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Claymore of the Righteous  

Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 28
DMG: 25 Dmg Bonus: 30 AC: 8
Magic DMG: 2
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
STR: +6 WIS: +6 HP: +35
Required level of 55.
Effect: Light Healing (Combat, Casting Time: Instant)
WT: 3.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: PAL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)
Item Type:1H Slashing
Submitted By:Spectrez Scythebane
Lucy Entry By:jagg
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2020-11-24 06:01:36
Page Updated:Fri Nov 28th, 2008
Planes of Power Item

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 55

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Plane of Justice

Zone(s) Found In:

Uploaded August 3rd, 2018 by fcoty28
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From Grallok underlord.
# Nov 28 2008 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
Dropped of the grallok underlord today. Was surprised to see it drop since it's not in his loot table yet.
Marshall Stamm Bladecaster -
<Temerity> -
on Al`Kabor for EQMac...the closest thing to a "Classic" server that we'll ever see.
# May 03 2004 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
Question. If I got this for my Paladin, added a LDoN proc like heated blade, and cast divine might, would all the procs work? I mean, if i have enough dexterity would they all show up? Don't need them all to proc at once but I have heard that a weapon can only have two procs and was wondering if all of them could go off, or just two?
RE: Procs
# May 17 2004 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
I can confirm that multiple procs do work. I have a Hammer of Silent Screams which has a 180 point heal proc (knight's blessing), and it is augmented with heated blade. The heal, heated blade, divine might, and lifetap in werewolf form (from enchy illusion) ALL proc. I proc so much that I had to lower my settings because of the lag from all the spell effects.
icon update?
# Apr 12 2004 at 12:54 PM Rating: Decent
Doesn't anyone have an update they can send to Allakhazam's to fix this? Also a link to a screen capture would be nice,to see what this looks like when equipped.
Thanx :-)
1hs neclace
# Oct 19 2003 at 10:27 PM Rating: Default
lol that is great you all make me laugh
Necklace weapon
# Aug 21 2003 at 9:53 AM Rating: Default
Nothing like using a killing device that also serves as a fashion statement. Great at parties!

21 Dwarf Palidan
# Apr 18 2003 at 5:30 PM Rating: Default
if is a zone with lvl 60+ why does it say lvl to
attain N/A i dont get it?
RE: n/a?
# Oct 31 2004 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
52 posts
because whenever someone posted it they didnt fill in that slot. Who Drops this? I really want for my little pally
Roglol Rustyacks of Karana
My-Teeist Oger Warrir

The Grallok Underlord
# Nov 16 2002 at 5:54 AM Rating: Excellent
As everyone can see, yes, that is My name on the item, along with the rest of my group. A little background on the bad boy that drops this sword.

He is a level 60 Grallok deep in the kos tunnels of PoJ. There is a hidden wall inside one of the cells that leads to the tunnels. The network of catacombs is highly dangerous, for as the mobs can see through the walls, and can train you with up to 15 mobs at a time *yes this happened many times on our way to him* We barely got to him and killed him before we wiped. It is not an easy task for one group, but possible. His other drops are unsure, but he has a placeholder, and is hard to camp.

If anyone else has found him, The Grallok Underlord, please post what other loots you may have found. We are interested and intrigued to find more easily obtainable loots for the younger folks in our guilds.

Kedawen Tal'Minastir
61st Season Warlord
Obsidian Guard
Veeshan Server

Edited, Sun Nov 17 01:58:16 2002
Drops Off What?
# Nov 14 2002 at 1:18 PM Rating: Default
So.. what drops this?
one question
# Nov 13 2002 at 10:12 PM Rating: Default
22 posts
one question, when u see the stats on this item it says "primary secondary". is VI impling that pallys got duel weild?? if so i am one happy pally)
RE: one question
# Aug 24 2003 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
114 posts
I'd imagine that like other apparently very strange items, this can be equpipped in your Secondary slot, but can only be used as a focus item there. Obviously I could be wrong, but there are 1HS whip-like weapons for your Waist slot which work the same way.

Someone prove me wrong, cause if Pallies get DW, then my SK wants it as well! ;)
# Nov 13 2002 at 7:53 PM Rating: Default
Isn't a claymore usually a two-handed sword? Why's this thing a 1hs? :p As for the proc, just get HoS or if you're lucky enough to have a primal weapon.
RE: Claymore?
# Nov 14 2002 at 8:14 AM Rating: Default
Claymore is known as: one and ahalf sword aka both 1hand and 2handed
RE: Claymore?
# Nov 14 2002 at 12:06 PM Rating: Default
That's a ******* sword you're thinking of. It's a "hand and a half" sword. A claymore is basically what William Wallace uses in Braveheart.
RE: Claymore?
# Oct 06 2003 at 9:12 AM Rating: Decent
Actually he uses a Scottish Claymore which is to say some what bigger. But yea, Claymores are 2 handed though.
RE: Claymore?
# Dec 31 2003 at 1:49 PM Rating: Excellent
Thats close, but also incorrect. The term Clah-ah-moore, I belive, its been along time since I heard the Real name of the weapon in Gealic, actually means both swords.

The one handed sword, with a broad blade, basket hilt, and usually some type of cloth around the inside of the basket, most often either velvet for royalty, or the same cloth and color patern of the clan of the person that owns the weapon.


The two-handed sword, a war sword, with an overly large hilt and crosspeice, with an additional hand grip (like most war swords) on the blade itself, designed for peircing the opponet when the two handed grip will not allow a large swipe, due to the closeness of mortal combat.

Anyway, both terms of the weapon come from the area that today makes up Scottland, the reason for the confusion and age old argument, is that the original Gealic term doesn't translate well. The modern translation, Claymore, can be used to describe both weapons.
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 12 2002 at 6:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I am so sick of the goody-goody Pally's getting the better equipment and weapons overall...particularly if you are a Iksar SK! You are basically hosed...(
RE: SK's dissed again...
# Dec 16 2002 at 5:53 PM Rating: Decent

Where is the equity?

Next question....

# Nov 12 2002 at 8:31 AM Rating: Default
At 33 hp per proc. from light healing.. u would wanna proc alot..
Very nice
# Nov 11 2002 at 10:49 PM Rating: Decent
As a Paladin, I'll be looking for this. It's an updated Jeldorin - while the proc is nice, it's not something to count on. But while soloing casters, this would definately come in handy. Hell, even in a raid atmosphere against caster MOBs...especially those with AoEs.

It's more like icing on a very nice sword. I normally wouldn't go 1h unless against a caster - the dps just isn't there. But this might make me change my mind.
# Nov 11 2002 at 9:19 PM Rating: Decent
The cloth necklace icon appears if youre using a custom ui that hasnt been properly updated.
If the info cannot find the proper graphic, it will put in the first one on the list, which is the cloth choker.
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 11 2002 at 6:37 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Lol thats too funny, a sword with a necklace icon hehe. Nice stats tho, if i had a pally i'd want one hehe.
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