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Savant's Cap  

Slot: HEAD
AC: 2
WIS: +3 INT: +3
Focus: Reagent Conservation II
WT: 0.3 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Color (RGB):0, 0, 0
Merchant Value:3 pp 5 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Submitted By:Doriath
Lucy Entry By:Kheldar
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2021-12-30 13:50:45
Page Updated:Mon Apr 10th, 2017

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: 92pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 23

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This item is found on creatures.

Estate of Unrest
NPC Name
reclusive ghoul magus

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Estate of Unrest

Uploaded July 3rd, 2022 by halfridge
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nailed him
# Feb 19 2014 at 5:23 PM Rating: Decent
343 posts
clared room 3 times and he popped, was ythere an hou aaybe dropped my +3 wis hat for lev 27 druid, Wis now 141 SWEET, on balcony loft on 1st floor, up from back entry turn roght take door on right 3 mobs to clear on floor 2 in loft where he pops
# Jun 05 2002 at 5:34 PM Rating: Decent
As of the patch today (June 5th), this now has the effect of Reagent Conservation II. It gives casters a chance to not use a reagent when casting a spell.
Decent gear for wis casters.
# Oct 16 2001 at 4:59 PM Rating: Excellent
3,705 posts
This will likely be your wisdom headpiece if your a non-twinked wis caster for quite a few levels. I bought one at around level 8, and at lvl 31 have not yet found a replacement I can afford. Pretty nice, I just wish it had more ac.
RE: Decent gear for wis casters.
# Feb 22 2002 at 10:31 PM Rating: Decent
mm, heres something better. Runed Circlet, 4ac 4wis 4int head item.Drops off of Preacher in Permafrost(i can kill him with eyes closed at lvl40).it goes for around 75p or so on my server.
You can camp him for sure, he's about a 20minute spawn and also drops a Cold Iron Mace(9 30).Mace is common circlet isn't as common, if you see he has mace, I don't think the circlet drops. But all in all, its a better head piece than the savants cap with the extra 2ac 1wis 1int
Reclusive Ghoul Magus
# Oct 04 2001 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
81 posts
Reclusive Ghoul Magus is the name of the mob in unrest you are looking for (atleast thats what i see whan i click on him). A tip for killing him...take him out first, don't even bother with the pet. Root the pet, then slaughter the guy. He casts Heat blood and some other spells, so watch it. Once he is dead, the other skeles, ghouls, or whatever is around will take care of the pet. Yes its weird, but Its True, Its True
#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 11 2001 at 3:30 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I would like to buy this item for as long as i get tihs item email me at if you would seell me this.
# Aug 03 2001 at 4:00 PM Rating: Default
Could a 24 enchanter solo the mob that drops this?
also in FM
# Jul 30 2001 at 5:37 PM Rating: Default
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 02 2001 at 4:15 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Looking for Savant's Cap for Enchanter. Aoynae-Ro. Please /t I will pay current market.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 02 2001 at 12:47 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) looking to buy for my necro on tunare server... look for Schadows or Anatana
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 30 2001 at 7:48 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I want to buy this cap so if anyone is selling it my name is Dellin on EQ.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 01 2001 at 6:35 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Of course, since this is everquest - I'll not tell you what server I'm on.
doesnt change appearance
# Jun 11 2001 at 7:18 AM Rating: Default
unlike a CERTAIN turtle helm...
ugh that helmet covered my Dark Elvish ponytail
Get it right
# Jul 13 2001 at 1:57 PM Rating: Good
It's not a ponytail, it's a mullet. A big, greasy, curly, 80's mullet. I know it's embarrasing to talk about it, but all you Dark Elves just have to live with the fact that, you've got mullets.
RE: Get it right
# Aug 06 2001 at 11:27 PM Rating: Default
LOL, mullets ( ) haha...
dark elven mullet, something to submit to hahaha.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 04 2001 at 3:04 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hi there,
#Anonymous, Posted: May 19 2001 at 6:40 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) How can I post items I want to sell?
#Anonymous, Posted: May 19 2001 at 6:37 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I would like to purchase please tell to me online.
#REDACTED, Posted: May 16 2001 at 7:22 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Would like to purchase the hat for my Paly Minza lvl 6 at the mo...I play EQ most days
# Feb 04 2001 at 5:26 PM Rating: Default
Does this item show up on your head or it does nothin for your appearence? And what colour does it show up as leather, black, or silver like chain maybe? Thanks
RE: Kindred
# Feb 15 2001 at 10:28 AM Rating: Good
It doesn't do anything for appearence.
Doesn't Show = Good
# Mar 22 2002 at 10:00 PM Rating: Decent
303 posts
I'm glad it doesn't show. I kinda like the no headgear look, as opposed to hiding under a polar bear head or something.
RE: Doesn't Show = Good
# Jun 14 2002 at 9:59 AM Rating: Decent
look at the bright side, you could be permanently stuck under a cowl for the rest of your life... as are erudites. For some reason verant has this messed up idea that erudites need to always wear a cowl... urg!
#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 07 2001 at 1:52 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Its stats are supposed to be 4ac 3wis 3int 3hp but someone at illas mezzed it up sorry
#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 07 2001 at 1:51 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) yes its like a leather hat
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