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Prophecy Scroll  

This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
CHA: +2 WIS: +8 MANA: +50
WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)

Item Lore:Lost Prophecies of Norrath
Item Type:Misc
Light:Stein of Tears
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-10 07:57:16
Page Updated:Sat Sep 1st, 2018

Expansion: Scars of Velious Scars of Velious

Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 32

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This item is found on creatures.

Tower of Frozen Shadow
NPC Name

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Tower of Frozen Shadow

Uploaded September 1st, 2018 by Drewinette
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#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 08 2004 at 5:22 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 99% of you do not know anything about druids and their place in a group, nor do you know about a clerics place. Druids can take a clerics place in a pre-elemental group, for instance if you were killing in solro. however, i find it harder to keep up with the damage output of the mobs in a PoEarth group for example, therefor, a cleric is a much better choice in an elemental EXP group, with the exception of tables etc. in pof. my input on this item is, it should go to a cleric or a druid, a shaman would benefit much more from an item with hp and mana, though it is still nice for them also.
RE: read
# Mar 17 2004 at 8:40 PM Rating: Good
why are you talking about poearth and solro on an item from TOFS? whether or not a druid can take a cleric's place in the ele planes has nothing to do with this item at all.
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 26 2003 at 5:31 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Man Why do druids get this friggin item they are NOT preists like clerics just wis users i lost this to a friggin druid a while ago GRRRR..... druids they get all the want they just keep crying to Verant there practically taking the jobs of Clerics. Well but druids have no parts on raid OK WELL u can port and u can solo soo easy while clerics can't! GRRR
# Aug 25 2003 at 8:43 AM Rating: Decent
I have to say that i see no reason why a druid shouldnt have this over a cleric. I have a 51 druid myself and I know that i would love him to have this. Now id be a bit miffed if a beastlord won it over druid or cleric, but then they shouldnt need it. Shaman have just as much right to it too.

Oh and druids ARE priests, Negotiator. Priest classes in EQ are Cleric, Shaman and Druid. They dont need to melee, unless they are poor players of the class, or in the case of shamans have a damn good ac and can take hits. Priest classes, along with pure casters, should be sitting on their ***** medding, unless they are not really struggling for mana, in which case go ahead and get weapon skills up. So for this reason why would a druid need an Akhevan priest staff, apart from the wisdom and mana. I think they'll find a prelates lantern or similar just as good in primary, and oooh look you can't hit with it. Maybe that will stop all the crap druids running around getting agro off tanks.

As for druids doing a clerics job, then I know a druid who has done this on many an occaison and done, IMHO a damn fine job. And that is pre druid CH level, but over 50. So don't slate druids, they are almost as underated in groups as the poor old ranger. In fact give this to the rangers, just to make them feel better, and to stop Negotiator getting it :)
# Mar 16 2003 at 12:25 PM Rating: Default
Why do you sound bitter just because you lost a roll? Suck it up and try again. EQ doesn't revolve around you. A druid will get just as much use out of this as you will.
# Mar 03 2003 at 5:36 PM Rating: Default
well i dont think a druid will ever take the place of a cleric
# Apr 28 2003 at 7:45 PM Rating: Default
I think this item, you cant melee with, a druid might stick with 1hb weapon instead, ...Akhevan Priest Staff looks much better to DRUID, but 50 mana, thats good in CLERIC.

Edited, Mon Apr 28 20:09:13 2003
The Hummingbird: It stands for immortality. Or sometimes the Sun. Hummingbird is seen by some as a messenger of love and joy. It symbolises energy, wonder and swift action. It is associated with the Ghost Spirit native American religion which teaches a dance that is intended to return the natural balance of the world. thanks to wiki answers.
# Mar 10 2006 at 9:42 PM Rating: Default
And now that the bandolier active, this adds to the mana pool. Correction not a bad item.
The Hummingbird: It stands for immortality. Or sometimes the Sun. Hummingbird is seen by some as a messenger of love and joy. It symbolises energy, wonder and swift action. It is associated with the Ghost Spirit native American religion which teaches a dance that is intended to return the natural balance of the world. thanks to wiki answers.
# Aug 16 2003 at 1:56 AM Rating: Default
hmmm 'druid will never replace a cleric' and '1hb would be better for druid' sounds to me like neither of you play often enough to know that 60+ druids have complete heal and better buffs then cleric (imo). Also the only classes that could ever use a weapon over mana post lvl 20 are mellee classes.
# Oct 18 2003 at 6:55 AM Rating: Decent
Ever get a druid rez?
# Oct 31 2003 at 12:18 PM Rating: Decent
Dont die ;p
# Apr 11 2002 at 4:24 PM Rating: Decent
Identifies As:

Prophecy Scroll: Item Lore: Lost Prophecies of Norrath.

Quest iteM?

cammo works
# Feb 16 2002 at 12:09 PM Rating: Default
Believe it or not cammoflage works on all the mobs on the 4th floor, even the mummies! It makes hunting 4 much easier. I'm not sure if intel caster invis does or not since I always run cammo on the entire team.

4 is extremely dangerous, odds are you'll get rushed within seconds of hitting the floor and the best way to (semi) control agroes is to keep the entire team against the wall you port in through and have one person pulling. The entrance is the best place to pull to we've found.

A suggestion for the entire tower to prevent nasty CRs... Ensure that yur team has at least 2 sets of keys with one of the sets in the bank! Trying to get to 4 when your only set of keys in on yur body blows... Also a tracker is very helpful, keep an eye on teams on 7 spawning Tserrina, if they lose control and fail, she will start summoning people from all over the zone. I keep track up if there's a team on 7 and when Tserinna spawns I keep her on track. If she doesn't die in a reasonable amount of time we evac. We had our shammy summoned from 3 once while we were hunting keys for 4. If not for a friendly Neckro he'd have been there a while :)
RE: cammo works
# May 07 2002 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
41 posts
Cammo works on all mobs on 4th floor barring one wandering mummy who can see standard and ivu. Standard invis and druid camo works fine throughout floor.
We raided 4'th
# Jan 13 2002 at 12:20 AM Rating: Good
10 42-56 ppl we raided 4'th floor, 2 Clr (50) 1 sk (48) 1 Enc (42 me) 1 dru (44) 1 war (46) 1 bard (45'ish) 1 Rng (45'ish) 1 Mage (50 something) 1 shm (50 i think)

We got a prochey scroll (a Clr won)
2 Ro's fiery Sundering
1 turning of unattureal
1 Enbalmer's skinning knife
some gnome skin
various shadowed weapons or whatever they called

GREAT place for raids we took 4'th e z we got stuck there campin 5'th key can't wait till next raid and we move on up.

Long live Diamond Phoenix (Fennin Ro)
level to attain is wrong
# Dec 31 2001 at 7:17 AM Rating: Decent
ok so my friends and i--lvl 41 war 37 ench 37 rouge and me a 31 cleric ventured to the 4th floor last night and we got creamed......i'm thinking everyone needs to be atleast 40.

BTW still coming up with a plan to get our corpses out LOL since the one with the keys--ME happens to be decaying as we speak...=(

Morrgana R'X
31st cleric
# May 28 2001 at 7:48 AM Rating: Excellent
ok, here is the deal on 4th floor:

"an ancient mumie" is the PH for Amanhotep.
That can be any mumie on the floor, so if it´s not up, just go camp one mumie (prefferably the one when you go all the way right from pop in for there are less roamer)
if you kill more than one mumie in the spawn cycle (20 mins) Amanhotep can spawn in their place and for the roamer you never know where that is. Amanhotep will not roam.
Dropt for us: Sparkling Soul Neclace first time, Prophecy Scroll second.

once Amanhotep is dead, Cara will spawn. and only than. she will be in the room just bevor the mirrors. She has not to be killed to respawn Amanhotep but killing her bevor killing Amanhotep is a good idea if you can handle to get past all the stuff in between (now you see why killing the one mumie near entrance is advised.. only 6 shadows in between there and Cara plus a wandering mumie and flesh) .. prolly the nicest item is her sorcerers bowl and you can see her wielding it when she has it.
(Rogues really have an advantage on her, same on Daman on 5th, for they do not have to see her face ;o)
One more noticable NPC is a named Armored shadow that spawns randomly with any normal shadow as his PH. Dropt a nice SK shield for us.

for all the Floor:

there are A LOT of hidden walls here and not one map i have found is good enough to help you learn to know this floor so just explore it if you can by sneaking or if you have to: the brutal way ;o)

there are some pit traps in here that all drop you in a hallway that leads to a room with a torch. that torch will port you to the floor entrance point.

have a Tracker with you or a rogue that knows this place GOOD (or both :o) And MOST importantly
for this floor: someone that can EVAC!
things on 4th will turn nasty at some point.

Be prepaired to fight in here. Rogue´s sneak and hide definitly worked for me (48th season, Sneak/Hide both well above 150) but moving through just using Ivu will get you killed once it runs out. I´m not even sure if it works on all mobs in here. Same with Camou. the mumies will prolly see through that but i was standing in front of Amanhotep with it and he did not. We had quite some argument about this in our group last night for it got late and we all needed to get through here real fast on a cr to 5th. (Pulling there is not a good idea when the Healer is afk. Sure you can handle any single mob up there. but when you get 2 enraged relatives in a row you know what i mean)

ok, i hoe, that helped.

Rogue on SolRo
RE: spawns
# Mar 31 2002 at 7:52 AM Rating: Excellent
Nice guide! One small correction: I *have* seen Amanhotep roam, he was inbetween the shadows and carra's room last time I was there. The bad thing is that the 5th floor is so much easier than this floor. Maybe it was done to keep the farmers out of the wedding
RE: spawns
# Jun 13 2002 at 1:17 PM Rating: Decent
Aye, I too have witnessed the named mummy roaming about. Killed him and looted the Neck item (cant remember the name). Killed Cara and won the roll on the bowl. Behold she was carring the Enbalming dagger and a key to the 5th. Great evening for me. LoL WoW all 3 items on the same MoB. Group was a 45 Warrior, 45 cleric, 38 druidess, 39 wizard, 38 chanter. No problems at all. Great exp and awsome PP drops from all MoB's

Miolla Stargaze
Can Woodelves Wear?
# May 16 2001 at 3:53 AM Rating: Decent
Allakhazams info says all races but the picture only lists a few races, not woodelves.
RE: Can Woodelves Wear?
# Aug 05 2001 at 8:09 AM Rating: Decent
Wood elves can definitely equip this item. My wood elf druid picked one up last night and is very happy with it.
RE: Can Woodelves Wear?
# Oct 12 2001 at 2:23 PM Rating: Default
yeah since druids can use this item..
Getting the scrool
# May 10 2001 at 8:08 AM Rating: Default
My group was collecting keyys for an up coming raid and inorder to get the key to level 5 you have to kill Amonpheta to get cara the key holder to spawn. we killed Amonpheta 3 times and twice she dropped a necklace and the thrid time was this scrool. equip by clr/drd/shm all races primary only
Paw of Opolla
# Apr 10 2001 at 8:10 AM Rating: Default
Seems like an easier camp than the paw . After spending ages camping Gynok I think I will just my guildies to raid the tower
not fair
# Mar 28 2001 at 5:14 AM Rating: Default
grrrr why can't halflings use this?
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 04 2001 at 12:24 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Oh you poor poor put upon Asslings... after all, it's not as if the gem for YOUR racial imbued armor can be foraged and Wood Elves costs 15pp a pop... oh wait, yes it is... well then, it's not like there are about 6 or 7 Assling only items a Wood Elf druid would kill for... oh wait, it's that too... Well hmmm... I guess you should just enjoy what you have, and STHU... oh, and btw, when it was made druid usable, it was made Assling usable too.
Need to update again
# Mar 28 2001 at 11:52 AM Rating: Default
This item is not equipable in the ranged slot....primary slot only
Need to update this Item
# Mar 28 2001 at 11:47 AM Rating: Good
I Got one last night, It now is equipable by Cleric Druid Shaman and equipable by All races

Bolak Granitebottom
what slot ?
# Mar 29 2001 at 4:03 AM Rating: Default
is it mainslot only now ?
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 21 2001 at 7:22 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Oh man, now I know it. Verant MUST be on crack or even worse stuff. WTH no Dr00ds...WTH no dorfs and Halflings??...AND, since when can Halfelfs be Shamans or Clerics.......*wants the stuff Verant takes too*
Primary Slot
# Feb 21 2001 at 5:52 AM Rating: Default
I got this nice item on 4th floor OTW to kill Cara.
It has lovely stats..BUT
It is Primary slot not range ...
At least it says Primary..
Lol havent tried into range slot.
Looks like a rolled up scroll.
Maybe they nerfed it.
BTW be careful on fourth is is very dangerous.

Shakes her bootie (( ; ))
43 Cleric
<Ritual Misery>

# Feb 21 2001 at 5:48 AM Rating: Default
This is NOT a range slot item
# Feb 20 2001 at 1:01 PM Rating: Default
I went to Tower of Frozen Shadow last night and what a let down. After about 6 Amons, he dropped the scroll. Got excited and tried to put in range slot. Welp, it is primary slot only. This needs to be taken out of the range slot section, it is incorrectly categorized.
Programming error?
# Dec 26 2000 at 8:50 PM Rating: Decent
.. only shaman race listed is BAR
.. HEF can be neither CLR or SHM

(well.. I posted erroneously about the BCP having the wrong stats here, and not sure if it was corrected, but finding many Velious items with mismatched Race/Class combos )

RE: Programming error?
# Feb 01 2001 at 5:57 PM Rating: Default
You mean like the Crystalline Shroud the Ry`Gorr Herbalist drops...Druids can use...but Human is the only druid race listed. :\
RE: Programming error?
# Feb 06 2001 at 6:47 PM Rating: Default
I think that one might be right.. at this time Woodelves and Halfelves dont have a model display for robes, they were working on it before Velious was released but havnt heard anything about it since then. get a move on Verant!
Found out something...
# Dec 24 2000 at 1:52 PM Rating: Default
Got one of these yesterday to equip, only to find out that it's primary only, not range slot :/ Still not a bad item to put there though
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 20 2000 at 8:49 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Not compatible? Shamans don't have crap for wisdom gear. And Clerics are freaking Verant pets.Druids do else wear besides range. Let us have our whole 1 slot. Lay off my class and shut up
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 20 2000 at 6:55 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i am kuni !
RE: iamkuni
# Dec 24 2000 at 6:22 AM Rating: Default
Kuni you are one strange little dorf LOL
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 19 2000 at 8:38 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
No Druid?
# Dec 19 2000 at 7:18 PM Rating: Default
BAH shamens have hordes of range +wis gear sucks this is not druid compatible
RE: No Druid?
# Jan 13 2001 at 12:04 PM Rating: Default
Yea no sh*t

sick of hearing Druids *****. i'm a shaman supposedly the best group buffer but do i get group sow or group druids get both. can i tp anywhere in Norrath. no. can i camp for named with my tracking skill. no. get the picture. shut up whining druids you make me sick. you're the most balanced class in the game and masters of utility spells. like the one guy said, if you want a good item you most likely have to buy from a farming druid.
# Dec 24 2000 at 9:09 PM Rating: Default
# Jan 15 2001 at 11:34 PM Rating: Decent
my friend i feel your pain, my group killed this ph and i was only cleric in group, it is no drop and shami cleric wisdom item, sadly to say i looted it and couldnt use it, Dwarven race, that was lousey to find out that i couldnt use it, testament of veneer, still, oh well, ill keep searching, bonzz out here
RE: No Druid?
# Dec 19 2000 at 11:01 PM Rating: Default
Par for the course. Verant hates Druids! oh, so we fianlly got quest armor you say??? well...yes, but its about 20 levels harder to get than every other pre Velious quest armor. Or you could spend 10-15kpp (or $60.00 usd ;) on a totem that are farmed 24/7 in Kunark. And that about does it for anything of any use or value for driud ranged slots.
oh well.
RE: No Druid?
# Dec 23 2000 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
ROFLMAO hehehe its funny all u droods think your hard done by. 99% of the farmed items in the game are farmed by droods and now they complain when there is an item they cant use. We all know if we want one we will have to buy on off one of u farming droods.
RE: No Druid?
# Feb 27 2001 at 2:13 PM Rating: Default
I agree ... maybe you druids cant farm many dungeon drops (thank Rallos Zek) but you all farm the heck out of everything else you possibly can. You dr00ds think you have it so hard, whine whine cry for me, give me a break you can solo or group with the best of them so quit your whining!!!
RE: No Druid?
# Feb 14 2001 at 12:33 AM Rating: Default
Hate to break it to 50, mages and necros are the biggest farmers. I've never seen a druid farming for that matter. Druids just don't have the firepower or pet to get away with it after 50. Or in dungeons where they can't get room to re-root.
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 25 2000 at 3:45 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
oh and...
# Dec 19 2000 at 1:43 AM Rating: Decent
Trolls, Ogres, and Iksar cannot use.
RE: oh and...
# Jun 13 2001 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
Someone needs to tell my 49th level Troll Shamant that he has one and it equips quite Nicely! ;)
# Dec 19 2000 at 1:42 AM Rating: Decent
Forth floor, friend. Had one drop the other night, too bad no one in our group could use it. Some necro picked it up because he thought it was used for the 8th floor key quest.
By the way, to get Amonepheta to spawn, your best bet is to kill all the mummy-like creatures on the floor. He will then spawn at the entrance to the forth floor. Good luck all.

Barellron Dushire
40th Paladin
< Amber Order >
RE: Amonepheta
# Jan 16 2001 at 2:51 PM Rating: Good
actualy ive seen him spawn in 2 different spots my geuss would be his PH is any mummy
holy s***
# Dec 19 2000 at 12:47 AM Rating: Default
OK what floor is Amonepheta on pls pls pls I want one for christmas.. hehe

any ways laters
holy s***
# Dec 19 2000 at 12:47 AM Rating: Default
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 22 2000 at 3:25 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) IKSARS CANT USE THIS YOU DOLT.
RE: holy s***
# Feb 01 2001 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
Why can't you just say someone is wrong, without all the pathetic, adolescent name calling?
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 19 2000 at 5:46 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Did you just decide to ignore the fact that Iksar CANT use this?
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