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Ornate Breastplate Mold  

WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Item Type:Misc
Merchant Value:0 pp 0 gp 0 sp 1 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-03-03 19:12:37
Page Updated:Wed Jun 17th, 2009
Planes of Power Item

Average Price: 120,000pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 62

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Drunder, Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)Halls of HonorSolusek Ro's TowerTorden, the Bastion of Thunder

Quests: This item is used in quests.
Plane of Tranquility

Used in 5 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.

Zone(s) Found In:

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Wrong SolRo
# Dec 21 2007 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
92 posts
Under where this is found it should say Tower of Solusek Ro not Temple.
# Sep 09 2005 at 6:56 PM Rating: Decent
with my 52 war with pov pos flag would not let me do quest to make just fyi.
# Oct 22 2004 at 5:05 AM Rating: Decent
429 posts
I don't know why the Bazaar price is so high, I sometime see them for 40K-60K. It's probably dependent on servers.
royal "vs" ornate
# Aug 01 2004 at 12:21 PM Rating: Good
ok guys here is the breakdown of the 2 sets

Ornate // Royal Attendant
AC =298 // 314
STR = 49 // 34
DEX = 34 // 0
STA = 58 // 46
AG = 26 // 31
MAG = 27 // 29
HP =530 // 625
END = 0 // 570
Slot 7 = 8 // 0
Slot 1 = 0 // 8
slot 2 = 0 // 8
slot 3 = 0 // 8

On one hand:
The bonus to the ornate gear is its straight attack bonuses , and some shammy spell like effects.

The main bonus to the royal gear is it's huge amount of aug slots that are availiable for you to customize.

On the other hand:
Ornate gear is way expensive until you can find a way to start making 10K at a pop and if you have a shammy around, the effects become mute.

Royal gear will take, time and lots of it. If you are level 65 doing only hards you get 105 adv points from each Ldon, and all 8 peices cost you 11,600 thats 111 Ldons wich is (averaging 70 minutes per try and not counting fails = 130 hours) not counting the time it would take to buy the good augs.

So to sum it all up:
If your rich buy the ornate, if your bored earn the royal attendant.

Yes their are other stats with the gears , but you can look up the rest :/

Hey I'm a warrior and those are the stats I look for.

Edited, Sun Aug 1 13:24:34 2004
Classes, names and effects
# Apr 20 2004 at 2:30 AM Rating: Default
Bard - Composers Chestplate
Effect: Warsong of Zek =

1: Increase Attack Speed by 60%
2: Increase STR by 36 (L62) to 37 (L65)
3: Increase ATK by 17 (L62) to 18 (L65)
4: Increase Damage Shield by 15

Cleric - Breastplate of Vengeful Fury
Effect: Blessing of Reverence =

1: Increase Spell Haste by 10%
2: Limit: Max Level(65)
3: Limit: Spell(Complete Healing excluded)
4: Limit: Min Casting Time(3.00 sec)
5: Limit: Effect(Percentage Heal excluded)

Paladin - Jaylia's Valiant Chestplate
Effect: Crusader's Touch

1: Decrease Disease Counter by 20
2: Decrease Poison Counter by 20
3: Decrease Curse Counter by 5

Shadowknight - Breastplate of Emblazoned Souls
Effect: Add proc: Shroud of Death Strike (1 min root, -200 MR)

Warrior - Kizrak's Chestplate of Battle
Effect: Shield of the Arcane

1: Increase Max Hitpoints by 298 (L61) to 300 L62)
2: Increase AC by 34 (L61) to 36 (L65)
3: Stacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'Max Hitpoints' and < 1300
6: Increase Magic Resist by 30
Veludeus Exmachina - Bristlebane

*rate the posts, please*
RE: Classes, names and effects
# Aug 02 2004 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
Is it no longer Shroud of death on SK breastplate? whats the root about?
economy control
# Feb 01 2004 at 9:13 PM Rating: Decent
much talk about exploits and plat sellers. So make a simple change: if the maximum selling price in bazaar vendor mode was 20k (or whatever is "reasonable") then at least more work by real players would be involved in selling uber items. Make it a hassle to control the high end economy. Or at least make it a beast unto itself. could even make a high end bazaar in plane of tranquility... want to buy the great stuff better be large. Long post but really, tweak the game to beat the cheaters.
# Dec 04 2003 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
Oooops ment to enter a price of 265,000pp not 265pp (that would be bargain of the Century otherwise!) :)
RE: Pricing
# Feb 21 2004 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
ahh I hit one less zero than it was selling for, so I messed up crazy overpriced listing. But 1 out of 24 prices doesn't have much effect on reported price when one person accounts for 10 of the price postings
RE: Pricing
# Feb 21 2004 at 1:15 PM Rating: Default

Edited, Sat Feb 21 13:16:25 2004
you need more than 55
# Oct 09 2003 at 10:07 PM Rating: Default
You need to be atleast 60 to even think about going into that zone or kill that dragon other wise youg et whiped out

62 warlord Quellious
Battlefury Herosaver
RE: you need more than 55
# Oct 23 2003 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
He isnt saying need to be 55 to obtain it, you can buy it easily

He means you just need to be lvl 55 to do the Combine to make the actually BP from the Mold
RE: you need more than 55
# May 24 2004 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
Actually you don't need to be 55 to do the combine, jsut to get the forge and emblem needed. For example, I had a 55 Sk friend grab me the emblem and forge, while a 65 SK friend grabbed my the mold. I did the combine, and I'm a 42 SK.
RE: you need more than 55
# Jun 21 2004 at 8:41 PM Rating: Decent
619 posts
I guess you are on FV. on the normal servers the forge is no drop.
RE: you need more than 55
# Jun 21 2004 at 4:45 PM Rating: Default
don't know bout other servers bu' atleast on Bertox the forge is no drop so a 42 can't do the combine
# Sep 11 2003 at 7:29 AM Rating: Decent
Yep level 55, no ands ifs or buts about it.
lvl 55 is all that is needed now
# Jul 27 2003 at 9:27 PM Rating: Excellent
43 posts
after the patch you don't have to have any flags you only have to be lvl 55 and have the mold, the sheets, the tanaan hammer, and 500 pp and you can wear all ornate armor.
RE: lvl 55 is all that is needed now
# Oct 23 2003 at 1:32 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
OR you can have the same flags required before patch, and be any level 46 or higher. They didn't take away the ability to get flagged to make Ornate, they just ADDED an alternative way.
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