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Ice Cream is Good - Part 2  

WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
Item Lore:Ice Cream is Good by Gnerbil Firewood
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Item Lore: Ice Cream is Good by Gnerbil Firewood
Book Text:

Ice Cream is Good - Part 2
by Gnerbil Firewood

The basic ingredients for
ice cream are pretty
simple, especially if you
have a nephew that is a
world traveler.

1 Bottle of Milk
1 Cream
1 Cup of Sugar
1 Kelp Salts
1 Ice of Velious

Now that by itself isn't
enough. That stuff is
pretty bland. To make it
really good try adding some
of these things:

Dried Vanilla Beans
Chocolate (with or without

Marr Cherries
Generic Coffee Beans
Timorous Coconut

You can even add nuts to
the mix. We've tried these
with good results (well,
the wife likes them

Bag of Caynar Nuts
Heartfruit Walnut
Kiola Nut
Golanda Nut

Now that's some tasty
stuff! But there's more.
I let my neighbor try our
new ice cream. The old
fool has some sort of
obsession with deep frying

everything. He's got his
oven set up so that he can
drop anything into a vat of
oil and fry it up in
minutes. Well, the moment
I handed him a bowl of our
chocolate mint ice cream he
tossed it in the oven! Of
course it melted into a
sloppy mess, but that
didn't stop old Finrooster.
He kept coming over and
"borrowing" some ice cream
and trying different ways
to fry it!

Well, and I'm as shocked as
you are to hear this, he
finally made it work. His
ice cream crunch is pretty
tasty. I had to sneak a
peek in his window one day
to learn the recipe, but I
figure since we invented

the ice cream in the first
place, it's ok that I know
the recipe for his crunchy
ice cream. Here's what he

Ice Cream (one bowl of any
flavor you choose)
Loaf of Bread (he stuffs
the ice cream into the
bread to keep it together)
Vegetable Oil (looked like
about 3 cups)
Frosting (drizzle on top)

Over the last few weeks
we've been flooded with
ideas about how to use ice
cream in recipes. People
really like the stuff, but
most of these recipes were.
. . unpleasant. However, a
brewer in Kaladim sent me a

great idea. Just drop ice
cream into a mug of
Stormguard Root Beer! A
wonderful drink on a hot

Another brewer told me that
putting some ice cream into
a sturdy cask with more ice
from velious and a bottle
of milk and shaking it up
real hard you get something
he called, creatively, a
'shake'. I haven't tried
this one yet, but it sounds

There's one more recipe
that I'm going to try for
the wife's birthday. A
couple of bowls of ice
cream, a clump of dough
carefully placed in a cake
round should make for a

mighty tasty cake!

I just hope all this sugar
doesn't make me fat.




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