9dmg, 37dly 2hb weapon doing 19 points) and i don't get hi how can you say that dex is useless below 15? XD
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