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Angler's Guide to Fishing Where You Shouldn't Be  

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:99 pp 9 gp 9 sp 9 cp
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Torment of Velious Item

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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Vendor listing - Premium only

Quests: This item is used in quests.
Crystal Caverns (ToV)

Zone(s) Found In:
Book Text:

So there I was, in the middle
of Velious when I had a
hankering to do some fishing.
I know, I know, you're
probably thinking, "Why in
all of Norrath would one
choose to fish in this
freezing climate?"
And let me tell you I do know
the answer to that.
Because it's there and so are

I'm not one to try and mince
words 'bout the luxury that is
being able to spend my days
covered tip to toe in
survival gear with just my
thoughts to keep me company,
but I tellsya it's what a
person needs in this crazy
world from time to time. I
can't help it, it's a natural
feeling. Some people just

gotta go fishin'.
That bein' said, I figured
since I had the time, I might
as well jot down some of my
observations that I have
discovered through my years of
being out here. Who knows,
maybe someone might read it
and that will do be just fine.
Let's get started with the
First thing you're gonna want
to do is obviously get your
tackle and rod ready and head
out to Velious, you may want
to find an underwater cave or
coastline to start this
endeavor. You may not want to
build a fire as the lights can
scare away the big ones, and
that's no good for what it is
you are trying to do.
I also found out that you can
use the scales from these

critters to craft some mighty
fine gear!
Cloaks and Amices and the
such. Here is what you're
going to need to get started:
Scales! The fish you catch
need to be cleaned and de-
scaled, so why not use all of
the fish and put those scales
to good use! You can use
either Velious Angel Fish or
Velious Spiked Pleco and
a scaler to collect these
scales, after you do you can
take 10 of the scales they
produce and combine them to
make what I like to call a
"Velium Infused Fish Scale
Patch". I admit, it isn't the
most catchiest of names (pun
intended), but it will do for
now. Once you get 10 of those
patches, you can combine them
into what I also like to call

a "Velium Infused Fish Scale
Swatch"! Again, I'm not a
poet, I don't know what you
expected from me when it comes
to naming this stuff.
Finally, you can get 10 of
those swatches and combine
them into what I like to call
a "Velium Infused Fish Scale
Sheet". Look if you have
better names for this stuff I
suggest you write your own
book, you can name them
whatever you want, I don't
care! Anywho. Since you have
the basics down, this is where
we can get into making some
amazing gear that can protect
from the elements. All you
need is a cloak or shoulder
pattern, a spool of simple
thread, purified detergent, a
velium infused fish scale
sheet, and some velium powder.

Velium powder can be found by
asking your local blacksmith
for some or just whacking a
chunk of raw velium ore with a
The Amice of Adroitness can be
made using the above with a
half-moon-cut tool as well as
a trillion cut tool. The Amice
of Vigor can be made the same
way except you would want to
use a square cut tool and a
pear cut tool. Finally, the
Amice of Brilliance follows
the same steps only use a
round cut tool with a oval cut
The Cloaks are similar except
you need another sheet for
each, and you must use a
loom. The Cloak of Security
needs a marquise cut tool
instead of a pear cut tool
that the Amice of Vigor uses.

And there you have it! If you
are still reading this, then
you already have what it takes
to fish in Velious, but now
you can do something useful
with the leftovers of your
catches! Good luck out there,
you're going to need it to try
an catch one as big as I did!

~ Skip Bobbercatch

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