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Of Moving Ice Volume 1 - Basics  

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:99 pp 9 gp 9 sp 9 cp
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Claws of Veeshan Item

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Rarity: Common
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Book Text:

All crafting begins with the
foundations. Build on a strong
foundation, and you will have
the best gear possible.

Use your velium smithy hammer
to pound restless velium into
sheets, and quench with water.
I know. Water is horrible for
quenching, but in this case,
you are working on metal-like
material made of ice.

Similarly, you can stretch and
shape the restless velium into
rings suitable for chain

You will find animal pelts
that have restless velium
running through its structure.
Cut these pelts, only Elm
Handled Shears will do, and
tan them with the appropriate


There is also silk that has
minute crystals of restless
velium within its strands.
You'll need eight units that
you'll merge with simple
thread using your trusty
sewing needle.

Careful use of tools and
filament silk thread will
allow you to combine all of
these into a patch that will
make the best armor you've
ever seen. The flexible patch
will shed the unneeded parts
when combined with the best
restless velium you can find.
You won't need shears since
the leather is already the
correct size, but the other
tools are necessary.

Some weapons will require
wood. Like the leather, you
will find some wood with
embedded restless velium
crystals. Plane it into a
plank and smooth it with

Fish scales will also make an
excellent, supple cloth-like
material. Prepare your fish
and keep the scales as well as
the meat and oil. Weave
together ten of the scales for
a patch, then ten of the
patches for a swatch. For a
sheet large enough to use,
weave ten swatches.

You can also refine restless
velium into a piece of
metal-like ice that's pretty
enough for jewelry. Heat the
ore with two gnomish heat

sources until it shines, then
cool it with water to cause a
catalyzing reaction that
freezes it back to hard

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