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Cloak of Piety  

Slot: BACK
AC: 12
STR: +12 WIS: +12 INT: +12
SV FIRE: +10 SV MAGIC: +10
Haste: +34%
WT: 1.5 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Item Type:Armor
Submitted By:Anaxagoras
Lucy Entry By:Tiana
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-02-21 08:49:16
Page Updated:Mon May 18th, 2015
Ruins of Kunark Item

Rarity: Ultra Rare
Level to Attain: 55

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Zone(s) Found In:

Uploaded September 16th, 2019 by Drewinette
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melee vs. hybrid vs. caster
# Jun 16 2005 at 1:21 PM Rating: Default
OK OK OK this is my viewpoint....Ive played a 64 chanter(caster) a 64 ranger(hybrid) and and a 57 monk (melee). each class would benefit from this cloak in certain ways. the monk would benefit from the STR as well as the haste, and dont forget about the resists.As for Wars gettin this, i doubt they would want it. wars need HP/sta, not str as much.Wars are made to take hits, not deliver dmg, let other classes do that.I mean sure, the haste = more swings which = more dmg, but thats all id wnt it for.There are other cloaks that have better AC than this. Rogues would just need STR for BS and haste since they are a major DPS class. Berserkers would only benefeit from the haste, not as much as the AC but str would help them hit for more, and since zerkers get hi dmg weps, the haste could be too much for them if the tank has a problem holding aggro, since usually their weps have high dmg than delay.Monks are all about DPS or splittin mobs (or training =P) Hybrids would benefit most from this cloak, as wis/int are hard to max with our gear. Also, the haste would help the hybird out, and the ranger would be able to shoot his bow more, meaning more dps.SKs and Pallys would also benefeit from it, since they are tankin classes as well. Haste, as stated before = more swings more swings = more aggro. Wis and Int would add to their mana pool, and i know SKs have nice aggro spells, this would help, if even a lil, cast the spells more often w/o going oom.NOW FOR THE INT CASTERS! YAY! as an enchanter i would only want RAW HPS! i bet necros would agree.Maybe even sta. and every int class should have their int maxed out. i know i did when i was 58. Now for wis only casters, the only ones i think of that would melee at high end are clerics, so only the haste would benefit them, and the wis, and the svs. AC wouldnt depend much, unless the MT dies and you got super aggro healing him/her. Shammys would benefit from wis and svs, since i dont know many shammys who tank,and if they wanted haste, cast it on yerselves, but if you get aggro from slows, AC could help a lil.speakin of slows, back to the enchanter part, i left something out. chanters wouldnt benefit from AC since we dont get the same inate dmg mitigation as tanks.druids would benefit from wis, but i dont think as much of AC, and druids never melee high end unless they get bored.bards...not shure about bards.....maybe bards would benefit from it like a hybrid....but this is just someones opinion...this is a hybrid cloak...oh and i know i didnt use paragraphing at ALL......SO STFU!!! kkthx

go ahead and flame me, i dont mind lool
haste calculation
# Jun 16 2005 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
someone from some other post (CoF item post i think or CoM..somethin) ANYWAY heres the correct calculation using a lammy

(Delay/(1+Haste)) = New Delay
It's that easy.
I'll check myself using a lammy at 100% haste since I like that example.
(19/(1 + 100%))
= (19/2)
= 9.5
# Oct 20 2004 at 4:53 PM Rating: Default
Fighting haste is more useful to a hybrid or melee I think they should be priority. I dont see many mages meleein sorry lol. BUT I think that such haste as casting hastes that casters should be priority.
Casting hastes arent gonna do much for a war lol.

# Oct 20 2004 at 4:53 PM Rating: Default
Fighting haste is more useful to a hybrid or melee I think they should be priority. I dont see many mages meleein sorry lol. BUT I think that such haste as casting hastes that casters should be priority.
Casting hastes arent gonna do much for a war lol.

# May 16 2004 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
I have a crazy idea. How about everyone that can use an item as an upgrade rolls for it. It may suck not getting something you really want but its fair. Or offer the person who won some plat.
Hybrid Melee
# Oct 19 2003 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
I love how these caster classes think that just because it has WIS or INT that it's for the true casters. Do not forget that hybrids gain the same mana you do from WIS and INT, and have a LOT harder time maxing it out with their normal gear. I say these items, if at all possible, should go to those that'd put it to best use. Perhaps do a 'roll modifier' where certain classes have their rolls modified based on usefulness of the drop. Hybrids would get a bonus, straight casters and no-caster melees would get no bonus. Just an idea....
RE: Hybrid Melee
# Jan 07 2004 at 11:46 AM Rating: Decent
155 posts
First, we as hybrids DON'T get the same mana as a pure caster or preist, but.. not gonna open that can of worms again.

IMO the best way to divy loot on a raid is with raid points. Period. With a raid point system, the only way a caster or preist would get this item is if all the melee had better haste items, OR if all the melee had already spent all their points. But, on the way to track, there IS a caster only haste item,] . The reason a caster/preist is not likeley to get this or most haste items on a RP system is, this is worth FAR more to a melee than to a caster. Melee's will bid much higher than the typical caster woud be willing to bid. The caster would be far wiser to save their points for a cloak with good wis/int and a lot of raw mana, since the haste effect really doesn't do much of benefit for them. But even some rangers with swiftwind would bid on this, just to be able to switch out to 2hs for some mobs.

Edited, Wed Jan 7 11:47:28 2004
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 28 2003 at 6:24 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) so everyone wants to make it so caster types can't get haste items whatsoever.
RE: haste for casters?
# Jan 07 2004 at 11:59 AM Rating: Decent
155 posts
because the loot in this game is not designed for casters.

I almost passed this one up.... just because it was so insane and ridiculous.. but.. /shrug I'm bored.

Have you even actually bothered to LOOK for caster gear? My god, half of luclin is geared for caster's... I know casters who break 1100 AC and 4.5k hp, who do not have even 1 PoP flag... NToV, SSRA named, Luclin named all over the plave, and to finish, Vex-Thal, ALL offer casters some really awesome loot, not to mention the unreal damage casters can dish out, wizzy's with nukes, mages with nukes and pets, enchanters with charmed pets, and necros with.. well, the bazillion things at their disposal. The melee get awesome gear because 1) it is the melee who come in direct contact with the mob, are most subject to AoE, and who have to keep the mob from chewing through the healers and casters by keeping his attention. and 2) You seem to have a skewed idea of what is good gear... as stated above, there is a crapload of awesome caster and preist gear out there. WTF does an enchanter or a wizard need with a haste item? so thye can go from 6-9 DPS in melee? Caster's don't get good melee gear because they aren't melee.. they are casters. Int/wis, mana, HP etc...

# May 21 2003 at 6:57 PM Rating: Good
okay, i just finished leading a Trakenon raid, attacking the UDB for the bard epic. This dropped.

i asked for tells to be sent, 4 were.

A Warrior, A Cleric, A Mage, and A Necro.

i was a bit irritated that only one melee sent in, and it was a close to pick up raid, just a buncha friends from a few circles, and there was some greed abound.

I said ***** it, i want haste too, and the warrior only has a 1/4 chance right now to get an item very good for him.

/rand 1 5, 5 came up, i won.

Im an Enchanter BTW.

What did i do with my new cloak? /petition "i accidentally looted this nodrop item, please give it to Warrior"

that warrior in the roll got the cloak from my kindness.

Guys, this is a melee item.
RE: irate!
# Feb 15 2004 at 5:53 PM Rating: Decent
Weight: 1.5 Size: MEDIUM
Slot: BACK
AC: +12 Str: +12 Wis: +12 Int: +12 Fire Resist: +10 Magic Resist: +10
Classes: All Classes
Races: All Races

Please, oh PLEASE show me where this says MELEE only. I don't care if it has 4000% haste. It says ALL/ALL and damn it, if a caster is going to drop his existing robe to use this, you DAMN well better let them roll. But seeing as how you cheerfully screwed over everyone but the warrior, I'm glad I'll never be in a raid with you! I'm a cleric, I melee ALL the time, and solo a lot. So if you screwed me over on this item, I'd petition YOU. I was in a raid where a monk won an item with ID4. OH WELL! It said all/all and he had EVERY right to roll. If you have a problem with that, take it up with Sony, don't make your own self riteous rules up just because YOU think YOU know best. Make your own mmorpg and then you can pull off this kind of crap.
RE: irate!
# Dec 04 2003 at 4:45 AM Rating: Good
k, it comes down to this ... haste is harder to find than good caster stats. For every good haste back slot item, there are prolly 30+ good non-haste items that give good caster stats, or good melee stats. So it all comes down to the haste, and I think most people will agree that melee types benefit MORE from haste than casters... just my 2 bits )

Edit: oh yea, if you're a nec wiz mag or enc and want haste, go buy a tolapumj robe for 5k and let the melees go for this item

Edited, Thu Dec 4 04:52:30 2003
RE: irate!
# Jul 30 2003 at 6:04 PM Rating: Default
This item isn't even that great for a tank... want to know why? NO HPS AND NO STAM! Warriors are not for doing damage, there for taking it.

Now days hps/stam > all to almost anyone, esp a tank... this is just as useful to a melee as much as it would be to a caster. I would say MORE useful to a caster than to a warrior. And with caster procing weapons, casters can do some nice damage... some even out damage tanks with melee/procs!

I feel you're a total ***-hole for cheating others out of the cloak. They all went and all should get a chance at it and not be cheated by someone trying to play god. It's ALL/ALL meaning it's for everyone.
RE: irate!
# Jul 10 2003 at 10:30 AM Rating: Default
That is such ********* what the hell ever. If it says all all, and gives good stats that a caster could use then they should be able to roll. GET THE FU@K of your high horse and sit down in the back row where you belong. I am a cleric and dont know how many times they beg the cleric to go on naggy raids just to have the melee only get to roll on CoF's. Then a week later see the him selling it. NBG, yes if it's your guild all other BS. Level 56+ clerics with nice haste can provide nice DPS also, with KEI and yalup they should not have to med a lot. Opps, I forgot YOUR SO KIND. B$Tch pls
RE: irate!
# Jul 16 2003 at 3:17 PM Rating: Decent
I agree, this is a Melee item. Yeah, it's All/All, and yeah it has Int/Wis on it. But it has Haste. Unless no melee needed/wanted it, it shouldn't be given to a caster. If you want to make the arguement that because it has Int/Wis on it, then I say Beastlords/Paladins/Shadow Knights/Rangers should get it before a caster ever should. They are last on the list for this item IMO.

Oh, and to the poster above me, you'd be a fool to use a CoF over a cloak that gave Wisdom/Mana. That is why they only let melees roll on it, because only melees will use it. If I see a Cleric meleeing in PoP zones, I tell them to keep healing. They have no business meleeing on things while tanks are getting hit for 300+ on each swing. Nice DPS? Sure, until the tank dies because the Cleric is too busy swinging enough to get his hammer to proc.
RE: irate!
# Oct 02 2003 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
Had to replay to this because you are the kind of player that ticks me off beyond all reason. Saying you tell the cleric to sit there on their butt and heal... if you don't like the way someone plays their class kick them out of the group and get a replacement but DO NOT tell someone else how to play their class. If you think you can do it better than they can then by god go create a cleric and sit on your butt and never get up. I mean to be honest as a shaman I have been the healer for a group before and been full mana so what do I do...I get up and beat on the mob. Don't nuke or dot cause that wastes mana from potential heals, but if I am fm you bet your **** I will be up and swinging. Only one person has ever had the privelage of telling me how to play my class and I informed him as soon as he did either he could leave the group (which I had formed) learn to tank without any heals...or keep his mouth shut and play his own toon not mine.

Okay having said that, this is my thoughts on the item. I agree and disagree with a lot of the points here. First, I also think this should go to a hybrid melee first (and I play a shaman so that counts me out) but if no hybrids want it then it should be equally up for grabs by warriors or casters who can actually solo. As a shaman I solo a lot and I do actually melee a lot while solo becuase I hate just sitting and letting my pet have all the fun while i just dot and redot.
RE: irate!
# Jul 28 2003 at 11:10 PM Rating: Decent
OK i am a cleric sitting on the zeb server, and one thing that ticks me off beond belief is this "melee only" line of reasoning on haste, and 100% wr bags, 1st) Clerics run out of mana sometimes, and (from personal experiance) if i would have been able to crack out some more melee on the target i could have lived. its nice to be able to run after something and pound it before it aggros its buddies. same for wr bags, ok im a helf cleric here, with all my slots going to wisdom, sta, and dex how in the hell am i suppost to wear a suit of armor weighing in at 75, with only a str of 85, im sick of going on dragon raids, and them getting to the "cleric" items and it only being a 2hb with a y3 effect. as far as im conserned, if it has int on it and is all/all then let int casters roll, if it has wis on it and is all/all let the wisdom guys roll, if it has haste with it as well, then flock it, i guess everyone will roll on it.
RE: irate!
# Aug 22 2003 at 9:11 AM Rating: Good
8,619 posts
ok i'm a cleric on druzzil ro and one thing that ticks me off is cleric's who think they are a melee class if you want to play melee class the for gods sake play one and stop flaming tanks who expect you to sit on you butt and keep them alive. This is a melee item <i would say hybrid personally> and i would say that other classes should not roll on it unless...... no good caster gear drops then rolls should be open, after all effort should = some reward

as for WR bags they should be an open roll for all as any melee better have 200 Str unbuffed by the time they get to the point where they can kill mobs like this <monks excepted but they are a special case and i would ask the raid if they objected if monks only roll on the bag and no other items>
Jarkeld Hammerhiem Lvl 36 Paladin/Lvl 30 Armourer
Lestril Hammerhiem Lvl 40 Monk/Lvl 28 Provisioner Blackburrow server
Iaedian Tailchaser lvl 60 Fury/36 Jeweler. Proud member of <Bane> Crushbone server

Your mind is like a Parachute, it only works if it's open.
RE: irate!
# Dec 04 2003 at 1:30 PM Rating: Excellent
3,705 posts
Ok, as another cleric, I have to comment to this whole thread.

FIRST, I'd never roll on a haste item, if any of the melees needed. If the tank doesn't have better haste then this, I WANT him to have it, since the faster he hits, the more the mob hates him, and the less I get hit. The damage class melees create SO much more DPS than a meleeing cleric, that it would also be better in their hands than mine.

NOW! my SECOND point. I get sick of hearing people make blanket statements that clerics shouldn't melee, or they shouldn't in PoP zones, etc. I certainly would never melee when LOW mana, but I spend more time FM than low mana.

Here's how fights typically go with my regular grind group. SK is puller and tank. He will pull one in, I will cast a HoT on him on inc. chanter will then slow, and I will hit yaulp 6 and move behind the mob, along with the rest of the group, and start whacking it with my hammer of damnation. I have seen that proc hammer put out 3k+ damage on a regular blue con grind mob, somewhere like PoV, CoD, PoS....

If the HoT wears off, and the tank starts to lose significant life, I'll either re-HoT him, or use one of my fast casting heals near the end of the fight, to juice him back to full for the next pull. Typically, at this point, my mana has regenned to 95-100%.

Keep in mind that, a cleric at this level should have 1) KEI or better, usually tranquility in my usual group) 2) blessed armor of the risen (6 mana per tic), or armor of the zealot (8mana regen per tic), plus yaulp 5 or 6, which also add to mana regen. Personally, I also have FT8 (not great, but working on it), and 2 regen from mental clarity, soon to be 3. Occasionally, I'll get real lucky, and we'll have a BL in the group, meaning even more mana regen.

Now, I'm not suggesting clerics are melees, and in raids, or fighting named mobs, I whip out the bridle and heal from horseback (or sit when horse won't work). However, there is no need for clerics to spend the day on their butt in a regular grind group. Just slows down the kill rate.
About all of this
# Jun 10 2004 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
153 posts


So many people with very polarized positions.

I chhose to play the game with obtaining fun as the primary goal. For a while, I got stuck into the mentality that clerics should not melee, even at high levels. I got stuck into the mentality that that haste items were melee only.

Then along came clerics that I got to know who linked what they wore, and Shadowknights (INT based casters) who linked what they wear, and essentially many classes who linked what they wore, and I discovered that many of the assumptions I had about classes other than the primary one I chose (a Paladin)had to be changed to accomodate the obvious results I was seeing, because many assumptions get burst as you get to higher levels.

For example, clerics not meleeing. My favorite HE cleric (by the name of Altarial, Innoruuk server) has been 65 for a long time, has over 100 AA's, and has a great personality about keeping the game FUN. She also has grouped with me (duoed a few places, like in the Grey, killing for the neck EB item) and not only assisted with the meleeing, but also was puller (she had the better pacify spell) and all I can say is we had a blast together. We always do. If she wanted to get an item with haste on it to help her when she melees, I would jump to help her get it because every dps point onto the mob is one less I have to put there.

Played well, clerics can have a great time in game, with "melee" only items too. It happens that altarial knows her class and doesnt really see a high need for her to use a haste item. She woul rather quest or camp a mob for an item that winds up giving her extra WIS or extra mana (50 mana is the minimum she hunts for).

As for distribution of items, she and I share a basic attitude - Need before greed. If you want an item, link what you have. If this item is a clear upgrade, you get to random on it. Also, present is higher priority than the Alternate character not here at the kill. Corrolary = Bring the character you want to gain from the experience generated.

Only after all need is met, can greed come into play. Then it is open random.

Maybe not the way others think. For example, I do not believe that trading in what you wear to gain an upgrade (assuming you are in a guild and the trade in becomes guild property) is at all a good idea. I made a dwarf cleric alt to go with my dwarf paladin. What he discarded tended to be a "hand-me-down" to my cleric. Once he obtained Underfoot armor pieces (Deity - Brell Serilis, same as my cleric), there was NO WAY I was giving those pieces to my guild to get an upgrade item, when I had intended to hand it down to my dwarven cleric. Maybe there is a LOT better gear out there that suits clerics better. But the way I play was that the hard won pieces of underfoot plate were intended t go to my cleric, until _I_ determined who should get it instead.

It had nothing to do with me being greedy about getting upgrades, nor selfish about not benefitting another player. I help others and donate time and items and plat ALL THE TIME. It is all about the way I want to play the game. For fun. To reduce the in-game cost of getting new equipment.

If you can get a regular group of people around you who share you own vision of what playing this game is all about, that you can xp, and die, and level, and get drops and have a great time with, problems like this should become less likely to become any kind of an issue.

And playing with friends makes this game a whole lot more fun.

My 2 copper.
#REDACTED, Posted: Apr 10 2003 at 12:23 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I would rather have a COCW or COF.
Triggered Trak drops this
# Dec 04 2002 at 2:32 PM Rating: Default
Dropped off triggered Trak last night on Bristlebane. Won it and will try it out tonight.
# Oct 25 2002 at 12:36 PM Rating: Default
I got this cloak in MB team ... pretty nice alternative loots since I`ve lost roll on Cobalt BP.
I use this cloak in exping group for procing, it`s good for trade skills and not bad for resist gear.
I switch to my Mana/DR&PR cloak for MB and pulling FG. ( Renaldok Cloak )
best class
# Aug 30 2002 at 2:55 PM Rating: Default
13 posts
Now I do not know everything but I do play 60 monk 56 chanter 53 cleric. As such I have been able to max out cha and int on my chanter easy and same with wis on my cleric. Mana is way more important for pure caster classes than the wis int because we can get int wis items very easy.
So coupled with the fact that this has haste and good ac this should only go to hybreds . Now I say this because I assume it is way harder for a hybred to max int or wis If your not in a uber guild and even then it may be difficult.When I was a lower lvl char I would have jumped all over this and said monk cleric chanter item I am sure.
But there is so much more to the high end game that you have no clue to as a lower level. If this item goes to anyone over a hybred it would be a shame. Higher lvl guilds use DKP and hence a non hybred could use his DKP points to get this item so any argument about that would be moot )

Sorry this post had no info about the item but the post below me does so read that :) p
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 08 2003 at 9:20 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hybrids shouldn't deserve this, i have a druid and theres no need for a hybrid class to have a high end haste item. Obviously the best class is a monk because the strength. you get 80% haste when u stack this with the celestial fists making it a deadly item for a monk
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 20 2003 at 3:01 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hybrids shouldn't get this? But druids should? WTF do you need this for? Stoopid druids, stop posting and start training zones like normal. I and everyone else that read ur comments are more retarded now. Thank you.
RE: best class
# Mar 12 2003 at 3:56 PM Rating: Default
Dear gawd, you have to be the dumbest person alive.
We got this cloak on Trig Trak !
# Jul 02 2002 at 9:04 PM Rating: Decent
200 posts
Most of you probably know it, but the bard epic has been changed a bit, a few months ago.
Now, instead of killing the regular Trakanon and looting the guts that may drop, you need to trigger a Trakanon by giving an item to the Undead Bard who is in his lair, and kill his enraged version. Then spawns a "lighter" version of Trakanon, with no tooth for VP key, and only one BP/robe/item, plus of course the guts.

We didn't know if this triggered Trakanon (AKA "Trig Trak") would only drop mana robe / BPs and not other items. Well last Sunday my fellow guildmates and I, along with some friends, we whacked that dragon's **** and got a Cloak of Piety (along with my guts that allowed me to finish my epic .. wooohoo) !

For your information, the Master Looter decided only Monks, Rangers and Paladins could roll on it (we had no BST or SKs hehe but I think they would have been allowed too ;)). We all found this perfectly fair.

The cloak has been won by a level 53 monk who is ... let's say ... very happy ;)

Edited, Tue Jul 2 21:58:26 2002
RE: We got this cloak on Trig Trak !
# Jun 09 2003 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
really curious how a monk would be on the list but not warriors/Rogues... unless there were none of those present as well...
rolling as resist? ... i think not
# May 08 2002 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
the resist argument become moot since mages can summon 15 mr/fr/cr back/shoulder items.

Yeah, I'm a mage, and a monk and a rogue ... and yes my mage would LOVE this item ... unfortunately that's not gonna happen ;) I consider it a godly item, but I do realize that casters really do not reap the myriad benefits a hybrid class does from this. I just wish it hadn't been made all/all ... thanks for the taunt VI =p
so sad
# Apr 03 2002 at 6:13 AM Rating: Excellent
It is trully a shame that there are so many entries accross this site referencing which class should be allowed to roll etc. etc. (and then said posts actually turn into flame wars OMG LOL)Who cares! This is one of the reasons everlore went down the crapper. Posts regarding items should be centered around known info about said item: Where to find it, how hard is the mob, and so on. It sucks trying to wade thru all the crap posts just to find any usefull information here.
#REDACTED, Posted: May 22 2002 at 10:41 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Where to find it ? look at the link up top, it says Sebilis. How hard the mobs is? Check the link Trakanon, and look there. What other information could possibly be posted on an item? Of course there's gonna be people argueing which class should get it above some other class.
RE: so sad
# Jun 01 2002 at 1:10 PM Rating: Default
Sorry, I've got to agree that it is silly to read all the posts on who should get it by folks who, if they ever do get into a group/raid where such things drop, will follow the group/raids rules on such matters.

"this is awesome for xyz class!"... well, sure but that doesn't mean xyz will get it all the time nor does it mean xyz won't get it... Flame wars on "what if" and "who should" are just... humor -- like the permanent posts "this is a monk item!" <grin>

Ciao for now,
# Mar 27 2002 at 4:22 PM Rating: Decent
Hi just your average shaman here saying I would love to own this cloak. Mostly for Wis and haste for soloing purposes. Fun for me but not very realistic.

Ok I have a few points of view on this whole who gets to loot what, thing that everybody seems to argue about (all the time).

1st any Sk Pali (SHM including myself I would like this cloak)have a RBB or CoF? Straight trade to loot this item, others can roll for the RBB or CoF. This is a better cloak for these hybrids in my opinion anyways(Might be wrong but dont rangers get haste W/epic, no need for them to loot a no drop haste item, if not you can trade too), The hybrids have the option to trade thier higher haste item for one that has some nice stats but lower haste. Then ONLY people with (insert haste item) get to roll to loot. Whoever wins turns over thier fbss to be rolled on by everyone else.

Not that you need it but this is my view on the guild raid topic. Most Raids are set up in advance. All guilds should have a web site/page or something discussing what the guild is doing. You should try to keep up with what is going on. Limiting who will be the ONLY person to loot is a guild right(not what I would do, then again I dont run a guild either). If this is the case post it on-line or make sure everyone understands before you start. My suggestion, I prefer that several people are selected that have earned the right to roll on an item such as this. That way hopefully 3 to 6 get the opportunity to loot. This seems a little more fair for everyone and will hopefully get more people to help in future raids and make your guild stronger. People that loot this should have a haste item to pass along to another member too. This hand me down would go to the 3-6 people that rolled first, then to others and so on.

Now for the weekly server raid(Vox and Naga not sure if Trak is a week too). This is a free for all roll to MEELE classes because it is no drop. And if you really want to make it better It can only be rolled for by people with other haste items to trade in. This trade in is rolled for by any of the loosers. This makes more than one person happy.

Just some additional information fbss price ranges from 2k to 3k on my server. Small price to pay to get a great upgrade plus people that already have haste items most likely did more damage in the battle and have earned the right to roll for one of these beauties.

Anyhow just long winded opinion by an average Shaman.
(you may proceed to flame me for spelling, incorrect info, or because you hate kats and frogs)
One day Ill be uber... one day...

Edited, Thu Mar 28 16:38:13 2002
# Mar 24 2002 at 2:34 PM Rating: Default
why would you NOT want to roll on this item,i mean come on,if i had a pally or an enchanter i'd roll the first chance i got,unless if you had something better as a back item,or you're just being nice,which i can understand.
Just my 2cp
# Mar 22 2002 at 2:53 AM Rating: Default
Ok I have a Enchanter and a Pally. I love them both, and If I won this roll I would have to give it to my Pally and yes I do realize its no drop. Plain and simple its to useful to meeles, I know that the + to wis and int are VERY nice. If Im on a raid and this drops (with either char) You can bet your bottom plat that Ill roll on it. So If Im there with my Pally Im rollin. If Im there with my chanter Im NOT rolling, Id much rather see a Meele get it, Especially if it stacks with Chanter haste....

35%haste + Celerty 50% haste.

/em points at the Quisenart and smiles.

Edited, Fri Mar 22 02:54:06 2002
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 21 2002 at 10:15 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Paladin's suck, so let them get this damn cloak. Who needs it more than the pally? STR, WIS, HASTE, INT (for skills), AC, Sv's! Sure a lot of hybrids might use these same stats, but no other hybrid sucks as much as a pally. nuf' said. GIVE IT TO THE PALLIES...THEY NEED ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET!!!!!
# Mar 17 2002 at 2:36 PM Rating: Default
This cloak was made for the Hybrids, enough said :)
My thoughts
# Jan 07 2002 at 9:51 AM Rating: Default
Id let the people who wanted it roll for it, and me being a cleric that likes to melee Id roll as well not saying its best for soandso but I would enjoy it because all the melee get double attack or dual weild while were only attacking once??? this would change it a little by having us attacking more. It would make me happy having haste on my 17dly fishing pole :P

Flame if you like cuz im not coming back to read this, just posting cuz Im bored and i like the cloak :)
RE: My thoughts
# Mar 04 2002 at 11:26 AM Rating: Default
Fact is, clerics are casters and should be medding instead of fighting. Sure, it might be a "nice" thing to have for a cleric, it is an UBER thing to have for a melee. Also, it's safe ti say that a group who has melees with haste items and casters without will have a MUCH bigger survival chance than a group whose melees have no haste items but whose casters do.
RE: My thoughts
# Mar 13 2002 at 2:08 PM Rating: Default
263 posts

You say sit and med,,,this is a KILLER cloak for any who can use it. If you consider +12 to a caster (int/wis you pick) and +20 to total saves a "nice" item, you have a true gift for understatement. This is a cloak that would prolly last me my EQ career while melee have MANY haste items. Just because it has haste, does not make it mele only. What is that 12 str going to do for melee, increase max damage potential by 1.2? The 12 ac is "nice" as is the fractional upgrade in haste. I say fractional because I have never been on a Trak raid where ALL melee present did not have at least an FBSS.

This is an ALL/ALL item for a very good reason.
RE: My thoughts
# Mar 16 2002 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
DENecro... youre an idiot... who would use most of the stats... and the haste? a caster or a melee/hybrid? and yes is the point of a necro meleeing...

You try to hit Trakanon but YOU miss
You hit Trakanon for 4 dmg!
You try to hit Trakanon but Trakanon ripostes!
Trakanon hits YOU for 650 dmg!

its just pointless... and fbss is crap compared to this... if you want haste why dont you pick up a fbss, its all/all (the int and wis is useless to me as a warrior but would be decent for pal/rng/sk/bst) i myself would take CoF over this... just cause i can use the stats on it... id hope itd go to a hybrid no drop and all...
RE: My thoughts
# Apr 11 2002 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
LOL, you call the necro an idiot, yet you obviously cant read. He said nothing about trying to mele as a necro. He said he wanted the 12 int , 12 ac and 20 to his resists. And yup, this is much better than a FBSS (which has no benefit to an int caster).

I do agree that a hybrid would be able to use and on a GUILD PURE raid where equipment is awarded, a hybrid would (maybe even should) get this.

But even you would have to agree that there are many back items available with better ac and stats for a mele, but very little for the pure casters.

BTW, if you look up the jumpy robe, you will see that it has dragon level haste but is int caster only....kinda makes you go hmmm, why would casters need haste?
RE: My thoughts
# Nov 08 2002 at 6:20 AM Rating: Default
necro(caster)= uber melle dmg. just watch.... hit=miss,hit=miss,hit=riphit=400-600dmg=cleric heal= cleric not on MA backup heals= MA dead or heal cycle compromised=dead party=30min CR for raid party = me LOL for 3hours: FD at trak feet

has anyone pulled trak to the seb ent?
RE: My thoughts
# Jan 17 2003 at 3:04 PM Rating: Default
You'd get summoned and/or touched to the mycos FAR before you'd get him past the reets. And the jump off the bridge is a point of no return. You're only getting out by the LZO or death. If you try to move Trak out of his lair to engage him anywhere else, it's much more likely the latter than the former.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 25 2002 at 9:15 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Although, this thing does say hybrid all over it... maybe a gnome for the int bonus to help with tinkering.
# Nov 15 2001 at 6:47 PM Rating: Default
I'm not going to play the which-class should get to roll on this cloak game, but as a ranger, i would LOVE to have this cloak. It better haste than the silly FBSS i have on right now (21 % haste for FBSS vs 35 % haste i have been told this cloak has). I could replace my belt slot with something with ac and wis or str like a drake hide belt or a thick banded belt. Its better ac/str/wis than the tigerraptor cloak i have on right now (tigerraptor is ac 9 +9 str +10 dex +6 sta +6 wis). So if i happened to win this cloak i could raise my haste, my ac, my str, and my wis about twice as much as the stats themselves indicate since i could finally have something useful on my waist and be much more useful to my groups/guild.

This information is not intended to sugget that ranger are more deserving of this cloak than anyother class. I just thought it would be nice for the caster folks who are ******** that this is a caster only cloak to see things from a melee person's point of view.

If the tolan's BP also i dropped i would be hard pressed to decide which to roll on (most of the raids of this type my guild runs you only get to decide on 1 item to roll on). The cloak would help me to be more useful to the guild, but the gate GFay click on the BP would make my life a lot easier sometimes.

Bedara Weiweuwei the Outrider
Seventh Hammer
Phoenix Ascendent
# Nov 04 2001 at 7:07 AM Rating: Default
why the hell you people argue about "who should ROLL for this item and who should not" !? it's the raid leader who says who GETS it and who doesnt not any of you. it doesnt help a **** to argue in allakhazam about the item and most of you prolly NEVER even get to kill trakanon. besides any raid leader with little self respect doesnt say "ok melees roll for this", he calls the person who has EARNED(by going to raids in time even if there isn't any loot for him and having not whining about loot ect) the item to loot it, rolling for loot is pickupraid ****
RE: hmmm
# Nov 15 2001 at 6:17 PM Rating: Default
I disagree completly. If i go on a raid and the raid leader just starts handed items out to certain ppl i'm out of there. That's bulls**t. All of us are there and helping and everyone should have a chance at winning a piece of equipment they will use (i'm a NBGer if you can't tell). Granted, if its stated before a raid that we are doing it specifically to get so and so this piece of equipment i don't have a problem with that. I can decide before whether i want to go. I've been in too many guilds and heard bad stories from others of the results of the raid leader picking and choosing loot recipients. Generally, the raid leader and his 2 or 3 RL friends and the other couple of ppl he/she groups with all the time get ALL the cool stuff and they rest of us who aren't in the "in crowd" get crumbs. Just my 2 copper.

Bedara Weiwuwei the Outrider
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RE: hmmm
# Mar 22 2002 at 1:02 PM Rating: Good
23 posts
Yeah, all this arguing about who should get the cloak on this board is a bit weird. I've yet to see Trak go down on my server on an open raid, and so it's generally guild policy that decides who gets the cloak in most cases I assume unless Trak dies every time he pops on other servers at the hands of 30 random people who happened to be in OS and jumped him before GuildX could.

For my guild, this cloak only goes to hybrids while other haste drops are tagged for warriors, rogues, etc. I could see a pretty uber guild giving this to a caster, but it would only be because the melees are so decked out they don't want it.

I don't know of a Trak capable guild on my server that uses a /random system to distribute loot either. Raiding guilds generally are outfitting key people first so they can move on to the next mob up a notch on the hit list as soon as possible. Having a caster "win" this cloak if even one of the 3-5 MTs in that guild was using the PoA drop belt for haste would be a stupid. Even if the MTs are set, 12 Int does much less for a Necro than 12 Str, 12 Int, and 36% haste will do for an SK, and therefore for the guild.

If you don't like loot systems that benefit the guild first and yourself second, then don't join them, but the odds are if you go that route you won't be killing Trak either.

Edited, Fri Mar 22 13:06:52 2002
RE: hmmm
# Feb 22 2002 at 7:52 PM Rating: Good
Guilds like that tend to run out of members fast. Anyway, it's not effective if the 51 sk wins the roll on that 1 raid out of 10 he attends to per year, while the 59 warrior who's at every raid being main tank trying to keep the mobs on him has to stick to his FBSS, and possibly gets the guild killed cause he couldn't hold the aggro on him cause he wasn't hitting fast enough.
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 10 2001 at 10:55 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hahaha hell yes!
Who wants this?
# Oct 22 2001 at 8:44 PM Rating: Excellent
92 posts
Nice cloak. I cannot think of any class who would not want this, or who could not use this, seriously. It offers something for everyone.

I don't honestly think Verant sits around thinking, " what item could we design that would appeal only to casters?" I think every one needs to get over the fact that this item or that item is a "that class" or "this class" item. Geez folks, lighten up and just play the game.

This only way any of you can convince me that your arguement should even begin to be listened to, is if you are a tank, have no caster twinks, no caster friends who you'd plan to give this to, and then argue it is a caster-only item. Or, it you are a caster, have no melee twinks nor friends who had melee characters you had in mind for this, and argued that the melee guy needs it for the haste and strength..... etc., etc., etc.

Someone standing there arguing with me that I should not be allowed to roll on this, or should not be given this, because it is OBVIOUSLY for HIS type of class, and his type of class alone!, just tells me that someone needs to go back to kindergarten and learn how to play well with others. They obviously didn't learn everything they needed to the first time around.

We all have the same problems in the game, trying to find decent equipment for our level, gaining experience, ..... for those who are interested and adult, they should go read Tweety's rant from November of 2000. The last one in 2000. Don't let this happen to you. (And no, I am not posting a link.) (And for those of you who think, "aww-right!, that's the way it's supposed to go!", please grab a towel and remove yourself from the gene-pool, now, please.)
# Oct 09 2001 at 1:31 AM Rating: Decent
this thing dropped off of track last night. my guild must have been high cuz no one wanted it or anything. so my moron guild leader took it and destroyed it. not lying!!!

druzzil ro had a sad day in sebilis last night
RE: dropped
# Nov 17 2001 at 5:19 AM Rating: Decent
Honestly , if as u claim Nobody wanted and then the guild leader Destroyed? lol 20 bucks says your making stuff up, or he guild leader suckered u all outta a cloak...wonder how much he got for it?
RE: dropped
# Nov 26 2001 at 7:22 PM Rating: Decent
DOH!!! Does the phrase "No Drop" mean anything to you???
RE: dropped
# Oct 09 2001 at 5:13 AM Rating: Default
Your kidding. This cloak is awesome for ANY class. Nice AC, Haste and STR for melee, pretty low weight for monks, great INT and WIS for casters and nice SvM and SvF for all.

I can't imagine a guild that has only players who would destroy that still fighting Trakanon. Those people better start camping ToV, Sleepers Tomb and so on.
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