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The Resurgence of History - Part 1  

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Language:Common Tongue
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Book Text:

The Resurgence of History -
part 1
by Blacksmith Bartholemue

I believe that such things
are cyclical, that our
history becomes important
to us only after we have
ignored it for long enough.
Sometimes that history is
revived in architecture.
It starts with someone in
Freeport rebuilding his
home to look like something
he saw in a book about his
ancestors and it ends with
King Thex in Neriak
rebuilding his palace to
remind him of his boyhood
(ok, bad example there, but
you get the idea).

This time it seems to be

armor that is bringing our
past back to life. I've
seen copies of several
texts, written in a variety
of languages that artfully
remind people that their
culture is important to

Me, I'm just a blacksmith.
I don't know that much
about history, for me it's
a hobby. I know people
that are actually
historians and I hear what
they have to say about it,
then I form my own ideas.
My wife says that I'm
special, a blacksmith that
can write and think. I
suppose I can do both of
those things, but that
doesn't make me special.
The armor that comes from

my shop makes me special.

Anyway, I wanted to write
about the new armor I've
seen around, most of it
built around old ideas but
improved with modern
techniques. It's very
impressive. I'm still
learning the process, but I
plan to put it to use full
time in my shop. Let me
outline the basics for you,
then you can work that into
your own ideas about your
own culture (since not all
of you reading this will be
Human, like me).

I guess the first thing
you'll need are some
materials to work with. A
small brick of high quality
ore and, of course, your

Antonican Smithy Hammer
(though I suppose others
have their own hammers).
The trick here is to add a
bit of mammoth tusk (use
the small ones, the larger,
older ones don't grind down
properly) into the metal as
you work it in the forge.
If you want to work with
larger volumes of ore, just
add a larger volume of tusk
(again, stick with the
smaller tusks). Of course
this won't work in any
ordinary forge, you'll need
to work in the special
forges in Freeport of
Qeynos. With some practice
you'll be able to meld the
tusk powder into the metal
to give it a unique white
coloration. The color
isn't what we're after,

though, it also allows the
product to harden a little
stronger. I suppose I
should list the blend
material that I've heard
others use, though I can't
figure out why anyone would
use some of this stuff.

Barbarians and Half Elves
use permafrost crystals.
The Elves like to blend in
mistletoe powder, while the
Dwarves and Gnomes use
chips of bone from Warbone
skeletons. Trolls, Ogres
and Frogloks also use bone
chips, but from Barbed
skeletons. The Dark Elves
use russet oxide, lends the
metal a sinister look I
must admit. Halflings grind
ivory into their metal. I
still believe bones will

work the best. Erudites
use shark bones, but the
Vah Shir use some sort of
porous mineral block. The
Iksar have found that loose
scales they find hunting
work for their blending.

I suspect that as we work
on this process we will
discover materials that
make better blends. For
now let's call this our
journeyman's blend.

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