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Eye of Dreams  

Charges: Unlimited
AC: 25
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
STR: +30 DEX: +10 CHA: +20 WIS: +15 INT: +15 HP: +185 MANA: +185 ENDUR: +185
Required level of 65.
Effect: Maelin's Meditation (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 4.0)
Focus: Brass Resonance 13
WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 8 (General: Raid)

Item Type:Armor
Submitted By:Fleven
Lucy Entry By:Lelyia [Dark Horizon]
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-16 22:02:32
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

*This item is the result of a raid event.
Expansion: Planes of Power Planes of Power

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 65

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Plane of Time: Phase 5, Bertoxxulous


This item is found on creatures.

Plane of Time B
NPC Name
The Fabled Bertoxxulous

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Plane of Time B

Uploaded March 12th, 2022 by halfridge
Updated March 14th, 2022
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AA name
# Jul 09 2020 at 6:37 AM Rating: Good
30 posts
before activating this item, there is an AA in the special tab called "Item: Lesser Expanding Mind I: 0/34" after right clicking the eye, it changes to "Item: Reyfin's Racing Thoughts: 8/34" it can be disabled by using the "Item: Disable Item Abilities" AA. right clicking the eye will also give you a permanent junk buff that has no effect "Shadow of Expanding Mind: Permanent"
# Feb 19 2005 at 5:20 PM Rating: Decent
Does only give 388 extra mana to me
SoMF stack?
# Nov 19 2004 at 4:14 AM Rating: Decent
As my guild is geting ready for time I need to know if the effect will stack with the Kodic's Expansive Mind clicky on my Shield of Mental Fortitude.
RE: SoMF stack?
# Sep 11 2005 at 7:03 PM Rating: Decent
62 posts
Salik's Expansive Mind Increase Mana Pool by 500
Reyfin's Racing Thoughts Increase Mana Pool by 450
Koadic's Expansive Mind Increase Mana Pool by 250
Greater Mystical Infusion Increase Mana Pool by 100
Palatable Purified Mana Increase Mana Pool by 100
Palatable Distilled Mana Increase Mana Pool by 80
Palatable Clear Mana Increase Mana Pool by 60
Mystical Infusion Increase Mana Pool by 50
Palatable Cloudy Mana Increase Mana Pool by 40
Palatable Viscous Mana Increase Mana Pool by 20

everything it does NOT stack with
# Oct 03 2004 at 10:03 AM Rating: Default
A problem is that you have 20 other buffs you want to have on. Not that usefull on a raid. But I guess for a cleric it would be very nice.

For a bard? Do this really add to manapool?
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 31 2004 at 6:27 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Notice the only mana regen bards get is Flowing thought. Notice C5 only gives us more int, so assuming we arent max int we only get more mana out of it. Notice bards were made to be the first pulling class, and remain the best pulling class that has a mana pool. Notice, if your Time capable guild (if you aren't flagged for atleast elementals there is no reason for your opinion on who it should go to within a guild, because you wont be seeing this item for atleast another 6 months. Not to be rude but its true) then almost all of your casters who have been members for atleast 5 months (depending on how your guild does loot) should ALL have FT 15 and atleast 6k mana pool. Notice, the ratio is almost 3 fold on how many casters get items with FT (specifically priests / and true int casters) while the hybrids - ie bards, pally's, rangers, BL, and SK have minimul items with FT on them. Notice, after the lull nerfs without a good - great mana pool it is very difficult for a bard with 305 charisma to pull Elementals / Hard Adventure(s) for more than 90 - 120 minutes.
Bard Item & Increase mana
# Oct 21 2003 at 10:06 AM Rating: Default
You aren't getting this unless you're in a guild capable of Time.

Guilds do not typically have as many bards as they do other classes.

If your guild doesn't give an item with a useful bard mod on it to their 3-6 bards first, you need to find a new guild with smarter leaders.
With C5 I'm short 400 mana for a 6th fade. I think they made this for me *chuckle*

Aviera Cerveth
Lotus Cult
RE: Bard Item & Increase mana
# Oct 22 2003 at 7:14 PM Rating: Decent
Its not just a bard item, its a great item for about any class. Got this item last night. Server first and the 400 mana is an extra cheal which helps. Sure I definately sympathize with bards seeing that one is originally my main. It is just so good for many classes that you cant say it should be bard only. This item may give you that extra fade you might need, or that extra CHeal I need to get off on the MT during a raid.
RE: Bard Item & Increase mana
# Jan 27 2004 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
while every class will indeed benefit of this item, they all (but bard) can get far better ranges from same or higher PoTime tier.
Guildmates not letting this item to bards first would be... sad
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 29 2003 at 12:48 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Total Bard item, helps with Fading memories AA! Oh yeah and its a brass inst.
RE: Bard Item
# Aug 07 2003 at 1:56 AM Rating: Default
Ummm.. I hate to break this to you man.. but like half of the stuff that drops in Time has some type of bard modifier on it. Point being just cause something has a bard modifier on it, doesn't make that an automatic bard item.

RE: Bard Item
# Aug 17 2003 at 1:20 AM Rating: Default
umm your smoking crack. like 6 items in time have instrument modifiers. I beleive maybe 10 none quest armor items in the game have instrument modifiers and a bard needs 1 of each instrument type to disgard epic. So yes i belive bards would have a very good chance at recieving this item first run.

Symphonic Distortion
Maestro of Emarr
RE: Bard Item
# Aug 26 2003 at 6:18 AM Rating: Decent
I would not choose to give this item to a bard automatically. Granted it has some modifiers that would benefit a bard very much, but there are plenty of other classes that would benefit from this item as well, like :

Need I go on??
The stats on this item alone make it bloody amazing and the 400 added mana pool is enough to make me drool.
#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 17 2003 at 12:20 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Considering the fact that bards have the crappiest loot tables for their class, and that they almost always get surpassed by the other classes that "can use it better" I would think of this item FIRST and FOREMOST as a Bard item, then when my Mana Batteries have all gotten hooked up on these, worry about the Warriors (pointless mana buff waste), Paladins (just plain pointless class, Clerics (use mana batteries), SKs (great class, but this item is not a necessity), and Wizzies (use mana batteries as well).
increses mana by 400?
# Jul 26 2003 at 8:31 AM Rating: Good
so you click this and get 400mp? or is it an item that increases the manapool max by 400?
something i'll doubtfully ever attain...very nice though.
RE: increses mana by 400?
# Jul 26 2003 at 9:51 AM Rating: Decent
312 posts
You click it and it adds 400 mana to your pool size. So if you had 1000 mana, and you had this item, you could click it for 1400 mana.

Of course it's empty mana it grants you, otherwise you could just sit there and click it over and over to fill up your mana pool.

Nice item though. 585 mana on 1 item with so little effort (of clicking it) it pretty sweet.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 26 2003 at 1:43 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) so u mean that u can just keep clicking it increasing your total mana pool??!?!?!SWEET =^)
RE: increses mana by 400?
# Jul 30 2003 at 9:11 AM Rating: Default
6,678 posts
it's a buff. It just increases the maximum amount of mana you can have, and since it's a buff it only can effect you once at a time.
Only the exceptions can be exceptional.
RE: increses mana by 400?
# Jul 26 2003 at 2:51 PM Rating: Default
No. You can only do it once.
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