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The Resurgence of History - Part 3  

WT: 0.5 Size: MEDIUM

Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Book Text:

The Resurgence of History -
part 3
by Blacksmith Bartholemue

Here's what you'll need to
make your own symbol for
your armor. Find the
pattern book. I got my
journeyman book from the
same fellow that gave me
the other book, I can't
tell you where to find
yours. I used the same
technique to make the
patterns with this book as
the other and it works well

Once you have the patterns,
you'll need to find the
right temper. I've found
that it's not too hard to
get some water blessed by

the gods if you go to the
right temples. This is the
base for a great temper.
To it I added a shard of
jade. This not only helps
to give the temper color
and grit, I view it as an
offering to the Storm Lord
for giving his blessing to
my work. You'll need a
jewelcrafter to do this for
you, unless you also have
skills in that area. My
fingers are just too
calloused for such fine

Now, take the holy temper,
your pattern and some
warbone chips. The bone
chips will help to soak up
the liquid and prevent
losing most of it. If
you're good enough you'll

be able to make an
impressive symbol (sign,
sigil... whatever you wish
to call it) that will fit
onto your armor perfectly.
I must say that the ones
I've made are wonderful,
they make me proud of who I
am. As you work on more
difficult symbols, you'll
want to replace the bone
chips with other items,
like fire opal, Shissar
scales or even metallic
dragon scales.

All you need to do now is
attach the symbol onto your
armor. This is pretty
simple, if you've done your
work well enough. Just
find yourself one of those
augmentation sealers and
use that. The symbol

should fit perfectly into
your armor piece. It's
worth the work. It almost
makes me want to grab my
hammer, suit up in my new
armor and stand guard at
the gates of Qeynos myself.


I've been hearing that
there are ways to make this
armor better. My work has
only been at the journeyman
level, and I hear that
there are three more
complicated combinations
for this armor. I've taken
it upon myself to learn as
much about this as I can.
I've discovered that there
are three other possible
blends for the initial

metal bars and that, of
course, each race has their
own take on what those
should be. There's no need
for any of you to go to the
trouble that I had to in
order to learn this, I'll
gladly list the blend
materials here. I'll list
them in order of
complexity, so you might
want to get practice with
the first items on the
lists before trying those
listed last. I don't know
what most of this stuff is,
so don't ask me to
elaborate on them.

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PoK vendor
# Feb 27 2005 at 4:22 PM Rating: Decent

Kaleras Darkanvil (in the smithing building)
Loc -437, +555

Has books 1-5
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