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Petroglyphic Mace Ornament  

No Trade Augmentation Heirloom
Augmentation type: 20
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY

Restrictions -

Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Item Information:
Placing this augment into one-handed or hand-to-hand weapons will change the look of the weapon into that of the augment.

Item Type:Augmentation
Charm Effect:Placing this augment into one-handed or hand-to-hand weapons will change the look of the weapon into that of the augment.
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Expansion: Night of Shadows Night of Shadows

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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This item is claimed.

Claimable by purchasing any of the expansion packs of Night of Shadows.

Cycles through the following items:

  1. Petroglyphic Sword Ornament (1H or H2H)

  2. Petroglyphic Axe Ornament (1H or H2H)

  3. Petroglyphic Hammer Ornament (1H or H2H)

  4. Petroglyphic Mace Ornament (1H or H2H)

  5. Petroglyphic Hooked Dagger Ornament (1H or H2H)

  6. Petroglyphic Rapier Ornament (1H or H2H)

  7. Petroglyphic War Sword Ornament (2H only)

  8. Petroglyphic Broadsword Ornament (1H or H2H)

  9. Petroglyphic Katar Ornament (1H or H2H)

  10. Petroglyphic Club Ornament (1H or H2H)

  11. Petroglyphic Spiral Dagger Ornament (1H or H2H)

  12. Petroglyphic Censer Ornament (1H or H2H)

  13. Petroglyphic Flanged Mace Ornament (1H or H2H)

  14. Petroglyphic Athame Ornament (1H or H2H)

  15. Petroglyphic Wand Ornament (1H or H2H)

  16. Petroglyphic Scimitar Ornament (1H or H2H)

  17. Petroglyphic Short Spear Ornament (1H or H2H)

  18. Petroglyphic Bardiche Ornament (2H only)

  19. Petroglyphic Maul Ornament (2H only)

  20. Petroglyphic Two Headed Spear Ornament (2H only)

  21. Petroglyphic Spear Ornament (2H only)

  22. Petroglyphic Fighting Staff Ornament (2H only)

  23. Petroglyphic Great Censer Ornament (2H only)

  24. Petroglyphic Staff Ornament (2H only)

  25. Petroglyphic Longbow Ornament (Bows only)

  26. Petroglyphic Riding Bow Ornament (Bows only)

  27. Petroglyphic Tower Shield Ornament (Shields only)

  28. Petroglyphic Medium Shield Ornament (Shields only)

  29. Petroglyphic Buckler Ornament (Shields only)

  30. Petroglyphic Basher Ornament (1H or H2H)

  31. Petroglyphic Fire Poker Ornament (1H or H2H)

  32. Petroglyphic Pick Ornament (1H or H2H)

  33. Petroglyphic Punching Dagger Ornament (1H or H2H)

  34. Petroglyphic Fist Ornament (1H or H2H)


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