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Dwarven Sap  

Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 20
DMG: 8 Dmg Bonus: 31
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
WT: 2.3 Size: MEDIUM
Race: DWF
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)

Item Type:1H Blunt
Merchant Value:48 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-09 04:04:07
Page Updated:Mon Oct 29th, 2018

Expansion: Ruins of Kunark Ruins of Kunark

Average Price: 1,000pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 45

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This item is found on creatures.

Karnor's Castle
NPC Name
skeletal warlord
Venril Sathir

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Karnor's Castle
Dwarven Sap item window 2016

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Dwarven Sap vs. Tranquil Staff
# Aug 15 2006 at 5:47 PM Rating: Decent
They aren't so much underrated as they are taking away from the amount of tstaff drops. I think these are as rare as the staves anyway, why not just double up the droprate of Tstaff? :D
# May 20 2003 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
I am a 13th season dwarf cleric on the Luclin server. I bought this in the bazaar for 50 pp. This is a great weapon, for me anyway. My 1 hb went up mad quick. I usually hit between 14 - 19 dmg. I was able to take down an Orc Legionaire that conned yellow in about 40 seconds, ending up with 43% health unbuffed. I think that this will be my main for a long time. (hey, it's better than the newb weapon that I had Smiley: bah)

Bichiru, dwarf cleric, 13
Cryotos, wood elf ranger, 11
Telvido, High elf chanter, 11
Khandagroh, Dwarf warrior, 11

Edited, Sat May 31 18:17:30 2003
# Jan 19 2003 at 12:25 AM Rating: Default
hmm they sell for this much?

i got 2 of them from a high level warrior i met.

For Free
Great for Building 1HB
# Dec 04 2002 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
29 posts
I got one of these for my 49 Paladin for 50 pp on Fennin Ro. Small delay (20) with Valor of Marr (Paladin self-haste) makes this an ideal weapon for building up 1HB skill.

While soloing Plaguebones in the Dreadlands, my 1HB went from 55 to 85 in less than 1 hour! And this was with frequent med breaks (since I had to leave my DW helm on Tallon) and no clarity.
# Apr 23 2002 at 4:19 AM Rating: Decent
This is actually a great weapon, one I'd love to play with... yes a rogue doesn't use it on-hand, but as an offhander it's nice for keeping skills up. Most of the good rogues out there will learn slashing and bashing, just in case a nice item shows up... I used a gaurdian sword for a while, and I still keep it as resist gear (since it's only slightly worse than the crystal spiderfang for damage... it'll do). My bashing stinks though... so I'd like to be able to play off hand with this till bashing was at least mastered. With rogue dex, that shouldn't take long.

And to the guy who said warrior should always use two handers... most warriors can't keep agro with two one handers, how are they going to do it against a rogue with a two hander?

Jarkell Ravensteel
Firiona Vie
very good
# Mar 05 2002 at 11:32 PM Rating: Decent
these are way underated
what the
# Jan 24 2002 at 6:18 PM Rating: Decent
i have been looking for one of these for the longest time. no one seems to have one. i have been at gfay for about a month, barly anyone know what this weapon is.
if you have one for sale on tunare send me a tell

Dregos Blazingfury
30th warrior of tunare
warrior of the 38th lvl
# Nov 24 2001 at 7:50 PM Rating: Decent

I wield this in my first hand and in my off hand i have a green jade broad sword yes i will replace the sap with a lammy at a higher lvl but the delay and things on this sap are awsome and it isnt to expensive to get i would think the pc would be more but i dont care its a fine weapon i will use it up to 45 than replace with lammy and give it to my young warr friend....
Sweet to me
# Nov 06 2001 at 8:23 PM Rating: Decent
I have a 47 Warrior I wield this weapon in my 2nd slot .. low weight ... low delay ... perfect for my wormie in my pri ... i do believe this is one of the best 1hb in the game
Not good enough?
# Oct 03 2001 at 3:44 PM Rating: Decent
Seems like everyone talks about what weapons are better, and there's always someone who says "this is crap". For me, a 20th Dwarven warrior, this is great. I can't afford more expensive weapons. I couldn'teven afford this, but after my dispondent look upon hearing the asking price, and nice troll GAVE this to me. Is everyone out there a friggen TWINK? Does anyone enjoy trying to earn their items? I certainly didn't earn this one, but it's not like I couldn'thave if I hadn't taken up a trade skill (what self respecting warrior takes up needlepoint?). How about discussing the items here without just trying to one up eachother?
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 24 2001 at 12:23 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) /agree brother
Id just like to say...
# Jul 29 2001 at 2:12 AM Rating: Default
that the guy who said INT has no effect on raising your u READ man? if u read anything on raising ANY skill u would know that Wisdom increases productivity and Intelligence raises Skill Level! Get ur head outta ya butt for 3 seconds and sit down and read brotha...get it right or shut up

59 Dwarven Warrior
RE: Id just like to say...
# Aug 03 2001 at 5:20 AM Rating: Decent
Actualy if I recall correctly it's DEX that affects how quickly you learn weapon skills. Int determins how quickly you learn spell skills trade skils on a per cast per use basis. Dex does the same thing for weapon and if I recall also fletching(not sure on that).
At least that's what I've read here, in the manual, from other sites, etc
RE: Id just like to say...
# Sep 01 2001 at 7:21 PM Rating: Default
Actually.. Dex determines how fast you learn ROGUEish skills. I.e., backstab. Int determines other skills.
Wrong again
# Sep 14 2001 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
Actually, DEX is for weapon skills. INT is for non-weapon skills.

Why would a caster learn piercing faster than a warrior?
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 10 2001 at 9:24 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i am a lvl 15 paladin on the innoruk server and i have a ghoulbane for my weap which in case ive had since lvl 1 and i think the ghoulbane is the better for the paladin till another caomes but this stinks by my lvl with this youll probally do 20 dmg tops with my GB i do 36 top id say F this and geta GB
RE: this thing really stinks
# Aug 07 2001 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
no, u are NOT doing 36 dmg with your GB at level 15.

ur dmg is capped my friend, i believe somewhere near 27 (i remember hitting for 27 TOP with a shiny brass halberd after level 10, which has 16/48).

since dmg is capped, this thing would be almost the same as your damned GB until lvl 20, since it has much lower delay. your ghoulbane behaves like a 14/34 until you hit 20, so it has a ratio of 2.42, whereas the sap has 2.5. but has WAY less weight...

so please, people, dont listen to this fool who doesnt know it better, be VERY happy with ur sap if u have one!
RE: this thing really stinks
# Nov 04 2001 at 6:35 PM Rating: Decent
ummm no, his GB performs like a normal ghoulbane. Just that his dmg with bonuses from skill and str etc. cannot make it exceed the dmg cap. How the fook did you come up with 14/34 anyway?????? You have some odd calculations and just cause you SOUND like ur right doesn't mean you are.

"What? You didn't let the fetus out???"
this thing really stinks
# Jul 10 2001 at 9:23 AM Rating: Default
i am a lvl 15 paladin on the innoruk server and i have a ghoulbane for my weap which in case ive had since lvl 1 and i think the ghoulbane is the better for the paladin till another caomes but this sucks by my lvl with this youll probally do 20 dmg tops with my GB i do 36 top id say F this and geta GB

15th lvl paladin,dwarf
proud member of the * champions of mythos*
# Jul 10 2001 at 9:22 AM Rating: Default
These are going to go for a few k =-) I don'tthink that any one of those classes would pass htis bracer up.
RE: woops
# May 30 2001 at 8:05 AM Rating: Default
meant warriors use the 1hs version of epic
RE: Awesome weapon
# May 29 2001 at 3:29 PM Rating: Default
for the person that said that the sap is a good paladin weapon, are you on crack? paladins want high damage, with as little delay as possible, not low damage with low delay, due to the fact that we cant duel wield. with this weapon alone wed do very little damage compared to say, a mith 2 hander. And when you say for rogues must i say anything..... this is not a good weapon for main(cause of no backstabs) , but whos to say you wouldnt want to put it in ur offhand. And just because warriors do better crits and crips with a 2h weapon, dosnt mean that the taunt will be greater. the point of warriors are to be a tank, not to dish out damage, (this is why we have rogues monks wizards etc), why do you think all warriors use the 2hs version of epic. the only place i think ur right is the cleric part. clerics have no use for this weapon........... my 2cp worth

30th Paladin serving Brell
Knights of the Griffin
RE: Awesome weapon
# Aug 29 2001 at 7:37 AM Rating: Decent

Chew on this....

Go to a weapon analyzer pick. Compare a mithril 2 hander, wurmy, and sap.

Sap has a higher damage per sec than a wurmy and is in the ballpark, er, in the infield with the mithril. Sky is the limited adding an haste item such as a FBSS.

Based on that, a nice tank weapon. Deal some damage and keep the agro is need be.

Paladin of the Underfoot
45 trial of Brell
Awesome weapon ...
# Apr 30 2001 at 7:27 AM Rating: Default
... Is all I can say.
It even makes you want to start a dwarven warrior and buy him a couple of these.
Hands down the best dmg-delay/price ratio in the whole game.
Same dmg/delay as the famous fighting batons for monks. Oddly, they sell at about the same price.
(this is odd as there should be more demands for dwarven saps than fighting batons, thus making the price higher)
With them on, no problem to stick mobs on you.
RE: Awesome weapon ...
# May 18 2001 at 7:58 AM Rating: Default
heh you are nuts friend... the dmg dly is good but not near the "hands down best".. and price? currantly people are selling these things for 800-1k on my server.. fighting batons are... 500.. and with the "more demand for these" comment...

warriors-in my opinion and the opinion of the majority of EQ players.. they just do better with a 2hs.. or 2hb even.. get better critical and crippling blows

clerics-serve little purpose with this weapon as eventually clerics just stop there melee career

paladin-nice paladin weapon i must admit

rogue-heh must i say something here?

now with that said friend last thing im going to say is. go check out some weapons.. the high end ones.. not mid way.. thanks

Alith Anar
31st Bard
RE: Awesome weapon ...
# Jun 04 2001 at 4:00 AM Rating: Excellent
"warriors-in my opinion and the opinion of the majority of EQ players.. they just do better with a 2hs.. or 2hb even.. get better critical and crippling blows"

lol, I'll take a pair of 1h over 2h any day. crits and crips mean nothing, as a warrior you're not there for the amount of damage you do but the amount of damage you take. 2h weaps are crappy taunters because they're slow. Give me a fast 1h weapon in my primary and a weapon with a nice ratio in my secondary and I'm happy.

Balker Neehigh
53 Champion
The Commune

RE: Awesome weapon ...
# Jul 29 2001 at 1:08 AM Rating: Default
Thats totally cool Balker, Scholar ... i think its great when fighters or any other class do something not so predictable.. im just saying the better part of people who play EQ and all other MMORPGs have this thing where they want to be the best player there is on there server or shard or zone.... but whats wrong with playing it your other way? is being a gnomish warrior so wrong? ahh well whatever i say theres gonna be some idiot to put my opinions down.. later
# Aug 01 2001 at 1:03 PM Rating: Decent
I love it when mid to low lvls tell 50+ chars how to play. This guy plays a 37 bard and hes telling a 50+ war he i stupid because he doesn't use a 2hander. Lordrizz, i think balker might have a clue what he is talking about. He is indeed right to say that most warriors will choose 2 1handers over a 2hander. The more you hit a mob, the more you taunt, and that the whole point of warriors, taunting mobs on to them. They are meant to takn, not dish out damage. I like all you comment that start out like "the better part of people prefer 2hander". well thats what goign to happen when you only know a bunch of newbies... But in fact, the better part of warriors on EQ who have a clue what they are doing duel weild. go ask and 40+ warrior, and i bet you at least over half will be dual weilding as opposed to using some crappy 2hander. I play a druid, so you might say i have no clue wha im talking about, but i know plenty of higher lvl tanks and have een a lot of them too, almost all of them dual weild. So before you walk into here spouting off the wisdom youve learned about war playing some twinked bard, take the time to get the fainted idea of a clue as to what you are talking about

<insert pretentious comment about going to look at high lvl items here>
RE: Awesome weapon ...
# Jun 08 2001 at 8:31 AM Rating: Decent
You are correct SIR!!
RE: Awesome weapon ...
# Jun 08 2001 at 8:29 AM Rating: Default
Awsome Weapon
# Apr 14 2001 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
I purchashed one about 2 weeks ago for 700 plat. best investment I have made. I use it as a prime weapon for the delay. and a stronger offhand. in short this isn't your Daddys warhammer :)
# Apr 01 2001 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
This drops off the Skeletal Warlord. Out of the 1 million+ times I have seen him pulled, I have only seen the mace drop once, and I won it :P
Ablabla Blablabla
# Jan 28 2001 at 11:34 PM Rating: Default
Well maybe its just me but i dont see why a cleric would want one of these. They are hardly ever in the melee and they could just go get a runied battleworn morningstar from kithicor woods. That thing gives +6 wis. For a warror on the other hand this thing would be pretty nice. 8/20? thats a damn good dmg/dly ratio considering the jade mace is 9/18 and you have to pay bout 13k more for it. Maybe its just me but id use a couple of these babies to get yer 1hb up. Theres my 1 billion cp
RE: Ablabla Blablabla
# May 16 2001 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
76 posts
Just because a class CAN use a thing, it doesn't mean it was specifically made for that class. For instance, Monks are able to wear Imbued Granite Spaulders from the Hole. HOWEVER, no monk in their right mind would be caught dead in them. WHY? Because they weigh 19.4

For a Paladin and a Warrior, this item is a very good weapon, for those that have actually used their 1HB. It would even be usable by the ultra rare rogue that uses a 1HB in his/her off hand.
RE: Ablabla Blablabla
# Jul 31 2001 at 12:49 AM Rating: Decent
Wow, the "ultra rare" rogue? what is wtong with 1HB? if i am missing something, i would like to know, but at lvl 40 i am packing a slime coated harpoon, and a blackjack offhand, works quite nicely. the other rogue in my guild that is a main packs a mudman enforcer offhand, also a 1HB. Are we both missing something?
Delios Shadowsoul, rogue almost redeemed (blasted blood spirits)
Its real good
# Jan 22 2001 at 1:44 PM Rating: Default
I have got 2 now on my Warrior, and my 1HB Skill went up from 40 to 110 ind 4 Levels, after training 1HS and 2 HS. It look even cool, and the 8/20 attack/delay make it better as the Yak. Only without Proc.
I like it *g*

Settra Klingensturm, Level 32 Warrior on Solusek Ro
RE: Its real good
# May 24 2001 at 8:02 PM Rating: Default
Hm, I have a Dwarf, he's not all that dumb... trained 1hb up from 10 to 175 over the course of 2 levels also. Used a Sap of Piety, not particularly fast, in primary hand. Now if CHA was a factor... Dorfs aren't all that dumb, but they is ugly =)
RE: Its real good
# Apr 30 2001 at 8:16 AM Rating: Default
The problem with dwarfs is that they are as dumb as rocks. ;) (no offense intended, just highlighting the fact that they have a low intelligence)
With my ranger wood-elf, I mastered piercing, starting from 40 in TWO levels with just one little Dragoon dirk.
RE: Its real good
# May 25 2001 at 8:14 PM Rating: Default
And one last thing the weapons I am using now are a Jarsath Trident and an Iksar Berserker Club I am soon to be getting a Fist of Zek from a guildie to borrow
RE: Its real good
# May 25 2001 at 8:13 PM Rating: Default
I am a Dwarven Warrior and I have 4 out of the 5 weapons skills MAXED COMPLETELY don't call me dumb cause INT has nothing to do with the increase of weapon skills, its all in the dex and with 158 STR and 147 Dex I get more crits than any other warrior I have seen.

42 Dwarven Warrior
Archaic Arbitrators
Tallon Zek

I Got 1Hs 2Hs 1Hb and Pierce Maxed at 200 how many of you out there can say you got that too? Ohh Yeah and 2Hb its up at 75 until I can get a Good 2Hb to work up the skill.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 08 2001 at 3:18 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) This is one bad assed weapon. If you are going to twink your newbie character, get one of these babies. Hell, they need to rename it dwarven chainsaw! Best suited for a cleric, it doesn't do much dammage, but it does hit often!!!
RE: Believe IT
# Jan 23 2001 at 6:26 PM Rating: Default
Slow your role jabroni. Verant must really like Dwarven Clerics. I know I do.
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