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Flame Engraved Torque  

AC: 8
WIS: +10 INT: +10 HP: +35 MANA: +35
Recommended level of 50.
WT: 0.8 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Appearance:Velious Leather 2
Color (RGB):0, 0, 0
Lucy Entry By:Melany - Tunare
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-09 11:04:26
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

Expansion: Planes of Power Planes of Power

Average Price: 12,000pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 60

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This item is found on creatures.

Plane of Nightmare
NPC Name
Vhaksiz the Shade

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Plane of Nightmare

Uploaded February 10th, 2019 by Drewinette
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re price
# Jul 22 2003 at 11:53 AM Rating: Default

Edited, Tue Jul 22 12:44:04 2003
# Jan 09 2003 at 8:09 PM Rating: Default
Anyone know what this item is selling for I'm on Veeshan server?
#Izznius, Posted: Nov 27 2002 at 12:57 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Being an Enchanter and doing my trade skills I have noticed that having a higher wis does effect my success in making items. The higher I got my wis the less failures I had. and that is with a int of 255.
RE: Wis and Int
# Dec 01 2002 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
You need to read the developers boards a bit more. There is only ONE thing affects the success or failure of any trade skill combine. That is the current trivial level of item you are trying to combine vs. the skill level you are currently at. The only thing that affects your skill up rate at JC is your intelligence or wisdom which ever is HIGHER. Other trade skill skill ups are affected by different stats. Not sure what they are atm. I am pretty sure that Smithing is Str and tailoring is Dex but not 100% sure.

/sarcasm on

If you sit on the platfom above the bank in Kelkethin facing north while it is raining you almost never fail a combine. If it is night time though you fail a lot unless you are facing south.

/sarcasm off.
50/50 =)
# Apr 10 2003 at 12:36 AM Rating: Decent
okay, youre half right, half wrong =)

SKILL UPS are based solely on your int//wis ratings.

SUCCESSES are based on the trivial of the item youre combining, and some have a Secondary check. Trailoring is Dex, Smithing is Strength.

Then theres the Jewelry, Alchemy, Poison AA's that you can use.

You just kinda had em flip flopped there bro =) good attempt though /smile
RE: 50/50 =)
# May 19 2003 at 5:30 AM Rating: Default
JC and fletching skill ups are influenced by wis/int/dex

smithing is wis/int/str
Back to the Subject
# Oct 29 2002 at 12:40 PM Rating: Default
I have a question for you all. Either the Beastlords stuff just hasnt been found or have we noticed that there is very little that a beastlord can wear that is dropping in PoP. I have lvl 52 BST and am up there occasionally with friends and some times Guild members and watch for new items to come out here and what not. But the fact remains that I have still seen little for my class to wear (Armor) or Equip (Weapons).
Soriab Whitebeast 70 Wildblood
RE: Back to the Subject
# Oct 29 2002 at 4:12 PM Rating: Decent
Hehe, so far we've only seen tradeable items bro. Chill out and wait til you see the higher level ones. You might be surprised how many times I've seen Mnk/Bst items that dropped in Luclin. All you gotta do now is to get higher and wait.
# Oct 28 2002 at 10:58 PM Rating: Default
a torque is a collar, where did anyone turn a collar into a wristband? decent item, I like the fact they're finally making some decent stuff droppable (albeit how rare it's going to be to find em for sale, just look at crystallized acid stuff outta CT ring of slime). Oh well, can't complain, ever seeing one for sale is better than never being able to have the slightest hope of buying one.

Grendon, 61 Ogre Warlord
Bristlebane Server
RE: torque
# Oct 29 2002 at 12:42 AM Rating: Good
actualy a torque is either a bracelet or a necklace. Its Celtic for a open ended circle. they usualy have the head of a horse/dragon/dog on either end.
RE: torque
# Oct 29 2002 at 4:50 AM Rating: Decent
A torque is a rotational force.
You guys, and Verant for that matter, are thinking of a torc.
Verant's English skills are noticably spotty...

(edit: corrected spelling because I'm ****)

Edited, Tue Oct 29 04:31:35 2002
RE: torque
# Oct 29 2002 at 1:40 PM Rating: Excellent
Torque \Torque\, n. [L. torques a twisted neck chain, fr.
torquere to twist.]
1. A collar or neck chain, usually twisted, especially as
worn by ancient barbaric nations, as the Gauls, Germans,
and Britons.

2. [L. torquere to twist.] (Mech.) That which tends to
produce torsion; a couple of forces. --J. Thomson.

3. (Phys. Science) A turning or twisting; tendency to turn,
or cause to turn, about an axis.

From this link

And to be fair I looked it up as torc )

Torc \Torc\ (t[^o]rk), n.
Same as Torque, 1.
From the same link Smiley: boozing

Edited, Tue Oct 29 13:23:12 2002
Nice trend
# Oct 28 2002 at 6:47 PM Rating: Decent
Seeing a lot of items coming out of planes that are for both WIS and INT casters. This is nice as it gives more people a chance to get items during a raid. Also lets WIS casters get nice INT items and INT casters WIS (which is good for trade skills and other stuff). While most of the stuff I have seen so far isn't amazing, but it is nice (especially for people like me at 49 who are grouping with higher people who are willing to give this stuff to me =) ).
RE: Nice trend
# Oct 28 2002 at 7:30 PM Rating: Default
Int is, without exaggeration, USELESS to wisdom-based casters.

Likewise, Wisdom, again with no exaggeration at all, USELESS to int-based casters.

The separation of the two stats is nothing but flavor retained from the old D&D model. Mize well not even be there.

That said, this thingy is far from awful, and it's nice that folks exp'ing to 65 probably won't get there and still be wearing Raw Silk or Bronze parts. The new (since SoL) commonality of gear that [isn't uber] but [doesn't completely suck] and [is droppable] is a welcome change from Oldworld, Kunark and Velious, where you basically only had those options. That's the real trend I see, and a far more important one.
RE: Nice trend
# Oct 29 2002 at 12:24 AM Rating: Decent
I think what he's talking about are the prime requesites to be either a wizard type or priest type class in DnD. Wizzys need high int, priest types need high wis. And the level of spells that can be cast by that class is dependent on their wis or int respectively. It does make sense though, as Priestly powers are channeled from a god or nature, where as pure casters traditionally needed to study for their spells, not pray, therefore requiring high intelligence. And only reason i'm even writing this is cause it's freakin late and it's something to do.
RE: Nice trend
# Oct 29 2002 at 12:00 AM Rating: Default must not have played much D&D in your time. Cuase every game i have played including D&D from the age of 9 and I am well over 30 now Wis. and Int has always walked hand in hand.
Yes Wis. Casters need Int. and Yes Int. casters need wis. the only thing these do sepereately for one or the other is determine Mana pool. Tradeskills and how fast you learn them or other skills uses both wisdom and int. Take for example someone who has a low int and is looking to learn a language and someone who is of High int looking to learn a language who is going to learn faster? The one with a high int. same goes for trade skill certian ones lvl faster with high int and certian with high wis. also same with new skills.
So never say that one is not needed by the other.

"Death is but a door, so never fear to open it, for grand wonders wait beyond."
RE: Nice trend
# Oct 29 2002 at 1:31 AM Rating: Excellent
207 posts
Actually, you're incorrect in that. Whichever stat is higher is the one that determines mana, how fast you learn skills etc...

To give an example, A wizzy with 255 int and 100 wis will gain skills just as fast and a wizzy with 255 int and 200 wis. Likewise, a druid with 255 wis and 100 int will gain skills at the same rate and have the same mana as a druid with 255 wis and 200 int.

To break it down:

for Wis casters, Wis determines mana pool and mana regen, Wis OR int depending on which is higher determines how quickly you learn skills.

for Int casters, Int determines mana pool and mana regen, Int OR wis depending on which is higher determines how quickly you learn skills.

for characters who don't use spells, wis or int determines how quickly they learn skills.

Now, to debunk this yet again... There are no skills that only look at both wis and int. When looking at skill increases it will NEVER look at the lower of the two stats, only the higher.

If an int caster had higher wis than int, wis would determine how fast his skills went up, but not his mana or mana regen, and he should immediately sell his account for being silly enough to get the scores reversed.

Now as for tradeskills, to my knowledge tradeskills never look at secondary stats. Not for increases at least. They will only either look at int or wis. Never both.

Now I have heard some rumors about secondary stats effecting tradeskill sucess rates, such as dex effecting fletching and the like, However I have never heard or heard of any reports from verant confirming this, and have heard them deny it on a couple of occasions. I do tailoring, and I've experimented with stat buffs and I don't notice any difference.

This is not a flame. But this is how misinformation gets spread around, which is why you need to be very careful of your facts before you post info here. That being said, if anyone has anything to correct or add regarding this post, feel free. Particulary regarding secondary stats in tradeskills.

It's easy to misinterpret data in EQ, as we all consistantly end up looking at things after the fact and try to explain them. But I'm fairly certain that the vast majority of EQ players will back me on these statements.

I hope this post has cleared things up. And again, if anyone out there sees something incorrect, please speak up.

Faelawen Starfyre, the Mad Mage of Povar

Edited, Tue Oct 29 01:19:04 2002
RE: Nice trend
# Feb 23 2003 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent

The basics:
INT & WIS: whichever of the two is higher will affect skill increases when practicing any tradeskill. The higher either your INT or WIS is, the greater the chance you have for a skill gain while tradeskilling.

CHA: higher charisma, along with faction, will affect your buying and selling prices with merchants.

Exceptions to the above:
Smithing: skill increases for smithing are determined by INT, WIS or STR, whichever is higher.

Fletching: skill increases for fletching are determined by INT, WIS or DEX, whichever is higher.

Jewelcrafting: skill increases for jewelcrafting are determined by INT, WIS or DEX, whichever is higher.

While tailoring has been mentioned several times as needing DEX, at last check it was still not implemented.

Stats have no impact on your chance of success or failure when practicing tradeskills. (Only your current skill is supposed to impact your chances of success or failure when creating an item.)

Yes, this is subject to change/debate, but until otherwise corrected by Verant itself, this is the latest official word we have on the subject.

From EQ traders corner message board.
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