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WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Type:Combinable
Merchant Value:15 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kheldar
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-09-08 09:18:08
Page Updated:Tue Nov 17th, 2020

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Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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This item is found on creatures.

Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)
NPC Name
CWG Model CB
CWG Model MB
CWG Model MC
CWG Model XB
CWG Model XC


Vendor listing - Premium only


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Firiona Vie
Quest Name
Kunark Spells: Cannibalize II, Good Version

Lake Rathetear
Quest Name
Totemic Boots
Totemic Bracer

Timorous Deep
Quest Name
Kunark Spells: Cannibalize II, Evil Version


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Duf Dodge
# Feb 23 2006 at 11:48 PM Rating: Decent
just took my war into Sol A to check where waht and how many. i stayed little over 2 hours dropping every model i saw and then again and agian. end result was 1 Dufrenite dropped off and xa model. do you guys think frequency is related to lvl. maybe my 20's shaman will have better luck. will find out and repost what i find out on that.
found in SolA
# Oct 30 2004 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
Was killing CWG's today and two of these droped. One was on a Model CC and the other a Model MB.
Sol A Metalite?
# Apr 27 2004 at 10:46 AM Rating: Decent
220 posts
If you look at the cross-reference to Sol A Beastiary the CWGs drop Metalite - no mention of Dufrenite. I will hunt with my high lvl Paladin to check before letting my Shaman get killed for nothing- will post when I can - any comments? PS could collect with the Paladin for the Shammy - but thats not the way I like to play ))
RE: Sol A Metalite?
# May 07 2004 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
220 posts
killed all robots I found - dropped one Metalite - no dufronite
RE: Sol A Metalite?
# Aug 14 2004 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
14 Aug 2004. CWG Model CB just dropped Dufrenite.
ok PoP makes cash easy.
# Mar 11 2003 at 5:10 PM Rating: Decent
Ok guys, I can understand how hard coughing up 200 plat can be especially from from someone who is not twinked. haveing started over on a new server I have had to work up from ground zero. But as my subject said, cash is made easy now for kos races, invis past guards in everfrost. go kill mammys, stay on the ice flows where u can, and u should be ok from tundra jack and iceberg. gate back to pok, sell, repeat when needed, 10 plat per tusk, 200 is a few hours away tops.

good luck

Rootah 36 Warrior
Squishda 22 Shaman
Coppertopp 32 Druid
Check the Bazaar
# Feb 13 2003 at 8:10 PM Rating: Decent
Seems like this pricing discussion needs an update, based on the dates on the posts I see...

I would say search for dufrenite in the Bazaar as you go about your travels. Last night I picked up my first piece for ** 15 PP ** from a trader. On other nights I've seen it priced for 100PP. While that's quite a range, it's still less than the 150PP+ the vendors charge.

I'm only an 18th level shaman, but I figured that price was too good to pass up and I can just bank the gem until I'm ready to do my first totemic armor quest.

Hope this helps!
Buy dufrenite in Halas
# Dec 18 2001 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
Go at (shop number 13) to buy a dufrenite.

It did cost me 189 pp with a druid wood elf (charisma 87).

Edited, Tue Dec 18 11:53:38 2001
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 15 2001 at 5:25 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) People, people, Its not weather its cheap to shell out almost 200pp, but is th armor worth it? I would say so. This is some pretty nice ****. so stop whinning, and either sheel out the cash or bug off.
Where to buy
# Sep 22 2001 at 8:50 AM Rating: Decent
most of these posts are about whether to buy it or kill where it drops. I'm lazy, where can a troll buy it? Tons of posts mentioning a 150-170pp and one said something about magic shop in halas but what about the big KoS fellas, where do we purchase the shiney?

39th Troll Shaman
Karana, Got RaR!?
RE: Where to buy
# Mar 18 2002 at 7:40 AM Rating: Decent
you dont buy. you kill litluns in Sol A like all other baddies ;)
Dufrenite in Unrest
# May 26 2001 at 10:00 AM Rating: Default
BTW, don't bother trying to look for dufrenite off of carrion ghouls in Unrest. I've spent several levels there, and killed countless carrion ghouls, and never has dufrenite dropped off one of them.
# May 10 2001 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
More importantly: What does Dufrenite sell for at a merchant? Does it drop often enough that I could beat the merchant's price and buy it off of players?
# Apr 28 2001 at 8:19 AM Rating: Good
60 posts
Best place to find Dufrenite is in Sol A off the robots back in the back in or near Gabby Mardoodle's area. They drop off various models of cwg with frequency of drop increasing from A-X.
#Anonymous, Posted: May 10 2001 at 7:04 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) what? english please.
Best Way to Get?
# Mar 10 2001 at 11:01 AM Rating: Default
What is the best way to get Dufrenite without paying 170pp?
#REDACTED, Posted: Jun 28 2001 at 10:02 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Geez people, 170pp is nothing..... pay the friggin merchant and be done with it. If you can't afford to buy the dufrenite, there's no way you are even high enough to do the quest.
RE: Best Way to Get?
# Jul 29 2001 at 3:42 AM Rating: Excellent
I dont agree, my shaman is my first character so i dont have a sugar daddy character to buy stuff for him. 150 is quite a bit to be paying for a gem, along with the fact that i have to learn blacksmithy so i can make some banded armor. And the fact that i just spent a ton to buy all my 24th level spells and the 29th ones arent far behind.

Yes, 150-170 is alot of money
RE: Best Way to Get?
# May 19 2002 at 8:52 AM Rating: Decent
2 Main points to make. First is at 24lvl your a little low to complete this quest. How are you planning on taking out the glacier bear? Second point, at 30lvl+ 170pp for the gem is not a lot of money. At that point you're pretty decent at SoW potion creation. You should also know a couple of spots where you can make close to 100pp in an hour. It doesn't make sense to me to travel half way around Norrath hoping to loot a rare gem drop just to save 170pp. For what it's worth.

Threepa Hanibil 36 Shaman
Vazelle Server
RE: Best Way to Get?
# Nov 10 2001 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
Why do you find it necessary to start smithing at all? Surely nearly everyone bought a full suit of banded at level 10 - 12 or so, and the banded you hand in for this quest is just the piece that gets replaced? even if you didnt, they cost less than 10pp a piece...
And I'd say 170pp is cheap for a piece of magical armour... the people are right, at level 24 its easy to get that much - its easy at level 19 for me, even... get maybe half of it via HQ bear skins, then highpass orcs give the rest - not much time at all...
RE: Best Way to Get?
# Aug 11 2001 at 2:11 PM Rating: Default
Sorry, but he is right. If you cant afford to lay out 200pp for a piece of armor, you arn't high enough level to do these quests. And seriously, banded is expensive? perhaps at level 12, but at 30, banded is dime store junk. I mean Seriously, how do you expect to kill the mobs that have the no drop stuff? or are you just planning to spam a zone with begs for a higher level to kill the mobs and let you loot? Let's be a bit real here. By the high 20's to low 30's, 170pp isnt that much, for a piece of decent gear. and if you are hunting things that give you decent exp at that level, you will have the money easily enough. There is a reason you almost never see level 12 people in quest armor. VI did it that way on purpose.
RE: Best Way to Get?
# Aug 25 2001 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
Wrong again I must say. If you actually read his post you might have noticed that he said he was learning blacksmithing. This is VERY expensive to do. I did the same thing through those levels and I never had that much money to blow on stones. I had to work to buy the stones for my focus items even. Of course if you play a character that never learns any expensive skills you'll have money, but not all people simply play for loot and xp.
RE: Best Way to Get?
# Aug 28 2001 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
128 posts
I agree, smithing and being a Shaman in general is very expensive... It's not just a matter of shelling out 170pp, we need one dufrenite for EACH piece of totemic armor. If you bought them all from a vendor, that's over 1300pp! So, it would be foolish not to try and get the stuff at a bargain if at all possible. Also consider that at L25 many Shaman are starting to learn Alchemy, which is extremely expensive... the ingredients for one attempt at a SOW potion cost about 6pp, which is why I will wait til L30 to try and make money selling them. I currently have @ 600pp in the bank at L27 (first character, I know lots of you will brag about making tons of money by that time), and I'm not about to blow all that on 3 dufrenites.
Vaal Halen
115 Bard
Council of Norrath
Xev>Druzzil Ro>Xegony Server
RE: Best Way to Get?
# Sep 15 2001 at 4:01 AM Rating: Default
And I have to disagree. If you can't afford 200pp for a piece of armor then you are managing your money poorly or spending too much time leveling just for exp and none for loot. You need to balance between the 2 or you will be lopsided. Like you appear to have found out, although you don't seem to have realized it yet.

And this is coming from someone who has a 175 Smithing Skill at level 26. No, I'm not a twink. Unless you count all the gear I've purchased from the money I earned smithing and selling loot. (Yes, I've earned money smithing. And that's just selling banded. I'm just getting to Fine Plate now)

Another key element to making money is selling to other players. Everything you possibly can. You will make MUCH more money that way, than by selling to vendors, and it just takes a little patience.

I'm sure a lot of you won't listen to me, but at least I can say that I tried. Good luck!
Agree and disagree.
# Sep 30 2001 at 6:36 PM Rating: Decent
Nice debate going on. :) Thought i'd toss my opinion in as well as I can agree and disagree with both sides for the most part.

I'd say at level 25, you should be able ot make 200 plat to buy the gem if you wanted the armor bad enough, but I'd agree that it is a hefty price to put out for one piece of armor at that level. Coming from a 25th level barbarian shaman (can't speak for the others as I haven't played them) I love the everforst area for hunting, and there is a great range of mobs to hunt there, but few really drop good cash items,(below level 20)unless you are harveting HQ bear pelts and selling to players. (which really isnt that profitable time wise, unless you are extremely lucky)

You advocate balancing exerience hunting with money/loot hunting. I'd agree with you, and I'd also have to add that traveling to a zone and killing a mob that may drop a gem that you need and saves your 150-200 plat, would be considering hunting for loot/money and probably getting experience thrown in.I'd have to say that saving the plat, although not a neccesity, is a very viable option and if you can accomplish this quest that way, than cheers to you. Just because soemone don't have 200 plat to blow, doens't mean they don't deserve the armor piece, especially if they can find an alternative (and much cheaper) route to accomplish the quest, it is a quest after all.

I too am raising my smithing skill, and i'd have to disagree with all the statements saying its expensive to raise, up to the banded armor phase anyway. I'd say I spent at most 100 plat to get my skill to 135, and I don't think it was really more than 50 plat, although I didn't keep records. Most of the items you make up to that point you can almost break even on selling them back to a vender. Once you hit the banded armor phase, than it gets expensive, although you can sell the items to players to recoup your losses if you have the patience. At this phase, now 161, and selling back to venders, its costing me about 20 plat per skill point. I don't have the patience to try to auction my stuff out in freeport, and raising skill in Halas is a pain, since there are no supplies there.

We all have our own playing styles, and I don't think destructive critism helps anyone. I'd agree that balancing your hunting in order to get experience and loot is a good plan, but not the only one. Do what's fun for you, hunt what you need to hunt, or what you want to hunt.

I'm off to hunt for some clock works now, good luck everyone.

Meerc - 25th level Barbarian Shaman, Mith Marr.
RE: Agree and disagree.
# Oct 27 2001 at 4:47 PM Rating: Default
I'm curious how you got your skill that high. I thought skills capped out at 5xlevel+5 till you hit 250???
RE: Agree and disagree.
# Oct 29 2001 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
Trade skills are not capped by your level. In fact if you were able to cover all your costs indefinetly, you could have a 1st level character maxed (over 200 skill) in one trade skill! Keep in mind you can only have 1 trade skill over 200. Just a lil info for ya. =)
RE: Best Way to Get?
# Jul 27 2001 at 10:15 PM Rating: Decent

Strongly disagree with you on that point, unless you are a twink. Spells are costly enough. Also, got have banded armor made...or train yourself(more expensive).

No, go get the clockworks and save some cash. Or, send a /ooc in Sol A. Some campers will be glad to sell for 25-50pp each. Others give it away.

# Dec 08 2000 at 1:01 PM Rating: Default
What creatures drop dufrenite?, i know that the carrion ghouls in unrest should drop them, but i have yet to see any
What other creatures drop the Dufs

RE: Dufrenite
# Feb 06 2001 at 1:37 AM Rating: Default
You can buy it in Halas in the magic shop for about 150 to 170 pp
RE: Dufrenite
# Jan 13 2001 at 11:45 AM Rating: Decent
Looted a Dufrenite from a cwg modell ma in sol a
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