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Book of Tactics  

Lore Item Placeable
AC: 5
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
DEX: +6 INT: +6
Focus: Improved Damage II
WT: 1.5 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)

Item Type:Misc
Submitted By:Reipin Pillage
Lucy Entry By:Suladan
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-07-27 08:25:11
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

Expansion: Scars of Velious Scars of Velious

Average Price: 1,950pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 50

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Coldain Books of Tactics


This item is found on creatures.

Eastern Wastes
NPC Name
Seneschal Amat

Kael Drakkel
NPC Name
Gkrean Prophet of Tallon

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Kael Drakkel
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Note: also drops in Kael
# May 13 2003 at 12:59 AM Rating: Decent
748 posts
This book also drops in the Kael Drakkal Arena, off of a Prophet of Tallon. A Prophet of Vallon (has a name, but don't remember it) will drop the Book of Strategy, which is identical to this, excpet with wis instead of int.

Edited, Tue May 13 01:51:36 2003
DEX is only for melee stats
# Sep 02 2002 at 4:20 PM Rating: Default
131 posts
Channeling affects whether you're interrupted not DEX. DEX is for melee skill ups.
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RE: DEX is only for melee stats
# Mar 25 2004 at 11:18 AM Rating: Good
346 posts
I see that you are a warrior and can see how you made the mistake however DEX is used by all classes that can score a Crit, melee or spell damage. Many a time i've seen the Wiz hit a crit and save my pallies ***. Even more so for the Clerics who have the ability to Crit heal, as do pallies who can crit hit, crit heal and crit spell damage with the apropiate AAXP.
However in an NBG group i'll always seed a DEX aug to a rogue or bard.
RE: DEX is only for melee stats
# Feb 09 2003 at 6:47 PM Rating: Good
Correction , dex is also for casters, higher dex means more critical nukes.
RE: DEX is only for melee stats
# Sep 27 2003 at 12:12 AM Rating: Decent
Dex is not just for melee it has alot to do with inturpts, Try reading up on EQ chars before you post please Necros have dex marked as a needed stat on creation for this reason.Also since it used for procs any class could use higher dex
adex affecting stats
# Aug 30 2002 at 5:41 PM Rating: Default
uhh, yes dex does affect spell ****** rate, but only if your hit- it increases your chance or regaining concentration and continuing casting. doesnt affect your hit rate, but for some melee sklls (monks especially) it can make you learn em faster. other then that it affects bard songs and proc weapons
dex, dex, i love dex
# Jun 14 2002 at 2:11 PM Rating: Default
i jus wanna say DEX is as an important stat as any.... to the guy who said its effectiveness was minimal, is wrong...... it is your hand eye coordination in the game, and it does affect how much you miss..... i personally think its more important for casters/hybrids though due to the fact that it affects your chances of regaining your concentration while casting in melee combat..... any caster knows how frustrating it is to try to get off that pesky root when soloing and what a relief it is to see it not interrupted, if not resisted even.... these are only my own opinions of this highly underrated stat, and i have been experimenting with it.... some may agree, some may not... oh well, jus wanted to throw in my 2cp
RE: dex, dex, i love dex
# Dec 22 2003 at 11:41 PM Rating: Default
DEX is a useful stat, but it does NOT affect your chances of hitting or missing with a weapon. That's determined by your ATK rating, your skill with the type of weapon in question, and the level difference between you and the mob. Unfortunately, the reason for this misconception is that it was included in the original EQ manual. Both the official EQ manual and early 'official' guides (don't know if they've gotten better) are LOADED with completely wrong information.
RE: dex, dex, i love dex
# Jul 29 2002 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
Dex does not affect regaining your concentration during casting. That is channeling. I have tested this with a few caster classes and without channeling you can not regain concentration during casting. The 2 most important stats to most pure caster classes are INT or WIS (depending on which is the base for your mana) and agility (to avoid being hit while casting in close quarters and I believe I read in one of the EQ books from long ago AGI affects your running speed).
RE: dex, dex, i love dex
# Jan 17 2003 at 10:16 AM Rating: Good
I'm trying not to mock you as best I can, but how can you say dex has absolutely no affect on channeling then claim you need agility to help you dodge?

BTW, my iksar necro got shammy-buffed up to 190 DEX (he is normally 130 DEX). While buffed, I noticed a significant change in ability to channel through some hard poundings.

Channeling gives you a set ability (which gets better as the skill gets higher) to cast through beatings the same as dodge does for avoiding damage. These rolls get a good sized "nudge" when you have their appropriate stats increased. So yes, channeling gives you a standard percentage of an ability and allows you to have the ability to begin with, but these abilities are boosted a bit by their appropriate stat modifiers. The appropriate ailities also affect the speed of development of those skills.
RE: dex, dex, i love dex
# Mar 14 2003 at 12:29 PM Rating: Default
I suppose a good test for this would be to create a caster and level it up normally, without powerleveling. Also, don't train in Channeling, but jack its Dex up.

My druid made it to 29 before I realized that I'd forgotten to train in Channeling. Before that, I always wondered why my roommate's cleric and my necro got "Regain concentration" messages but my druid never did. I thought druids were just gimped.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 07 2002 at 3:47 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Instead of Regent Conservation 3, it is now increase damage 2.
They changed it!!!
# Jun 07 2002 at 3:46 AM Rating: Default
Instead of Regent Conservation 3, it is now increase damage 2. I think this kind of bites.. now i dont have a item good until 60's :::slaps knee::: but i must say it is nice having increased damage. I reguarly nuke for 150 and i did a 175 just earlier!!!
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 26 2002 at 12:23 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I want this book of tatics and i can some items but items worth 15k. i got items that can upi to prob about 500pp but i got quite a few items like that. if i could get this for that then give me a tell on Soluesk Ro as Cozaic or e-mail me at Street Homie or
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 11 2001 at 9:21 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Reipin Pillage. I'll bet the guy behind the keyboard weighs about 50 lbs...
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 14 2001 at 4:09 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Maybe this is an anomoly, but as a druid I use a CSScimitar, my Testament of Venear (solo'd at 16! woo!)..and that dinky little totem that gives +1 Cha and something else, yeah, it needs to be improved..but....when wearing the scimitar and book..pick up the totem and drop it back in the slot and my scimitar gets replaced by it -=P looks like I'm holding a doll and a book..but I have the scimitar...I think I remember it worked like that...or it replaced the book...try it's weird...I've never done it in combat but I imagine swinging a doll at someone would look cool
Uhm, yeah...
# May 31 2001 at 4:00 PM Rating: Default
78 posts
For as hard as this item is to get, and as much as it goes for (Seen them go for as much as 15k on the high end, 10k on the low on Tunare) this item really isn't that great. 6 int at 50th level translates to 60 mana mind you that's with a cap on it.

Dustscryer's Crystal Ball translates to 40 with only half of it on cap. Standard on Tunare is 400 plat.

Seal of Thoridain is laden with goodness comparably. Same amount of mana as book of tactics, but only half of it goes to int cap, plus some saves, and only two less AC. Moreover, none have indicated if the AC is given if in the range slot. There is a precedent with range slot/other slot items not giving AC, the coldstone for example.

If you're dreaming of this item, go with dwarf faction first, do the shawl quest up to the third step, then swap to giant faction. The seal is far better, and far far easier to get. And if you purchase the heads and toes you can have a minimal impact on your giant faction before you swap.

Perhaps if this item was in the 4-5k range it would be a bit more managable, but 10-15 is just ludicrous. I've seen people selling them in Greater Faydark for literally twelve hours straight, logged on in the morning, guy was there selling, logged on in afternoon, same guy was there selling, logged on evening, same guy was there selling. That says something.
#REDACTED, Posted: Apr 29 2002 at 4:21 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) you guys funny
RE: Uhm, yeah...
# Jun 07 2001 at 1:51 PM Rating: Default
what are you smoking? And did you bother to read all the posts here? The guy that submitted this item said it is only equipable in the range slot, which means you get the AC. This piece is best suited for a SK, although I keep it on my wizard at present but may eventually end up on my SK.

Getting the extra INT in the range slot makes it that much easier to replace other items that have higher +manna bonus than a Dusty Ball or other items. And the price is certainly not out of line either. After having read everything and talking to people in-game, there is no way I part with this baby unless someone makes a really insane offer.
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 06 2002 at 3:17 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Actually, Mr Anonymous, this item is more geared for wizards. Dex is relative to spell crits under the AA system.
RE: Uhm, yeah...
# Jun 21 2001 at 9:04 AM Rating: Default
78 posts
"what are you smoking? And did you bother to read all the posts here? The guy that submitted this item said it is only equipable in the range slot, which means you get the AC."

That's why above it says:
Appears as a small bag when held, it can be both quested or hunted for.

I don't know what EQ you're playing, but my range item never shows up as a graphic.

"This piece is best suited for a SK, although I keep it on my wizard at present but may eventually end up on my SK."

I'd refer you again to my commentary about the Seal of Thoridain, 2 less ac, less int, made up for in mana, but with resists as well. You ever played an SK above 30? I'll give yas a hint. When a monk isn't around, you're pulling. When you pull a caster mob in the late game, that caster mob will royally lay the smack down on you, in fact, if you pull multis, there's a good chance you'll get nuked before you even get to FD. Let's not forget that those forceshocks that mobs are so fond of will royally interrupt the hell out of your FD cast. So, in essence, get an SK above 30, the resists, even the small handful, are infinitely more useful than 2 ac, and... you're that much closer to being Vox ready. Moreover, Seal of Thoridain can be acquired at exceptionally low levels 35 or so, compared to the 50 required for a non twink to get the Book of Tactics. 6 int is just over 40 mana on a 35th level SK. Thus the 3 int, 30 mana gives you more.

"Getting the extra INT in the range slot makes it that much easier to replace other items that have higher +manna bonus than a Dusty Ball or other items."

You're right, why don't I just go out and trade my cone of mystics for a stein of moggok, I mean, jeez, it frees up so much room for other mana items. Sarcasm aside. I specifically referenced the seal of thoridain as being a better item, the Dustscryer's as being inferior. Let's compare the Seal. The seal gives you 3 int, and 30 mana. The exact same amount that a level 50 would get from the book. Plus saves, minus a few points in AC. Now, let's look at a 50 plus wizard. Every 50 plus wizard either wants electrum black sapphire earrings, or is wearing them. Why wouldn't they be wearing a batskull earring following your philosophy? Batskull earrings afford more mana via int, and let's them "free up other slots." Why would they choose the earrings? The earrings are only five more mana than the seal's (And the earrings don't have 3 int, or saves, as well) Now mind you, the batskull/black sapphire comparison is that the batskull actually gives more mana via int. The seal/book gives the same amount. Now, why would wizards who "downgrade" their earrings then go and shun an item that gives half int, half mana, over an item that gives full int when they just did it on their ears?

Your philosophy makes absolutely zero sense. The mana of the seal of thoridain is 5 less mana then the 35 mana earrings that wizards are all scramblnig over one another to get and it comes with int and saves to boot! Int gear is INSANELY easy to come by if you're 50 plus, such that by the time you're 50 you're wondering what the hell to do with your other slots.

"And the price is certainly not out of line either. After having read everything and talking to people in-game, there is no way I part with this baby unless someone makes a really insane offer."

Keep it mate, it'll save you the dozens of hours of trying to sell it, and finally realize it's not all that great.

The 10-15k that you or someone else will spend on that to squeeze out three more int (and lose the mana) I can take and not only take a twink wizard and max his int, but give him several mana items as well. Put it in perspective.
RE: Uhm, yeah...
# Sep 27 2003 at 12:18 AM Rating: Decent
I dont know what EQ your playing but alot of range items show up in your off hand if you change it out and dont move the weapon or wahtever in your off hand.I have done this with many example that comes to mind is putting a spear in the range slot of shaman it usually switched to that the graphic of that item
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 21 2001 at 9:36 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) "I don't know what EQ you're playing, but my range item never shows up as a graphic."
RE: Yeah... really.
# Jun 22 2001 at 9:18 AM Rating: Default
78 posts
The implications of "when held" still are vague, normally you hold an item in a hand, no? Well, in EQ, rightfully so, you have two hands. I'll admit I forgot when you first equip a ranged slot item it appears as a graphic, mind you, if it even has one. Allakhazams's for example refers to hand held items as "held items" go figure.

And no, I don't use a bow, real rangers should pull with snare. =D

So, I admit I was wrong on a very minor point. (This all stems from a question of whether or not this actually gave the AC, the real argument is whether this item is useless or not, which it is.)

You read the entirety of my posts found one minor indiscretion and addressed that, not why this item is hideously overpriced, and downright ludicrous for anyone to wear.

You say as a ranger you'd really like the AC... Well, Seal of Thoridain is ONLY two less AC... I know, I know, you want the AC, so... Why not a medicine totem? That's a whooping 5 ac, 5 wisdom (Which you can actually use as a ranger) You'd rather have six dex than five wisdom as a ranger? That dex is just slightly more useful than the int. Caster's realm and numerous other sites have done studies on dex's effects on procing and critting and it's shown to be entirely minimal. Mind you, these are the same people that got Verant to finally admit that wisdom is actually useless on an int caster and vice versa with their trade skill studies. Dex's effect on skill raises is minimal as well, but quite a bit more noticable. I hope you don't actually believe dexterity helps you hit...

So, why would you take this item over a medicine totem, when the medicine totem's wisdom would benefit you as a ranger quite a bit more? Oh, let's not forget that the medicine totem is about anywhere from a fifth to half the price of a book of tactics, varying on server to server of course, oh and also should you want to waste your life questing after an item, (as you will for both should you opt not to pay) the medicine totem can be acquired pretty easily in the 35-40 range, compared to 50ish. Should you wanna do the item solo, you could do it in the mid 50s pretty easily, the giant who drops the book is totally unsoloable, and would most likely chew up and spit out the seeds of a mid 50s ranger even with a few hardy raid groups. The dwarves that drop the books, though not near as difficult (still unsoloable) then require hours upon hours of time to hope that you not only get a book drop, but the proper book drop. Oh the joy of camping.

Now, do you start to see the issue here? It has nothing to do with whether or not it appears as a range slot item, that was such a minor passing point that I'm befuddled you would address that but not the critique of the item.

This item is pointless for the amount of time required to acquire it, and is pointless for the amount of money people expect for it. That is the point of this whole issue. If you wanna keep it in your range slot because it makes you feel good or you get that nifty bag motif when you loot your body, fine.

The only way this item would have any practicality for the price/time that is demanded is if with Luclin all the sudden trolls can become casters, and that woppin' 52 base intelligence needs some serious improving. That's about it.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 10 2001 at 8:02 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) useless? my god dude
RE: Yeah... really.
# Dec 05 2002 at 4:46 PM Rating: Default
I must say that a Goranga Idol would be, according to your words (And general thought), alot better.

8 Ac, 3 Dex, 4 Sta, 25 HP, 0.1 Wt

Granted it has 3 less Dex, but has 3 more AC as well as some added HP from the Sta and the base HP gains. And it even weighs less, which is important for monks.

Btw, general consensus is to not rely on a proc. Procs are nice, but generally do not add much to DPS and create alot of aggro, so they can be harmful in certain situations too.

I know you're thinking that a proc is like getting an extra 100 damage in, but think about this: If you're quadding for 150 and kicking for 100 and doing so quite fast (Kick recycles in 10 seconds, quads generally recycle in 2), how much extra damage is 100 per fight going to do? Not much, really.

(Oh, and I've found the best way to react to idiots is to be polite -- it makes them feel uncomfortable <Grin>)
RE: Yeah... really.
# Aug 10 2001 at 1:03 PM Rating: Default
Well, that's it, Ssliths. I've noticed your posts on various other topics, and now I'm inpired. You ave inspired me to find every one of your 56 worthless posts and tank them down to Awful so I never have to listen to you again.

You have the typing/English skills of a NYC cabdriver, and the maturity of a Columbine Kid. If I see you in-game, prepare to be trained/spammed/KSed ALL NIGHT.

Please, folks... the site has a rating system for a reason. Do your part to get rid of useless posts/posters.
RE: Yeah... really.
# Sep 27 2003 at 12:20 AM Rating: Decent
Very mature.I hope there arent alot of ppl like you out there since training,ksing etc are not allowed.People like you are whats wrong with this game. I hope you see me in game and try that so I can have the pleasure of having you banned
#REDACTED, Posted: Dec 19 2002 at 7:14 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ummm dude you wrote this..."and the maturity of a Columbine Kid" are you dumb? you best hope i never find you, i'll made you cry for your momy who is prolly on her knee's giving you head or eating ya out.
# May 15 2001 at 6:16 AM Rating: Default
there is another item close to this, the shardwurm eye. Its 5 int, 3 dex, and goes in the range or secondary slots. Its a lot easier to get also.
RE: items
# Jun 13 2001 at 8:49 AM Rating: Default
would you mind telling me how much AC is on the shardwurm eye? you are obviously under estimating the value of AC. k thx bye.

Got from quest
# Apr 06 2001 at 9:28 AM Rating: Default
I got it from quest the other day, hoping to get gauntlets...

Didnt think this was as nice as peoble here says, my int caster friends all want mana/ac/ressist not more int.

My SK twink likes it thoug.

Adem Bird - Brell
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 16 2001 at 9:56 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Flechette scks! w00t Reipin!
Nice Item
# Feb 15 2001 at 5:38 PM Rating: Default
This is a very nice item for an INT caster, my Lvl 51 necro currently has one, it replaced my Dagger of Marnek finally!

As most folks hunt the giants, I have never seen or heard of another book on the Qellious server. I have been offered up to 50k for the item, but have chosen to keep it due to the AC and DEX extras.
#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 05 2001 at 5:54 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Nice item ??? Ehhh.. Where's the resist on this thing ? Ofcause its cool with the AC, but I mutch rather trade some of the int + AC for more resists ! Resists is about all on raids !
Anyone have more info...
# Jan 05 2001 at 12:47 PM Rating: Default
Looking for some more info or sites that might have info on obtaining this item. Looks like quite an item for intel based caster classes with +6 intel in the range slot. The AC and Dex are a super nice bonus as well. From what I've seen out there, the closest item to this is "students homework" which is +3 intel for the range slot.
Kaneis Kahnn
# Mar 16 2001 at 1:32 PM Rating: Default
A friend got the Book of Tactics last night and turned it in thinking he would get the healer type gloves. NOPE! Got this instead. Still a sweet item though. Books drop from Coldain Missionaries in EW. Oh yeah, good luck getting a book for the quest, and the faction for the quests. Verant nerfed the CRAP out of it. Been hunting dorfs on and off for several months and only got 3 books so far.

51 Champion
Druzzil Ro
Info is Wrong
# Dec 21 2000 at 8:34 PM Rating: Default
This is range slot equipable ONLY. I am the one that sent this in

-Reipin Pillage
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 26 2001 at 7:47 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) got one for trade on tunare. yeah this is a very rare reward for a quest that involves a very very rare drop off those annoying little clerics who are always casting CH. i've never seen another one for sale or trade on our server. all i want for it is a luminescent staff :)
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 21 2000 at 8:39 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) *Hiho* flechette blows tks^^
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 21 2000 at 8:38 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) sell me it thx.
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