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Necrotic Divining Device  

Slot: AMMO
Charges: Unlimited
Effect: Track Corpse (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 3.0)
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Item Type:Misc
Merchant Value:0 pp 1 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kheldar
Item Updated By:Drewie - D'Pikey
IC Last Updated:2020-03-10 02:26:43
Page Updated:Sun Sep 8th, 2019
Planes of Power Item

Average Price: 2,000pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Crafted: This item is crafted by players.

Uploaded December 17th, 2019 by Drewinette
Updated December 18th, 2019
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Great for raiding rogues
# Jun 11 2005 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Every raiding rogue should have one of these things.

Given that we're asked to drag corpses on a very regular basis, often for people trying to join a raid who don't know the zones very well, these are invaluable for finding dead people.

Probably the most useful item I've ever bought.

70 Rogue
Viking Alliance (Stromm)

Cleric vs locator
# Mar 27 2005 at 7:25 AM Rating: Decent
Being a ShadowKnight, and having to hunt for bodies sometimes WITH a cleric in hand, would make this so much easier for a cleric to do on their own.. for instance, I have had to hunt the corpse down first, then log on my cleric to do the rez after retrieving. Would be easier sometimes, just to be able to have one toon do the work.
Nice accessory
# Aug 03 2004 at 3:56 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
Being a rogue, and a player that retrieves corpses, this tool is awesome when you need to find that corpse in lava or in a wall. Or if your guildie asks for your assistance and they're not sure exactly where that corpse is.

It also helps when the mob cannot be targeted in the wall by clicking it. If it's close enough you can type /loot once it's targeted with this device.
Extremely Usefull, especially for Clerics
# Dec 23 2003 at 7:05 AM Rating: Excellent
15 posts
Every cleric, especially epic clerics should have one of these. They are a must! Why do I say this? One thing that has failed to been mentioned is that if you use this with nothing targeted, it will target the nearest corepse in the zone. Why even better with epic? Cleric epic has a very nice range on a clicky 96% rez.

A couple of real examples in which I've used or seen this used:

1. I was in ToFS soloing some with my bst and got wiped out a few floors up (for those that are not familiar with ToFS its a big tower thats one zone but has multiple floors that uses a diff key to access each floor). Anyways I died on the 4th floor and only rezzer was a cleric on the top floor as I really didnt want to die again trying to get to my body as the previous floors had already spawned. I sent her a tell and offered her a considerable amount of plat to rez me as she would have to zone out to the first floor and work her way up to me. She said np and plat wasnt important and boom next thing I knew I had a rez message on the screen. Asked her how she did it and she told me about the rod and epic combo. Lucky for me there wasnt any corpse closer to her. That combo was very quick and a life saver.

2. More recently I was playing way late at night and a mage had taken a fall working on an epic mob in SK, she was trying to get her cloak and was bored waiting on the mob to spawn so took out some monk NPC Brother something or other, needless to say she got owned and while running to zone got summoned half a dozen times and ended up dying somewhere by the NK zone line. I made a trip out there to rez her and didnt see her corpse anywhere by the zone line, though I had to be in the general area from how she described it. She was still in pok and not in my group, which wasnt any prob, clicked on my rod, it targeted her corpse and then clicked on epic for 96% rez. Would of sucked to have spent hours looking for it as when it was found it was under a hill with only the shoe sticking out of it, Im sure i would have passed it up.

As you can see this be a very useful item for all classes and a great combo for epic clerics.

As with alot of items and classes in game, an item by itself may appear to be useless, but when joined with another, may become very effective.

Edited, Tue Dec 23 07:18:24 2003
# Apr 09 2003 at 10:26 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Not sure why this device is even worth it, any friendly bard, necro or shadow knight is likely to do this for you for free....

Course since my main is bard there is usually one in any group I am in ;)

RE: Why
# Apr 09 2003 at 2:23 PM Rating: Good
Not sure why this device is even worth it, any friendly bard, necro or shadow knight is likely to do this for you for free....

Course since my main is bard there is usually one in any group I am in ;)
Er, yes, well, if you don't happen to BE a bard you discover that when your body does manage to fall into lava or you die while running screaming though a dark forest or you body is hidden in a wall or something that your friendly neighborhood bard, necro, or sk never seem to be around. Kind of like trying to find a taxi in the rain.
Dargadin, Barbarian Shaman of the 61st Season
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This item is awesome!
# Oct 26 2002 at 4:13 PM Rating: Excellent
When you click it, a buff is cast on you.. as long as it's on (you can click it off) you turn in the direction of your target's corpse every 6 seconds.

It helped immensly the other night in Plane of Nightmare trying to locate where a group member died.
WOW: Briony . 70 Frost Mage . Shadowsong
EQ: Miriamele . 65 Alteration Druid . Brell Serilis
Need two perhaps ? :)
# Oct 25 2002 at 7:00 AM Rating: Good
141 posts
Which is all well and good until you have it on your corpse that you're trying to find Smiley: oyvey
Orolmy the Fire Caller
Storm Warden of Old Continent: XEV
RE: Need two perhaps ? :)
# Oct 25 2002 at 8:11 AM Rating: Decent
Keep one in the bank, much the way necros will keep a coffin or two in the bank for when they need to summon their own corpse.
"That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, bingo!"
# Oct 25 2002 at 3:57 AM Rating: Default
135 posts
I smell a nerf coming... anyone can use it, unlimited uses, not lore, not no-drop, and it weighs 0.1?

ok, on the bright side... if the powers that be don't nerf it, it will give the gnomes another way to make good money! Smiley: cool

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Rhodger Moore
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RhoverTwo TheSequel
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RE: Hmmm
# Nov 01 2002 at 12:33 PM Rating: Default
108 posts
Considering that Veriant has posted that to many players were petitioning because they lost their corpse .. it only makes sence that they are creating easier (yet still alot of work) ways to assist players in locating bodies that were lost when they tried to Train the zone :). I don't see a nurf coming either.
RE: Hmmm
# Oct 28 2002 at 12:49 AM Rating: Decent
351 posts
I don't see it getting nerfed.
You can buy a HELLUVA lot of Chipped Bone Rods for the price of this thing. CBRs have been in the game from the start. 3 charges of locate corpse, at vendors everywhere.
Sure, this is nice to have once you afford it, but it's not nerf-worthy :)

( edited to make sense :P )

Edited, Mon Oct 28 00:32:20 2002
RE: Hmmm
# Oct 25 2002 at 8:45 AM Rating: Default
200 posts
considering the trivial level and the amount of cash and time it takes to get to 250, i dont think there will be too many problems with these flooding the market. bard/sk/necro corpse tracking will still be in more demand than this.

easier to just /loc just before you die
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