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Mystic Cloak  

Slot: BACK
Charges: 10
AC: 8
This item can be used in tradeskills.
INT: +5
Effect: Steelskin (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant)
WT: 0.5 Size: MEDIUM

Item Type:Armor
Lucy Entry By:Tiana
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-09-08 13:02:07
Page Updated:Mon Apr 10th, 2017

Expansion: Original Original

Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 35

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
The Mystic Cloak

Crafted: This item is crafted by players.


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Plane of Knowledge
Quest Name
Mystic Cloak Recharge

Used in 1 recipe.
Recipe list - Premium only.

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name

The quest starts in Najena, but the key (the rare component for the quest) is dropped in Unrest.

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Doing this quest as a DE Necromancer
# Jul 15 2015 at 8:29 AM Rating: Decent
If you are a Dark Elf (and even worse, a Necromancer) and want to do this quest, you'll need to do a few extra steps. After retrieving the key from a priest of najena, you need to raise faction for Keepers of the Art before you can finish the rest of the quest. You can progression part way further if you have an enchanter charm Linara Parlone in Najena before you turn in the key, however afterwards you'll need to raise your faction. If you don't have an enchanter, then you'll need to faction grind before turning into Linara.

I went to the commonlands and bought about 3000 batwings (30pp total) off of the merchants there; there's an Erudite merchant in the middle of the zone that had them. Afterwards, you'll need to head to Felwithe and you'll need to bring someone who can keep invisible up on you. You'll need to seek out Niola Impholder in the mage guild. Even though she cons as scowling, she won't attack you. If you try to give her batwings, she'll reject you. However, if you open up the trade window and then have your partner cast invisible on you, you can then turn them in and receive faction. Also you can turn in up to 400 at one time, so you can get it done pretty quickly. Please note that this will only give you faction with the turn in mobs, and not the city guards so you'll still need to sneak around to finish.

Once you are finished with the quest, you'll most likely have to re-raise your faction with The Dead. I found that killing the arcane incantators / shapeshifters in nektulos forest (near the wizard spire) was the best, giving +5 faction a pop and having a fast respawn - it only took about 2 hours before I was back to kindly with The Dead.

Good luck!
unrest item search
# Jun 16 2011 at 9:50 PM Rating: Decent
109 posts
this shows up as a dropped item from unrest. the only item related to the cloak dropped in unrest is the key. fyi. thanks.
Reagent Needed
# Nov 07 2004 at 1:40 AM Rating: Decent
37 posts
Sent correction info. I got this cloak today and it does need a jasper for the steelskin effect.

41 Enchanter
# Feb 29 2004 at 12:44 PM Rating: Decent
i looted the key in Unrest, can i MQ it or should i just destroy it ? thank you
RE: mq
# Aug 05 2004 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
one question....which server did you loot it on?....and I think no to your question, cause its a single turn in iteam.
# Sep 11 2003 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
I have a Iksar necromancer. How do we go about getting this seeing we are KOS in two spots?
RE: Question
# Nov 27 2003 at 7:37 AM Rating: Default
As an Iksar, you're not able to wear it in the first place...

The only people tat should have trouble are Dark Elves, since I don't think the other races are KoS to each other. Even the Dark Elves should be okay, if they aren't Innoruuk worshippers. For Dark Elf Necromancers... you might need an illusion potion, ro something similar.
RE: Question
# Jan 03 2004 at 11:41 PM Rating: Default
24 posts
Iksars can use the cloak.
- DocJones -

Aradune Server
Animaster 65 Barbarian Beastlord
Szeles 82 High Elf Magician
Killed Priest Twice
# May 05 2003 at 6:32 PM Rating: Decent
I just left Unrest with my key in hand. I had actually come just to get my Page 2 of Magi Kot and while here decided to kill the Priest and do this quest. My 1st kill on him was solo with 51 Earth Pet and by that I mean PET pretty much soloed him. The room he pops in is just big enough so that he can keep hitting & casting on you unless you just get the hell out of it and come down the stairs away from him. I did so and ran smack into an undead parade. Now plz let me say I was quite foolish going into this ,fooled into false security by everything conning green. Anyhow, 1st attempt ended in me high tailing to zone and seeing "Your standing with Najena can't possibly get any worse" just as I hit it. Pet had about 10% health left & I attribute that to the Priest healing himself at every given opportunity. I say that due to the results of Kill #2 where I actually got to loot the key off him & he had NO chance to heal himself. Attemp 2 consisted of a 51 Druid helping me due to the fact the person she was PLing went AWOL and left her there in zone. Forgive me but I can't remember the Druids name but her main is Aaeiny on Rodcet (Thanks very much for your help. 2nd kill went easily as the poor Priest never got a chance to get the heal spell off and the pet and Druid flat wore him out. The spawn time was approx 20-25 minutes and no placeholders popped, it was just a LONG back to back spawn. Unless I just got lucky and got 2 in a row to pop I don't think it has a placeholder.
# Apr 28 2003 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
This cloak looks great. Myself and two friends have made one attempt to get it, but didn't have a lot of time for a long camp. I'm a 33rd level wiz and my friends are a 39th level monk and a 31st level ranger. Didn't take very long (following the instructions posted on the quest description on this site) to find the correct room of the spawn. Unfortunately, the PoN wasn't there -- I assume the mobs we killed were place holders. So, I'm going to have to go back there and sit the long camp when I have more time.

What I'd like to know is, why would anybody recharge this cloak when it looks like it would be more challenging to do so than just simply re-doing the quest?

Blasstor Misthammer -- Wizard/33
"Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I turn your head into a canoe."

Edited, Mon Apr 28 09:00:48 2003
Recharging the mystic cloak
# Oct 28 2002 at 11:23 PM Rating: Default
With the pop expension u can now recharge your myctic cloack. There is a NPC in POK that will tell u how to recharge it.(Sorry didnt write the name). I think u have to wear the cloak for him to tell u how how to recharge it. It involve some Tailoring and buying a steelskin scroll and a talisman. I hope it help
RE: Recharging the mystic cloak
# Nov 23 2002 at 5:14 AM Rating: Excellent
Actually it seams the real trade skill you need is Jewel Crafting, based on the text it sounds like the tailoring combine will be a no fail attempt.

NPC Text-
Cadelawin Browan says 'I figured that would be your next question. Each enchanted cloak has its own brooch, and you need to know the specifics of the brooch for your cloak in order to replace it. You happen to be in luck today as I happen to know the specifications for the cloak associated with the Mystic Cloak. First you will need talisman made from Chrysoberyl. That talisman will need to be affixed inside a Planar Jeweler's kit by a skilled jewelcrafter to an enchanted platinum bar with a magic scroll of steelskin and a vial of distilled mana. Once you have the brooch simply attach it to your cloak in one of the looms you can find in Jeral, it shouldn't be terribly difficult.'
While you're in Najena...
# Sep 02 2002 at 1:32 AM Rating: Decent
It makes sense to go ahead and do this quest while in Najena. Of course, go to Unrest first to get the key, but you can turn the note in while camping mages for the focus item quest items. The High Elf is in the cell, right next to a room full of Magi who can be single pulled through their cell bars... no key required. I was lucky enough to be in Unrest tonight while some high levels were just kicking around, and one ooc'd that the Priest had just gone down, if anyone was interested... Being a Gnome Mage of only 13th Level, I *DO* get curious....

Ghoti - Gnomish Mage of the 13th Summoning
Dark Elves
# Aug 17 2002 at 2:08 PM Rating: Default
AARRGH, I did this quest the first time, but when I gave the faded cloak to the wife, she took it, said something about me being a bad person, then attacked me. Nothing in return. I had some high level enchanters help me out the first time, but I would like to be able to do this on my own. Any idea where the Balls of Golem Clay drop now? PLEASE?!

Edited, Sun Sep 1 03:56:34 2002
Re: Can Iksars use it?
# Apr 23 2002 at 1:26 AM Rating: Decent
Could anyone who has the cloak please confirm that Iksars can use the Mystic Cloak? I'd like to know for certain before trying to buy charms and wolf forms everywhere. I already have the key.


45 Iksar
Morell Thule
RE: Re: Can Iksars use it?
# May 18 2003 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
Heh, seeing that you have to get into Felwithe AND Erud your Iksar is S.O.L since Iksars are hated BIG time in both cities. Sorry for the bad news.
RE: Re: Can Iksars use it?
# Jun 19 2002 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
Yes just did this quest today It is.. the race list is..


The class list is still the same
RE: Re: Can Iksars use it?
# Nov 21 2002 at 8:46 PM Rating: Good
Gotta love them Vah Shir necromancers.
# Mar 19 2002 at 3:16 AM Rating: Good
Ok here is the scoop as of March 19, 2002 right before the patch.

I did this quest with me level 28 chanter.(I didnt get the key buy fighting. Some high level killed the priest and I looted it.)

Ok you have to kill the priest in unrest and loot the key. I dont know the spawn time or the place holder but I know he is on the second/third floor somewhere and I just kill everything.

Ok get the key and go to nagajen(sp) in Lavastorm.The lady you are looking for is in the lower level with the cells (10# on the eqatlas map)
At this point my level 28 chanter did this on his own. Elemental illusion will make you warmly in here so I would advise it as a Chanter.Tell the Npc chanter in the cell with the injured halfling "how can i help" and she will say something or other. Give her the key and she gives you a note.

I paid a druid to port me to BB and then ran to felwithe. Her father is the one on the pier fishing solo as you go near the water in Felwithe.
Say "who is your duaghter" and he will go on. Give him the note and he gives you a cloak ac 5 and sends you to Erud. I had the same druid port me to Tox and paid him then ran to Erud. As you zone in go up the teleporter and the make your way right up the stairs. Jump on the teleporter and go striaght across the room up the stairs and up 2 floors. You will notice the npc mother becuase she is the only High elf among all the Erud's. Say to her "who is your husband" and she goes on. Give her the note and she will give you back the mystic cloak (see above for stats)
I had to test it being the explorer that I am.
I did it from the inventory slot to see if it had to be worn to cast.... Guess what. It DOES NOT have to be worn to cast. So that means any class/race can get the cloak for the 10 charges of steelskin.
Woot my cleric has the key and will be doing this.Also I am going to do it for my Main. SteelSkin isnt the best spell in the game but I am sure it sticks with Rune and on raids 200hp's will give you just enough time to stop attacking or do something to get away/gate/FD/cast jolt..

WOOT glade I finally finished this quest for my Enchanter and glade I could answer the question on if it could be casted from the inventory slot.

# Feb 19 2002 at 2:27 AM Rating: Decent
Does this have to be equiped to use?
RE: Usability?
# Mar 03 2002 at 12:08 AM Rating: Decent
49 posts
Priest jumped me while I was helping a friend so now I have the cloak. Anyway, I put it in an open inventory slot and I was able to cast steelskin on me (Druid).

Edited, Sun Mar 3 00:08:31 2002
# Feb 12 2002 at 9:18 AM Rating: Default
Is there anyway to recharge this? Do any items in game have a capability to recharge their procs?
RE: Recharge
# Apr 13 2002 at 8:03 PM Rating: Default
In answer to your question, no you can't recharge this, there are items that have triggered effects that can be recharged (the only ones that come to mind right now are the tinkered gnome armor, you use a battery bought in Iceclad Ocean to recharge them)
RE: Recharge
# Oct 23 2002 at 3:34 PM Rating: Excellent
Extra Extra! New PoP quest to recharge the cloak!

Hail Cadelawin Browan And they say something about a mystic cloakand how the brooch is only thing that looses magic, so you need to make a new brooch, sounds easy enough eh?

Brooch= Crysoberyl Talisman + Enchanted Platinum Bar + scroll of steelskin + vial of distilled mana, combine in a Planar jeweler's kit, not sure of trivial, most likely above 200, not verified by EQtraders, just a guesstimate )

Recharging Cloak = Brooch + Mystic Cloak in a Loom of Jeral, probably found in the Plane of Knowledge. Again, not sure of trivial, might even be a no fail combine because this would be a good cloak to lose to failure.

Well, now this is how you recharge your Mystic Cloak, for the full story, check the EQtraders PoP message boards, the thread is called "Planar Jewelcraft recipe/quest. I think I'll try to get one of these cloaks, and good luck on recharging it! ^_^

Edit: Cadelawin Browan is found in PoK hehe, don't know loc tho, sry (

Edited, Wed Oct 23 16:16:46 2002
# Jan 16 2002 at 1:58 AM Rating: Default
The effect steelskin is a wizzy spell 30+ lvl ( dont remember it exactly, ask Thist)acts as a dmg absorber of up to 230 or so dmg. Also if you do fall into the "pit trap" you dont really need the key. Kill the mob in the cell, and "auto-run' ( num lock) at the cell bars, wiggling left and right. You will eventually pop thru, and voila! Right next to linara parlone's cell.

Edited, Wed Jan 16 01:59:56 2002
# Nov 23 2002 at 5:26 AM Rating: Good
Sorry guys, you still need the key. You have to give the key to Linara. You don't need to even get into the cell with her, as she is usually near the side and you can pass it through the bars. Besides the key to get into the cell is a different key than the quest key that drops in Unrest.
# Mar 17 2002 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent

Then what do you give Mrs Parlone once you're in there? Advice on how to get out? You have to give her the key to accomplish the quest, it matters not how you get to her.
# Apr 09 2002 at 6:20 AM Rating: Decent
If one is doing the quest for the item (and not for RPing), then you'll probably have Gate. Cast, poof, "Hey honey, I'm home".

Wiggling through the bars... that's a funny idea, and I'm surprised it works.
# Nov 21 2002 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
Hehe sounds funny but I did run through the bars...hehe I fell in and panicked but a good buddy of mine advised me about the trick of running and wriggling...after that I did it quite often for fun. That is till that stupid greenie decided to hit me (Tentacle Terror **** burn!). Anywho, the cloak sounds nice =-)

Sirulus Delon
Mage, 52nd Chapter

(Anyone ever try kiting with a lvl 17 Ranger? I do it but more often than not I get adds. Thank God for SoW, root, snare, and that bridge from SK to NK hehe.)
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 04 2002 at 3:56 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Edited, Mon Feb 4 15:01:51 2002
easy quest..
# Nov 30 2001 at 2:57 AM Rating: Default
This quest was easy once I had the key from the Priest of Najena in Unrest. Camped him on and off for 3 days, binding at zone and returning every hour or so. In any event, he was a pretty tough kill solo, as he heals himself and the nearby mobs aggro'd me every time. However, once I got the key, the rest was cake. Walked into Najena invis'ed, followed the floorplan, and right to the jail cells. Contrary to an earlier post, if you go through the 'pit trap', you WILL NOT end up in the cell you need. I didn't have the cell key, so I followed an Ogre Guard as he did his rounds. Took me right to Ms Parlone (daughter). Didn't have to chat, just hand her the key and she gives you the note. Then, a port to GFay took me to the father, handed him the note, again no chat, and he gave me the cloak. Off to Erudin palace, Chanter guild, and gave the cloak to Mrs. Parlone. Didn't need to do all that confusing dialogue stuff as with other quests. The +5 int will certainly come in handy!
RE: easy quest..
# Jun 01 2002 at 5:25 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Wrong. I dropped down the pit trap and landed right next to her and gave her the key no problem.
RE: easy quest..
# Jun 11 2002 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
there are two different pit traps, i just jumped in the wrong one lol, use the westernmost one on the eqatlas map marked by an X and you'll land on her head, the other pit had a tentacle terror in it.

P.S. doing this quest as a 17 wizzie, with a little help from a 45 druid guildie:) got a staff of temperate flux too. much thanx to Yoya Mooncaster XOXOXO

Edited, Tue Jun 11 18:37:51 2002
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 02 2001 at 10:10 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ok this is a sinch if you got a chanter friend or have the time to get 3 balls of clay from cazic thule. Just hand the items in when the npc is charmed or you have your elemental illusion on... Necro's dont worry about the faction hits on the dead you can just kill the npc that starts the quest in najena to raise faction with the dead again...
Well I feel cheap!
# Sep 17 2001 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
67 posts
I went to Unrest to grab a few quest items for my necro and mage, and a kind Palladin sends me a tell and asks if I am a pure caster. I say yes, and he tells me that the Priest of Najena is up. So he helps me kill her, and lets me loot the key off her corpse. Not to **** you guys off who camped her even more, but the only reason I was playing was because I couldn't sleep last night (ironic that I was in Unrest).

Aderation, you rock buddy. I wish there were more people like you in the game! I vow that I will return the favour someday.
Can Iksar wear this?
# Aug 29 2001 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
I know some of the photo's online here don't reflect items that Iksar can now wear with the Kunark expansion. Does anybody know if Iksar can wear this item? Is there any feasible way for an Iksar Necro to do this quest (sounds next to impossible due to faction requirements), or should I just expect to have to try and buy it from somebody? Any idea on going price?
RE: Can Iksar wear this?
# Aug 31 2001 at 12:51 PM Rating: Decent
Can't buy it, NO DROP =)
Dark Elves are able
# Aug 27 2001 at 8:51 AM Rating: Decent
76 posts
There is a quest in Neriak involving killing halflings in Nektulos (Innoruuk Disciple quest). In the process of this quest, you get a mask that casts 1 charge of Halfling Illusion. It may be possible for Dark Elves to do this quest a couple times to gain the trust of the good races to do the quest.
RE: Dark Elves are able
# Sep 17 2001 at 9:13 AM Rating: Decent
67 posts
But probably won't work unless you're agnostic. My experience has been that religion is equally as important as race for faction. Therefore a follower of Innoruk in Halfling form is still not gonna be non-kos to guards in RV. When I first started doing the stein of moggok for instance, I was told that the quest could be done in Gnome form (lvl 8) rather than waiting for Illusion Dak elf (lvl 12). Turns out I was still KOS in gnome form because I was a follower of Prexus. So be carefull, and it may be necessary to get an item that casts allliance or benevolance (enchanter faction boosting spells).
DE Agnostic
# Jul 23 2001 at 12:48 PM Rating: Default
Well, I got the cloak as a Dark Elf, Agnostic mage. Here is what I did:

Lindara Ball of Clay Apprehnsively
Father Shared Wolf Form Indifferent
Wife Ball of Clay Apprehnsively

Now, I conned 'Ready to attack' normally. I gained faction with Eruidans prior (Warrens and Heritic Bone quest).

Note: I had invised self in Erudan becase Elemental Illusions are KOS to guards. When I traded with WIFE, I noticed that I remained invisible, so you MIGHT be able to hand in the last item invisible (invisible didnt pop like it normally does, so I remained indifferent).
eurdite necro
# Jul 05 2001 at 6:40 PM Rating: Decent
arn't eurdites kos in felwith?

24 necro

cazic-thule server
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 06 2001 at 6:05 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) erudites aren't, just necros.
RE: eurdite necro
# Aug 15 2001 at 4:09 AM Rating: Decent
Wrong, I have a Gnome Necro and I have gone into Felwithe all conned either dubious or apprehensive, same in Kelethin.
RE: eurdite necro
# Jul 09 2001 at 10:31 AM Rating: Default
I have an erudite necro and I can enter Felwithe. Go play in CB for a couple of hours and you should be all set.

RE: eurdite necro
# Sep 04 2001 at 12:20 AM Rating: Default
erm, if i were a necro i wouldnt touch cb with a 10 foot pole, that is unless you want your dark friends the tier dal to hate your guts...
RE: eurdite necro
# Oct 03 2001 at 10:37 PM Rating: Decent
Crushbone Orcs are allied with the Indigo Brotherhood, so when you are going to kill Crushbone Orcs you will ruin your IB Faction which is not too bad 'cos that is the faction of the Warriors Guild only. The Guards of Neriak are on Dread Outer/Inner faction. Just watch out the Dragoons though, they are Warriors :)

RE: eurdite necro
# Jul 18 2001 at 8:00 PM Rating: Decent
All that matters is what your faction with Keepers of Arts (HE Casters). If it is less than Dubious, then you will need to either faction up or use balls of clay (or have enchanter charm each npc)
12 hour camp for the priest
# Jun 22 2001 at 10:04 AM Rating: Decent
12 hour camp for the priest over 2 days, 8 hours in one 4 in the other. 55 minute spawn. However it did spawn twice in a row when it finally spawned.
recharging items
# Jun 12 2001 at 4:41 PM Rating: Default
The only item i know of for sure that could be recharged (and I cant ever recall the name of it now) was the ring that had charges of gate. It could be recharged through a mini quest but like good 'ol veriant love to do they tokk it out of the game and also took out the recharged quest.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 08 2001 at 5:33 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I find it amusing when people say magic (non tinkered) items can be recharged, yet not once have I seen anyone explain exactly how this is done.
RE: Charges
# Jul 09 2002 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
Most magic items are not rechargable, but a handful are.

For instance, I have a Wall Squad Ring. It holds a single charge of Heal. Once I use it, I stop by the Church of Mischief on my next trip through Rivervale and hand it to the head priestess. She happily recharges it and hands it back to me. The Kerran Fishing Spear is another item that can be recharged, and others exist.

However, the vast majority are not rechargable.

half-elf bard, Terris-Thule
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