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Nyahlia's Nullifier  

Charges: Unlimited
Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 18
DMG: 6 Dmg Bonus: 31
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
INT: +7 HP: +20 MANA: +50
Required level of 51.
Effect: Nullify Magic (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 8.0)
WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)

Item Type:1H Blunt
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-10 07:21:07
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 50

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This item is found on creatures.

Jaggedpine Forest
NPC Name
Queen Nhyalia

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Jaggedpine Forest

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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equip or not?
# Sep 06 2003 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
Do you need to equip this or can it be used from the inventory?
RE: equip or not?
# Jun 04 2004 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
I would guess that you have to equip it, as the picture shows "Must Equip"
Cast time
# Feb 24 2003 at 12:49 AM Rating: Default
Anyone know the cast time on the nullify magic effect?
RE: Cast time
# May 31 2003 at 1:48 AM Rating: Decent
It is a 8 second cast time.
what a puss
# Feb 05 2003 at 2:56 AM Rating: Decent
here's the story on this one...

I 2 boxed her with a 60 monk and 57 shammy. She cant be slowed, snared, rooted ...nada. It really doesnt matter..with a 430pt heal i was able to take her down...easily. All that that I did was basically put 2 Bane of Knife's on her and kept a little distance and my monk in her face. She procs/casts a slow so melee damage was slow, but it didnt matter, she doesnt have many hp's, as long as you have a procing wep to keep her agroed on the'l be fine. She also cast a cold based DoT, or DD with a little DoT component, but its weak..cold resist was 80+ and I resisted all but 1.She has several (4) water elemental guards around her and usually 3 other protectors/temptresses also. Key is to get her alone, agro pull is best, since they all have a large agro range...and easily done with a monk with any skill at all. There is a ledge around her room where you can pull her out of the water and kick her kaboos, she does run at the end so if ya got a nuker, have them nuke at 20% if you dont want the extra agro.

You can invis past most mobs on the way to her room, temptresses see invis tho, best thing to do is get your group around the entrance of the cave, invis a FD puller, and send him/her in for a looksy, if there are no tempresses on the way there, invis up, get to her room and immediately take a right or left and head outta the water and on the ledge and away from the entrance. If there are see invis mobs, get ready for a train....but they are easily killed, so no real worries.
Nice for PvP
# Aug 26 2002 at 2:35 PM Rating: Default
Am I reading this right? Clicky-nullify magic? Good for PvP... =D Gotta get me ones of these.
level to click?
# Aug 26 2002 at 9:02 AM Rating: Default
281 posts
This looks like a nice mid-level weapon, so what level do you have to be to click it?
RE: level to click?
# Aug 26 2002 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
LvL for effect is 50. My guild on VZ camps this mob all the time, and she is tuff. Underwater mob that summons, nukes, quad hits for over 150, and cast some wicked spells. Oh and the real hard part is the fact that she seems immune to magic attacks, so casters can hardly hit her, she cant be slowed.
RE: level to click?
# Aug 26 2002 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
im thinking 50 since thats recommeneded level, not sure though
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