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Kingly Boots of Splendor  

Slot: FEET
AC: 14
STR: +8 STA: +8 WIS: +4 INT: +4 HP: +65 MANA: +25 ENDUR: +25
Recommended level of 53.
WT: 2.1 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Color (RGB):0, 0, 0
Merchant Value:50 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Submitted By:Xion Ei'Dizok
Lucy Entry By:Kanax
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-08-06 07:13:40
Page Updated:Mon Oct 26th, 2020

Expansion: Lost Dungeons of Norrath Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Average Price: 4,400pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 50

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This item is found on creatures.

Temple of Droga 2.0
NPC Name
Flame Master Japal

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Temple of Droga 2.0

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Kingly Boots of Splendor
# Sep 25 2004 at 7:58 AM Rating: Default

Kingly Boots of Splendor is some nice boots. My dwarven work boots needs an upgrate, might i buy Kingly Boots of Splendor.

RE: Kingly Boots of Splendor
# Sep 28 2004 at 12:19 PM Rating: Excellent
Yes, you might.
# Aug 20 2004 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
Camped this guy for a month off and on, gave up logged in a alt I had camped there and there he was, dropped boots, solod by 65 chanter time/ele gear
AC vs HP
# Feb 15 2004 at 12:15 PM Rating: Default
Yun, for warriors many have come to the conclusion that AC is more important that HP since you are always tanking and need to mitigate damage. HP helps a great deal, but not a better replacement for so much lost AC.
76 HP Gain!
# Jan 28 2004 at 3:22 AM Rating: Good
I am a level 65 Warrior with full HP/defensive AA's and I gained 76 HP by upgrading to these from Boots of the Myrmidon (Skyshrine quested, 28 ac, 2 dex, 4 sta, 25 hp, 1 vs all) but lost 22 AC. I'm hoping the AC loss isn't too much of a big deal, but the 76 HP gain seems like a LOT to me.

Smiley: yippee
65 bst solo?
# Nov 11 2003 at 10:11 AM Rating: Default
18 posts
Think a 65 bst with high kei,virtue and high resits can solo this camp and Japal I have 72 AAs??????
# Aug 08 2003 at 10:31 AM Rating: Default
Can a ssra/VT geared 65 SK solo this camp?
RE: soloable?
# Aug 23 2003 at 11:43 AM Rating: Default
No, they are nukers, they'd eat you alive, and there's no space to fear kite. But if you take along one good high level healer of any type you can do it.
RE: soloable?
# Aug 28 2003 at 1:11 PM Rating: Decent
Actually, you do have a chance BECAUSE they are nukers. That I supposed the Ssra/ VT gears will give you in general 200+ resist to all. SK doesn't have slow spell so you want them to cast instead of melee.

65 Bst here, have no Ssra/ VT gear at all, but I do have resists merely passing the 200 mark with Ferocity on. Resist/ partial resist any type of spells 90% of time, named or normal mobs. 3 things will still land realiably - Harmtouch / Lifetap / necro Heat Blood or Ignite Blood, other than that it's resist or they would make a scratch with it.

# Jul 28 2003 at 9:32 PM Rating: Default
49 posts
I'm sorry for the rant, but Risk vs. Reward is so skewed with all the new loot coming out in zones like Droga, Chardok-B, Veskar etc. Put these boots next to Boots of the Storm which still requires a decent-sized raid force to obtain (Tormax) compared to a mob in Droga some people can pretty much solo. Sure Boots of the Storm are still better for a tank, but you're looking at a difference of roughly 20hp and a cut in AC/Strength (which as everyone knows both stats haven't mattered for a year or two). Plus, these have better saves and add about 40 mana or more to hybrids.

Good job, SOE! Keep the masses appeased.
RE: Pfft
# Aug 07 2003 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
I agree some of the new items suffer from mudflation but mudflation has been going on in EQ since Velious. Of course before that too but it really got nuts with NTOV loot. The high end raiders could have complained then and said it was not the direction to go with the game but they were not going to kill the golden goose, they liked their new toys. Now mudflation has trickled down and you no longer have to be a raider to get an overly good item. Too late to complain now.
RE: Pfft
# Aug 03 2003 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
as far as i know these boots are his rare drop, not his common, takes about 5 phs to spawn him, then he would drop boots about 1/10, 20 min spawn time. ^_^
RE: Pfft
# Sep 03 2003 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
These are his common drop...on 2 different oocations we have gotten 3 of them in about 2 hours. Easy as heck to get/profit on.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 29 2003 at 1:34 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Yeah, melee mitigation and atk (which = dps) havent been important for a long time now.
RE: Pfft
# Aug 05 2003 at 2:35 PM Rating: Default
He does have a point. Compare these to warrior myrmidon boots (which requires alot more effort to get)


So the rist vs. reward out of wack. A level 56 mob in droga vs. Dragons in TOV HOT.
# Jul 27 2003 at 1:55 AM Rating: Default
Anyone know how much these boots are being sold?

Can't seem to find any reference to its price.
RE: Price
# Sep 26 2003 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
75 posts
7-10k on The Rathe
# Jul 17 2003 at 6:36 AM Rating: Default
Ouch not cleric usable. Reminds me of that belt of defense that drops in Maidens Eye that is not cleric usable either. A feeling of despair in all clerics in both cases :). So strange this is all plate wearable but cleric. Oh well.
RE: Boots
# Jul 26 2003 at 12:15 AM Rating: Default
Dunno if ya noticed or not but no priest can use these boots, only melee and hybrid types. monk beastlord ranger and rogue cant wear plate either.
# Jul 15 2003 at 2:39 PM Rating: Default
can anyone hook us up with some info of which mob drops this and their general location? I know the old droga pretty well so I figure I could get me a pair..
RE: info?
# Jul 23 2003 at 1:51 PM Rating: Default
21 posts
Flame Master Japal pops in the table room (Inner Sanc) at the spit.
He also dropped:
Brilliant Chain Mail
AC: +25 Str: +7 Dex: +10 Sta: +5 HP: +70 Mana: +35 SvDisease: +10 SvPoison: +10
Weight: 3.1 Size: Large
Race: ALL
Raktavija Seraphim - Rainbow Powered Blade Dancer

Draggun Brellfyre - High Templar of Brell
RE: info?
# Jul 19 2003 at 3:12 PM Rating: Default
flame master japal drops it hes level 58 or 56 i think i dont know where he pops though :(

Edited, Sat Jul 19 16:05:05 2003
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 02 2003 at 1:17 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) More cookie-cutter loot on the way from Legends...
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