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Eye of the Dragorn  

Augmentation type: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Recommended level of 45.
WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Information:
You must use the solvent Class XIII Augmentation Distiller or greater to remove this augment safely.
Item Lore:A strange stone with protective qualities
Item Type:Augmentation
Color (RGB):0, 0, 0
Lucy Entry By:Kanon@Fama Volat
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2020-11-24 12:57:59
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008
Omens of War Item

Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 45

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Dranik's Scar

Zone(s) Found In:
Item Lore: A strange stone with protective qualities

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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The Warrior Epic Mob
# Apr 21 2005 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
74 posts
Just FYI. The Epic mob that has been mentioned is called Blackfall Borer. He's a raid mob and is not really all that rare. He has run me out of the zone many times. I have Fabled J Boots ( 50% SoW ) and can easily outrun him but he has an extremely large aggro range so be very careful. He is usually on you before you see him. If he hits you, just run. Don't even think of fighting.

One other thing. He tends to hang around the area of his last kill so training him to the PoD is not a good thing. I was camping outside of NC one night when someone did that. He killed everyone who was there, then stayed around for about twenty minutes killing everyone who zoned in before they even knew what hit them.

I finally remembered that I could outrun him and went to PoD and trained him to NC. Was a little brain dead that night or it would have occurred to me to do it sooner.

Agachak 62 Mage from Luclin

Edited, Thu Apr 21 14:01:39 2005
Eye of the Dragorn
# Apr 03 2005 at 6:25 AM Rating: Decent
Camped this for three weeks (About an hour and a half per day), just got it this morning. Easy mob for a 61+ mage to kill, but sooo rare to get the aug to drop.
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 21 2004 at 7:28 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) think your all wrong it is suppose to drop off Ukun Gutfeaster which is near the PoDs. Named mob that spawns every 20 or so minutes.
RE: ....
# Oct 22 2004 at 6:12 AM Rating: Good
No, Ukun Gutfeaster near the PoD's drops the +5 to stats augment. The information below is correct, alla's info at the time of writing is not.
RE: ....
# Oct 22 2004 at 10:54 PM Rating: Good
Ungainly Ninja
6,998 posts
Fixed, thanks.
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 21 2004 at 7:28 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) think your all wrong it is suppose to drop off Ukun Gutfeaster which is near the PoDs. Named mob that spawns every 20 or so minutes.
He spawns here
# Oct 20 2004 at 7:50 PM Rating: Decent
If you head toward bloodfields and run up that hill you can go left and be inside a small valley. Stay on the left side of the hill so not to agro the valley and run until you see some ruins and a ramp that leads up to a platform. Just below this ramp is where he spawns. About 1 in 3 ph.
RE: He spawns here
# Oct 29 2004 at 5:03 AM Rating: Good
248 posts
Seems to be more of a 1/4 spawn, and on one unlucky streak I had at least 7-8 PH's in a row. After hours of camping (and getting 3 of the shoulders), I would have given up for the night if I wasn't busy in RL. A fourth named spawned, and sadly also had shoulders. Telling myself (for the second or third time) that this was the last spawn, I waited 20 more minutes and a fifth named spawned (2 in a row!), this one finally holding the aug I now treasure.

Also of note, ALL of the named had the perfect ukun skin. Good luck!

- OH - VERY IMPORTANT - don't get too cozy semi-afk camping here, because on occasion (only once for me, thankfully) the warrior epic mob (I can't remember the name, ore digger or something) wanders along the canyon nearby and may aggro you - it is a SERIOUS undercon, light blue to me and had me (a well-geared shaman) running for the zoneline in a hurry. Does not see invis, and is rare, but if it finds you, you will remember!
just got this
# Oct 18 2004 at 4:02 PM Rating: Decent
your info is wrong, this drops off of Ukun Slavehunter. Which spawns south of bloodfields zoneline. There is an ukun which spawns at the base of ramp at the kyy fort in dranik scar. Thats the PH, first kill got me the augment.

Royal Norrathian Guard
The Tribunal
RE: just got this
# Oct 20 2004 at 5:31 AM Rating: Decent
Can you or anyone provide a /loc for this camp please..
RE: just got this
# Oct 25 2004 at 3:47 AM Rating: Excellent
23 posts
the Ukun Slavehunter Spawns at loc neg801 pos764 at the bottom of ramp up to the Kyv's ... 20 min repop on him or PH. Watch yourself ... someone trained the Warr Epic Ukun over to me to try and get the camp ... was easy run to the zone from here though ... just run straight for it ... most mobs won't catch ya with SoW on since lousy pathing here. :-)
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