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Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 40
DMG: 25 Dmg Bonus: 30 AC: 5
Bane DMG: Dragonkin +5
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
STR: +5
WT: 15.0 Size: LARGE
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)
Item Type:1H Slashing
Merchant Value:4 pp 6 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-02-21 10:15:09
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008
Ruins of Kunark Item

Average Price: 2,000pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 40

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This item is the result of a quest.

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Uploaded April 28th, 2017 by Bobbybick
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# Sep 21 2002 at 6:31 PM Rating: Default
if you are on the sayrn server keep reading.My cousin would like to buy a wurmmy for 800pp his charater is duwin.He's in gfay or unrest.If he ask's how you found out he wanted one just say zordon told you.

zordon lvl 13 pally

Edited, Sat Sep 21 19:20:05 2002
# Sep 08 2002 at 12:14 PM Rating: Default
I am i need of great help. I am a lvl 31 warrior on vallon zek server (PVP). And I love pking peeps. So i need to know what wep combo would be best for pking. i am tight on cash. I was thinking of going with PRI=WURM SEC=CLS But I also need to hold agrro when i'm in groups. Please help me out, thanks.
RE: wurm
# Sep 09 2002 at 1:26 AM Rating: Default
Hmmmmm well hear is one example of a wurmy in a Pk situation. Shortly after I reached level 35 my level 39 mage friend asked me for a friendly duel. Being up for a good time I agreed. Now I'm a ranger, with lower magic resists than usual because I don't have the worlds greatest gear. To make things fair I didn't allow the mage to summon a pet. The battle was short and sweet and I was the victor (surviving with only 50 HP left). I can double hit with a wurmy for around 120 damage, scares the pants off of casters, that's a huge chunk of their hp. But if your going to be pk'n against melee types I'd have to consider something a little faster. Cause while your sitting their standing still they hit you twice with their lammy/centi ls.

So this is what it boils down to. If you want the wow factor in you PK battles buy a wurmy and chose you PK battles wisely. If you want the win factor get two low delay weapons. You'll hold your own in a pk match and still be worth a lick of salt in a group. You'll work better with two low delay weapons cause your a warrior, it's just a rule of thumb.
RE: wurm
# Oct 03 2002 at 10:42 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
To "make it fair" the mage couldn't summon a pet??

Then to make it fair, you should have taken off your armor.

I'd HOPE you could beat a mage without pet. BTW, if you had a faster weapon, you would have interrupted him more.
Need advice
# Aug 29 2002 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
Im a lowbie twink druid with a lot of mon. Im thinking about starting a Ranger or Paladin (probably wood elf ranger). Is there a combination better than a Wurmy/centi LS once you get good at duel weild? If so plz notify me and if the weapon you speak of is really rare. Thank you for your time

RE: Need advice
# Sep 17 2002 at 4:16 PM Rating: Default
A wood elf ranger would have considerable trouble carrying a wurmy and a suit of armor unless he/she was hella twinked. The sucker weighs 15 pounds!
RE: Need advice
# Sep 07 2002 at 1:02 PM Rating: Default
First off, sorry to say Paladins don't get duel wield, only double attack :(.

Also since the large amount of damage this weapon has (along with a huge delay) it's poor for low level characters because of damage cap.

I would say 20 and after this weapon becomes useful (luckily paladins also get double attack that level).

Well good luck I hope you find a weapon that suits you until 20 =).
RE: Need advice
# Sep 16 2002 at 12:37 PM Rating: Default
As a puppy ogre, a friend pally give a BABs to me. Was AWSUM. takin stuff red at lvl 8. course, best wepon in ******* was my alt's cleric. :)

I thank Rallos Zek for the power of Karana's clerics.

Good hunting, and watch for tiny tank
Ahma Bigmeetshield Warrior of 35 bashes
Need advice
# Aug 29 2002 at 10:13 PM Rating: Default
Im a lowbie twink druid with a lot of mon. Im thinking about starting a Ranger or Paladin (probably wood elf ranger). Is there a combination better than a Wurmy/centi LS once you get good at duel weild? If so plz notify me and if the weapon you speak of is really rare. Thank you for your time

Too Slow?
# Aug 27 2002 at 12:24 PM Rating: Default
I use a Wummy, and I think its one of the best weapons in the game for the money. I have no trouble holding aggro, and the mobs go down way faster than when I was using a jade mace. I took the profit from the jade mace/wummy trade and invested that in better armor. My 21st warrior can now take down yellow mobs with little effort. My stats are decent for the low 20's - str 145, dex 108, agi 124, sta 98. I need to boost my stamina up another couple of points, and then there will be no down side of the wummy. No formula, just experience. I have never had my target kill the group cleric or chanter (that only happens when we all die or there are multiple adds). If a mob turns on the rogue or the other melee for a few hits, that saves me some hp's -- it only takes me a second to get the aggro back. The bottom line is that the mobs go down quicker. Add that to the increased str and ac, and I wouldn't trade this weapon straight up for the jade mace (absent profit motive).

I concede that this advice may not hold for the upper 50's and 60. Buy hey, how many level 60's have a weapon you can buy? Let's be honest, for those spending pp on a weapon, this is a great choice for a reasonable price.

Edited, Wed Aug 28 08:16:03 2002
not worth it to me
# Aug 25 2002 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
i would get this if they made it secondary slot too, but since it is so slow, it would not be worth it to put it in primary
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 12 2002 at 1:10 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) you guys need to get a life
# Aug 17 2002 at 10:15 PM Rating: Decent
Don't be a prick man, if this is what people are into, let them be. People don't follow you around throwing rocks at you when they don't like what you are doing so don't tell them to 'get a life' when you are the one who needs it. I mean, who goes OUT OF HIS WAY to tell people what to do that has NO IMPACT on HIS life in the first place? A lonely person who NEEDS A LIFE, that is who.
# Aug 11 2002 at 1:55 PM Rating: Default
I drag my wurmy around for when i am solo and want to do max damgae when i have no other option, most times i have an option....unless i am in group then i switch to a velium swiftblade/ lammy combo ....yeah the hits for 11 do suck but when all i see is spam for me hitting i tend to like it....i leave my taunt and flamelick alone i still earn more agro than alot of other classes, must be the added kick. as a 47 ranger i still long for faster more damaging combinations, but i am still a ranger that travels VERY Well and quite comfortably solo thru more zones than i should, loved the wurmy up to 45 then the stamina drain became too my chitin handwraps forself haste and the swiftblade for weapon haste...aside from an upgrade to Defiance instead of Lammy is there any better? That is aside from when i am alone and have no choice but Fight using my wurmy and swiftblade/lammy combo?

thanx ...flame away all you burning spigots
RE: Wurmies?
# Oct 03 2002 at 10:47 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Haste from swiftblade and SCHW don't stack.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 26 2002 at 2:46 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ok, let's look at some ratio's. I'm going to use base numbers here.
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Aug 24 2002 at 4:40 AM Rating: Default
Math sucks. who cares what the square root of the wormy when you mix it with a centi long sword. jook at the stats.
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Aug 02 2002 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
Just to let people know with dual wield the weapon in your off or secondary hand is not affected at all by the delay of the weapon in your primary hand. They are calculated seperatly. Verant has even confirmed this.
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Aug 01 2002 at 8:26 PM Rating: Default
27 posts
There are two major problems with your formula. The first is that the offhand really is on its own timer. This is easy to see by equipping a wurmslayer and a fast 1hb or piercer in your offhand. Second, the formula for average damage per hit is more complicated than just 2*dam + 1 (+ primary hand bonus); strength and atk modifiers are a factor, as well as the toughness of your target (the best weapon for low blues is not necessarily the best weapon for even or higher cons - in general, delay is more important against reds and damage is more important against blues). I tend to use this formula for quick comparisons of weapons, but it isn't accurate. I wish I could give you a better formula, but I haven't figured it out yet - I just use the weapon for a while and then parse my logs to find out what its average damage is. It takes quite a while to get averages you can believe in, and you need to filter out greens and separate the tough mobs from the easy mobs. It isn't just hit percentage that makes you do less against reds - average damage per hit goes down, too, and the guaranteed minimum hit from primary hand bonus matters.

If you've got 100 stamina, and you're pre-50, you can't go wrong with Wurmy (unless you are a primary tank trying to increase your aggro, or you are an SK, in which case you should clearly have a MoSS). Post 50, you are going to need about a 10/20 or better weapon in order for it to be worth replacing the lammy, and those aren't cheap or plentiful.
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Jul 30 2002 at 12:33 PM Rating: Default
I'll have to disagree, your math does seem correct, but the wurmy does more damage than you think it does. I'm a ranger, so basically the wurmy was built for a charachter like me. Now currently I'm level 34 so I spend alot of time grouped in CC, but when I'm not in there I solo crazed goblins in BB. Now on average when I solo'd a gobbie with a Centi SS/LS combo by the end of the battle I was usually below three bubbles of health. When I bought my wurmy (at the bazaar for only 900PP I love that place) I went down to go try it out, now I had to sell my LS to afford my wurmy so I had a wurmy/centi SS combo. Now after the first battle I was only 1.5 bubbles down. Now I must of dodged more because on average I only loose 2bubs of health each battle. So here is my thought process on this, Yes the wurmy does hit very hard but it hits very slow, but when you double hit with it it's damage blows that of a centi LS out of the water. In between the massive hits with your wurmy you should have kick, and your secondary weapon to hit while you get ready to slash em with your wurmy stick. The wurmy works well for an assistant tank like myself. I'm planning on using a wurmy lammy combo, as the lammy's delay is drastically low and can make up for when my wurmy isn't hitting. The math may say one thing, but in game life the wurmy seems to win. So I think the wurmy is great, and I've tried it out, but hey it's just my opinion. It just seems to me that I can kill the gobbies quicker, therefore I have more damage output. So that's enough proof for me to stick with the wurmy. That is untill I get swiftwind and earthcaller :)
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Jul 31 2002 at 10:02 AM Rating: Default
Using a lammy in the second hand won't do you any good (other than being just a 9 damage weapon) because both weapons are based on the primary hand timer. Read my other post farther down for more explanation. You want the lammy in the primary hand...
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Oct 03 2002 at 10:51 AM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Wrong. Secondary and primary delay are independent.
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Jul 28 2002 at 10:54 AM Rating: Default
204 posts
that all sounds very scientific, but i'm curious.. where did you get that information from? Specifically your formula for calculating damage, and your theory that delay is not an issue in secondary, especially the latter. I don't see how you can compare the two.. i'm not speaking from some formula's perspective, i'm talking for actual use. I guarantee you that 2 warriors of equal skill and level, one using the wurmslayer/centi-ls combo, and the other with a centi ss/beserker sword combo, the one with the short sword will NEVER pull agro off the other.

I think you might want to check your information source on a few things.
RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Jul 30 2002 at 10:15 AM Rating: Default
The BASE damage on a weapon is 2*weapon_damage+1. If you take a look at the damage for a weapon at level 20, you will see that the max damage for a 12_damage weapon is 25. Obviously, as you go up in level, you begin to get damage_bonus and strength bonuses. Also, uses that formula for their 1hsers at least. Check out several weapons there, and it's always (at least all the weapons I checked out) 2*damage+1.

For the delay issue, it's simply a programming issue. From a programmers point of view, there are two options for dual weilding. The first option would be to have two seperate timers, one for primary, and one for secondary, that both start counting when you begin attacking. In this case, no checks would be performed to swing the secondary hand. The second option is alot more stable (and can be proven). This method involves keeping one timer that times the primary hand. On each swing of the primary hand, two checks are performed, a double attack, and a dual wield check. If either check succeeds, the double attack or the dual wield occurs. What this translates into is that the secondary delay is non-existant, all checks are performed off of the primary hand and by the primary delay.

Also, EQ is based on a modified D&D ruleset, which is turn based. In other words, each set of attacks is performed at the same time. While this explanation is a lot less stable (I don't know exactly how much they used D&D rules in EQ), it kinda makes sense if you've played D&D before.

Lastly, for the proof that swings are based off of the primary hand, do this test:

Find or borrow a very low delay weapon (eg Lammy 9/19) preferably less than about 25 delay.
Find or borrow a high delay weapon preferably above 45 delay. (Forge Hammer of Dalnir 6/50, Soulbound hammer 2/50, Heavy Stone Warhammer 9/47)
For the best results, make one a certain type weapon (piercer, 1hs) and the other of a different type. The reason for this is it's easier to tell which weapon is swinging when you check your log later on and see "You crush" and "You slash" rather than all the lines saying "You slash"
Take off all haste items.
Turn on your misses.

Now, start your log and go fight for several minutes. The results are also much better when you are a high level character because your dual wield and double attacks will land more.

After you have fought for some time, check your log. You will see a lot of the following

Autoattack on
[12:25:02] You slash soandso for 2 points of damage.
[12:25:02] You slash soandso for 13 points of damage.
[12:25:02] You crush soandso for 6 points of damage.
[12:25:02] You crush soandso for 19 points of damage.
[12:27:52] You slash soandso for 8 points of damage.
[12:27:52] You miss soandso.
[12:27:52] You crush soandso for 1 point of damage.
[12:27:52] You miss soandso.
[12:30:02] You slash soandso for 5 points of damage.
[12:30:02] You crush soandso for 22 points of damage.
You have slain soandso

This was just an example showing what you would see.

Obviously, the lower the level you are, the less you'll double attack and dual wield. Also, your skill in both weapons must be about equal (no 10 skill in 1hb and 190 in 1hs). Also, remember the the delay number (such as the 19 in 9/19 for the lammy) is actually tenths of seconds. So a 19 is 1.9 seconds. So if your 50 delay weapon is swinging every 2 seconds with no haste, you know that my assumptions above are correct.

Again, let me know if I'm incorrect.
Tested your theory
# Aug 26 2002 at 10:35 PM Rating: Default
Ok, yours is a theory I have heard before and decided to put it to the test tonight. I wish I had more conclusive evidence at this time, but I believe I am on to something. Hopefully I can post hard data in the future, but for now I can talk about trends.

Here's what I did, first I wanted to see if there were two timers, one for primary and one for secondary, or if there was only one for primary, which the secondary also ran off of. What I found was that there seems to be good evidence that there are two timers, one for each hand. I investigated by wielding a Lupine dagger-18dly, a Wurmslayer-40dly, and a Jagged blade of mourning-25dly first with wurm primary and lupine second, and then lupine primary, jagged blade secondary. With the first combination I averaged 54 swings per min with the wurm(primary) and 56 swings per min with the lupine(secondary). Now if the lupine was running off of the same timer of the wurmslayer, the only way it could have the same number of attacks, is if i was lucky enough in each battle to have it dual wield AND double attack each time. Not too likely. To confirm this, I put the Lupine in primary and got 84 avg swings per min, but with the Jagged in secondary, only 25avg swings per min. If the Jagged was on the timer for the Lupine, it should be way way higher.

So now I feel fairly confident that there are two timers, one for the Primary and one for the Secondary. What I need to make the data more confident is less lag when i'm fighting. The log seemed to report several attacks in one second, sometimes even for the wurmslayer. Also, you are mistaken that it reports hundreths of seconds, i wish it did(unless there is a command to make it do so, i'd love to know what it is).

Bottom line for me now is ratio, find the best dmg+bonus/dly ratio weapons and stick them wherever you wish, preferably the one's with procs in primary.... (yes I know, it's diff for raids and reds, with dly being the be all and end all for this, but my fighting is done on blues mostly, and the above stragey holds there I believe)

Now if I could only figure out the percentage chance of dual wield and double attack i'll be very happy... I've read in other places 500/skill+lvl for double attack, and 600/skill+lvl for dual wield, but that doesn't seem to match my logs.... oh well, back to number crunching.

RE: Wurmy not as good as you think
# Jul 30 2002 at 11:34 AM Rating: Default
Ack, just noticed I forgot to put an extra number in the time messages. It should have an hours number as well. The format above was just [M:S:hundreths_of_seconds]
Wurmy not as good as you think
# Jul 26 2002 at 2:26 PM Rating: Default
# Jul 16 2002 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
Ok, look out for Mallec / Baroc (his alt) on Povar Server, this guy scammed my friend and then tonight he tryed to scam a barbed ringmail from me! luckly my friend told me about it, just letting you guys know so he doesn't scam you!
The Armory
# Jul 14 2002 at 2:37 PM Rating: Default
Hey how many of these things are there in that old armory Fuzzmin always talks about? How many of these things can the little guy really carry look at him! I think we should raid this armory and take all the Wurmslayers we want!!!!!HAHAHAHA
# Jul 04 2002 at 5:30 AM Rating: Default
roflmao, this weapon is only worth 2k tops
spined dragon claws
# Jun 30 2002 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
I was wondering could i get a wurmy or 2 for spined dragon claws, and if not how much money would i have to add in. oh BTW anyone else other than me notice the weight on this sucker?
RE: spined dragon claws
# Jul 14 2002 at 2:47 AM Rating: Decent
mith marr my old server hehe. yeah weight sucks. and i dont like the dely get a centi they are good
# Jun 23 2002 at 1:31 PM Rating: Decent
you are not a tank and you dont want to hold agro. thats what true warriors are for. You will learn young apprentice. If you are the only tank then yes hold agro but if you have a warrior in the grp let them have agro move behind the mob and kick it.
# Jun 19 2002 at 8:04 PM Rating: Decent
I am a lvl 24 warrior hef with a wurmy in my primary and a shaded blade in sec. I have found i can still hold aggro with the wurm/shaded combo with a fbss as i can with a centi ls/shaded combo. I prefer the wurm if u are short on cash and can't decide btw the wurm and centi ls because the wurm seems to do more dmg especially when i solo.

Warrior of the 24 season
Spellbound Warriors
Did The math Wurm wins
# Jun 17 2002 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
Ive been using a Wurm since my 20s have had many off hand weaps,settled on The CLS, and now my Damage Output Rivals The Big Tanks. Yeppp have heard alll the stamina killer jokes bla bla bla, but Them BIG Giants and other BIG Blue MoBs arnet cracking jokes When I solo Them(snare, dot, stick a few arrows in them, then hammer the crapp out of 'em) for my Stamina is 113, soo i dont have a prob. But Alas i am almost 50 and know i need somthing better than my Trusty Wurm, when i find its replacement, then My young Ogre Warrior will be bestowed the Hardest Hitting 1hs in The Game.
Zallek EagleHeart
Asst. Leader
Haven of Heros
The Karana Servers Finest Guild
Ranger of 49 Glorious Wurm usin Seasons
Long Live Thorre The Mighty, Guild Leader HoH
the low down,imo
# Jun 09 2002 at 7:06 PM Rating: Default

hello all manawar here ahian,i am now a 43 rngr.I biught this weapon when i hit 32 used till i hit 38 got my long awaited centiLS,then bought the wurmy agian. the point i guess is that ive used the centiss and wurmy, centiLS combo this is my main. and i do getc 65 hp average dmg ilove it personally,i can almost stand toe to toe with giants in raithe moutians.oh and paladines this is agreat weapon in the upper twenties especially with haste item.
RE: the low down,imo
# Jun 13 2002 at 2:24 AM Rating: Decent
I have a wurmmy and it is the perfect weapon for me. I have the Flowing Black Silk Slash which makes it much faster. My average hit is about 55-60 with with my high crit of around 200. Have not tried the Centi or Lammy yet but that is my plan.

# Jun 09 2002 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
if your sta is over 100 your attack will not drop just the yellow bar goes down. If you have a sta of 99 your in big trouble.
LVL 48 ranger
# Jun 09 2002 at 4:17 PM Rating: Decent
I have a few questions Im having problems finding out what is the best combo for a ranger with the following weapons. Pls I need help Im getting wacked when soloing Hill giants.
Lvl 48 ranger AC 1000 Hp 1750 str 180 agil 140 dex 130 sta 106-114 depends on what weapon.
I have a cresent blade of luclin 10-18
Definace 9-19
centi ls 12-25
venouous axe of the velium broud 11-24 with dd 85
no wurmmy but do you think I need one for soloing
Wurmmy 4 sale
# Jun 04 2002 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
Hiyas I am Aluila a 33 warrior on Xegony server and I am looking to sell my Wurmmy if anyone is interested please send me a tell in game or e-mail me. Also I am looking to buy a Centi LS and am paying 1.5k-2k pp or more if i have to :).
Wurmy / Lammy combos
# May 29 2002 at 7:17 AM Rating: Decent
I'm a level 40 Ranger and I've been hanging around Rathe Mountains for a few weeks killing HG's. I've been using a Lammy PRI and a Centi LS Sec for some while and was getting tired of low damage as those HG's pack some HP's. I decided to see what difference a Wurmy / Centi LS combo woul make so a quick nip back to EC to pick the Wurmy for 1k. I have SCHW's so the Wurmy is 25/33 or there abouts so just over twice as slow as the hasted Lammy...

For my two evenings of mileage out of the Wurmy combo I have to say the Wurmy wins. I have something around 170 STR buffed. The Wurmy is hitting up to 98 points and with doubles thats way past what the Lammy can do. The maths might say one thing about damage/delay ratios and DPS and all that but actual melee is imho a better reflection of the comparison.

Against caster mobs the Lammy will be straigt back in the PRI slot, but for HG pie the wurmy wins for me.

ps. STA is about 103 and never became a concern.
# May 28 2002 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
One thing people are leaving out about this weapon
is the fact that it is one handed, yet it deals
out damage at a two-handed rate, with a delay,that
maybe be slow for one handed, is better than most
two-handers ive seen. Also I like to use bash,
especially when dealing with Wizards, and other
casters. At level 40 I can hit for 92 at times
unbuffed. I have this for the living, and ghoulbane for the undead. I dont really think
I l'll look for another weapon until I start
pally weapons quests.

Edited, Thu May 30 02:58:11 2002
# May 27 2002 at 9:17 AM Rating: Default
hmm, i want a wurmy.
i will happily trade my centi ss and my velium short blade for one.

send me a tell in game or reply to this tell, or maybe just send me an e-mail

Baddars Hypertank
Warrior of the 25th cirlce
Warrior Of Draconis Rampant
wurmmy compared to lammy
# May 25 2002 at 11:22 AM Rating: Good
as a ranger I have tried both the Wurmmy/centi ss combo and the Lammy/centi ss and in my opinion the lammy option is far better. For a start my sta is only 95 so wurmmy is a killer, invigor works but if your in the habit of chain pulling or go in for hard fights you just dont have the sta to cope. As for the whole agro problem i find that if you have a warrior taunting constantly and using half decent weapons there is rarely a problem. Hell the wiz in the group normally takes more agro than I do hehe.

Daederlus Vincento- Druid-39
Darlaz Vincento- Beastlord (ikky woo)-31
Morbicus Vincento- Ranger-34
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