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Triumvirate Blood Stone  

This item can be used in tradeskills.
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Lore:Made from the pools in Sepulcher
Item Type:Misc
Lucy Entry By:Bengalee Neverlaid - RoI
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-17 02:08:53
Page Updated:Mon Oct 18th, 2021

Expansion: Veil of Alaris Veil of Alaris

Average Price: 70,000pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Very Rare
Level to Attain: 90

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This item is found on creatures.


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Plane of Knowledge
Quest Name
Mercenary Recruitment

Used in 1 recipe.
Recipe list - Premium only.


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The record keeper
# Jan 04 2023 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
Just dropped off of "The Record Keeper" in edition on 01/04/2023
Dropped today in Argath
# Oct 18 2021 at 1:17 PM Rating: Good
25 posts
Dropped today in Argath - Looted from Burnmaster of the Pillars.

Hunted in Argath quite a bit for gear, 1st time I've gotten one. By comparison, I have found 3 or 4 Rucksack drops (100% WR bags) during my time in Argath.

Tunare Server since 2002.
VOA Expansion not dropping
# Oct 05 2021 at 10:15 AM Rating: Good
29 posts
We are on the VOA Expansion on TLP and haven't seen them drop, do we have to wait another expansion for this to drop? Edit - someone showed me they looted one from a T3 mob the gorilla - thunderclap in Beast Domain.

Edited, Oct 6th 2021 11:54am by gt831c
I got all four of my blood stones. Here is what I did.
# Apr 27 2021 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
Here is my kill list for named in Sarith City. With my 115 level Warrior, I can do all the PH’er for these 16 named spawn spots in under 15 min. if I don’t get adds other than the normal ones you get. Respawn timer is 18 min. When I would get two named to spawn during this cycle, I never have to wait for the next spawn. When I camp for the night planning to continue the next time I log in, I camp under the waterfalls near the Primal Mage Mollens, super safe area.

Now I highly suggest that you have some sort of clicky invis. item, I have an Incarnadine Breastplate. I carry two stacks of cloudy potions but never use these in Sarith, it’s a waste to do so for me. After each Ph/Named is killed, I invis. up so I don’t have to slow down on getting to the next PH/Named.

As for how I do this list, below is the order that I kill stuff. When I move from north zone wall (Mollens and Ganelin spawn spots) to the Kaneida area, I stay on east side of statue near waterfall, there is a static war beast on the west side of it, I move south to wall staying just off of the path on the east side. After that PH/Named is cleared I move south to Vasko spawn. Depending on where this target is at, I kill it either near the main north south path or I go to the west most end of Vasko/Ph path. Once that is cleared I head back to main north south path, get to the top of bridge and jump down west to Thale/PH spawn spot. After that it is just getting to the locations and clear named/Pher’s.

As for my drops, the first one I didn’t take a picture of, but I estimate it was two weeks before my second drop. Here is a list of who dropped what and what day it was.

Primal Mage Mollens – Logged in, he was up and he had my Triumvirate Blood stone around middle of March
Life Knight Jasul – Dropped stone on March 28 at 6:39pm
Sea Ranger Huren – Dropped stone on April 2 at 9:56pm
Tactician Perak – Dropped stone on April 16 at 12:08am – I was letting mobs respawn (getting ready to camp) and killing only the named when this one dropped.

Yes, I spent at least a month farming my drops. Averaging around 6 to 7 hours weekdays and 10 to 12 hours on the weekends. Wish I would have looted and kept the ones I ran a crossed when I was fighting in other Alaran zones before I had max.’d my TS to 300.

Here is my stone hunter list.

Primal Mage Mollens
Master Trainer Ganelin – Roams limited area – Spawns two War beasts and may be another regular roamer when pulling him. There is also a guard on the east west path that can add.
Kaneida – Roams limited area – Can get one or two adds on pull unless you wait
Lieutenant Vasko – Roams a single path – depending on the path location, can get two to four adds. One end of path will be one add
Assassin Thale – Roams very small area – Do it right, no adds
Captain Dahlena – Spawns two or three elite guards to help him
Death Knight Sharris – Has three adds in his area all the time
Tactician Perak - Spawns two or three elite guards to help him
Bishop Kyzer
Battlemage Resk
Life Knight Jasul – One roamer guard that may add
Dark Mage Naxin – One add all the time but can be three if you are to close to center of room. I stand right in front of the Ph/Named and that helps to keep it to just the one add
Sarith's Guardian – Roams a single path – one possible add
Ocean Mage Rettun – half the time you get a jello add, Named also spawns a crab beast when low on health
Sea Ranger Huren
Tidalmage Narens – Warps to the other end of ship so clear ship first before pulling or fight where he stands on the bowsprit

I found a no agro merchant that will buy your stuff that you have collected and want to sell because you are running low on space. The vendor is located on the same path as Lieutenant Vasko but is east of his location. On that path it is on the north side and east most hut building. This vendor is east of Marius Lenn who is part of the Mercenary Recruitment task that you are farming these stones for.

These four named below in Sarith City, I leave them alone because it takes longer to get to them and back to the city than I have time to do. If you get two named to pop during the above cycle, you will not have to wait for a respawn. But if I had to choose just one of the below mobs to add to the above list, it would be The Giant Crab because he only spawns in one area and doesn’t move around as much as the others. If you can kill all the mobs on the list fast enough, then the named Oseka’s Chosen Ikallis might be another to add to your list. You just have to check all of the mobs standing on the water pillar thing and if no named, then clear only the ones you can handle fast enough so those will be the only respawns for named. There are roughly about 8 Ph’ers for Ikallis.
The Giant Crab
The Kraken
The Megaladon
Oseka's Chosen Ikallis
They still drop.
# Mar 29 2021 at 9:55 AM Rating: Decent
Just last night, I had one of these drop off of Life Knight Jasul in Sarith, City of Tides. I also, more than a few weeks ago, had one drop off of Primal Mage Mullens. If I were to guess, this will drop off of any named in the Alaris expansion.

Edited, Mar 30th 2021 7:31am by AkilleezofMaelin
Resplendent Temple - no longer dropping
# Mar 27 2019 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
202 posts
This item no longer drops from Gisette or Grimlop.

In Pillars of Alra, I got the stone from An Unnatural Creature

Edited, Dec 8th 2019 12:22pm by Nenyagumba
The Moonflower
# Jan 08 2016 at 4:46 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Got one off The Moonflower in Valley of Lunanyn.
sad face
# Oct 03 2014 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Let about half a dozen of these rot off various named in argath and valley

Also dropped...
# Jan 19 2014 at 3:48 PM Rating: Good
309 posts
Just looted one from Bopo of Beast's Domain.
Triumvirate Blood Stone
# Nov 13 2013 at 12:41 AM Rating: Decent
Also Drop off of Tactician Krucidon in Argath. Just got it to drop for my SK.
Breath of Ryken
# Aug 26 2013 at 11:56 AM Rating: Good
24 posts
Just had one drop off Breath of Ryken in Argath. About fell over when I saw it.
Feradach - 105 Shaman - Bristlebane
Feratone - 105 Bard - Bristlebane
Feramage - 105 Magician - Bristlebane
Triumirate Blood Stones
# Jul 31 2012 at 7:41 PM Rating: Decent
I have 2 on Bert (on seperate toons), dropped off mobs in CoB. pst kyut in game if ya wanna purchase or drop me an email in game.
# Jul 30 2012 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
1,061 posts
7 in povars bazaar. lowest price i have seen now is 22k. but i still have not seen another drop. when the price gets down to 15k i will spring for one to see about repeating the task for another merc slot

EDIT : I did it. sprung for a stone in povars bazaar. 15k I got it for. and now i have 3 mercs. 2 from this quest. and yes I will work on yet another.

Edited, Aug 5th 2012 9:36am by Shuraz
5 on Emarr
# May 03 2012 at 5:01 PM Rating: Decent
There are 5 for sale in the baz as we speak on Emarr, ranging from 70-90k
Rare rare rare
# Apr 30 2012 at 4:39 AM Rating: Decent
1,061 posts
Do not expect one to drop. Over the past 2 months I have been working on Hunter Achievement and have killed over 50 names in tier 4 and 100 in tier 3 without seeing another drop. None of my guildies have seen one in that time either ( or at least they wont admit it ;-). I had actually been wondering if you could repeat the quest and get a 2nd merc. Going to be a long time to find that out - perhaps years.
Rare rare rare
# Sep 24 2013 at 4:54 PM Rating: Good
1,310 posts
You are correct; I did the entire VoA hunter achievement expecting to get some stones along the way. That's about 200 different mobs, some of them 2 or 3 times, so probably about 300-400 named kills. How many stones did I loot? One. Pretty disturbing.

Yes you can do the task 4 times to get Hero's Barracks AA up to 4/4.

Edited, Sep 24th 2013 7:01pm by nytmare
i think im gunna cry
# Apr 29 2012 at 5:11 AM Rating: Decent
443 posts
i killed a named in CoB and it had one of these on it, i had no clue what it was for and i let it rot =(
# Mar 21 2012 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
I believe theres only 1 on my server,its been for sale in the bazaar for along time now bouncing around the resellers with the price getting higher and higher.Why didn't they just put artifact on this because I doubt theres more then 1 per server because they want to force you to buy the slots.
Champion of the triumvirate (in sepulchre)
# Mar 09 2012 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
1,061 posts
Dropped mine

Hey Clampgritt just dropped one also.

Edited, Mar 9th 2012 8:52pm by Shuraz
# Mar 02 2012 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped off Archon Kinafu in City of Bronze.
Dropped on...
# Feb 26 2012 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped on Cook Goranan in City of Bronze. I sold the one I got off Deathsqueek for 250k over night on FV.
Dropped on...
# Feb 21 2012 at 10:39 PM Rating: Good
Dropped off Deathsqueek in City of Bronze.
1,000,000 plat
# Feb 16 2012 at 9:44 PM Rating: Good
1,308 posts
That's what one costs in the bazaar on my server. The only one in the bazaar, heh. From what I've read, these are stupid rare, like "market place bag" rare. And you can fail the combine, and lose it. You could buy a marketplace potion so you get it back.... for 1000 station cash.. or you could just buy a slot which is usuable for all your toons on that that account for 1500 station cash vs. this one, which in only usuable for the toon that did all the tradeskills to 300.

People are offering 250K for them and getting nothing in reply. I'm's the thread.
1,000,000 plat
# Feb 19 2012 at 7:30 AM Rating: Decent
86 posts
Yep. Only one I've seen in the bazaar on Bristlebane (and I've been checking obsessive-compulsively) was a million plat as well. Presumably because that's the maximum the fool COULD charge. It makes less than no sense. People sell gamecards for plat openly all the time. If you just bought a gamecard for 150k or 200k or whatever, you could buy the merc slot in the marketplace straight up and not have to go through the rest of the mumbo jumbo for this quest that you get with the blood stone.
Anyway, let's face it folks. The only reason SOE put this quest in was so they could say "it's not a marketplace exclusive, you can get it in-game" when people complain about the slippery slope that Smedley lied about us not being on. The quest is intended to be unrealistically doable for most players because they don't want many people completing it. A couple hours work at minimum wage for the merc slot in the marketplace, or hundreds if not thousands of hours of farming for the in-game version. It was the same deal in HoT when they gave us a way to get a single 20 slot bag by killing every named in the entire expansion or get as many as we wanted for 2000 SC each.
Dropped on...
# Feb 13 2012 at 2:33 AM Rating: Good
53 posts
This item dropped on The Conductor (named in Windsong) I have killed this named at least 30 times and this is the first time I have seen it drop.
Kshipper Master Mage
# Jan 13 2012 at 10:00 PM Rating: Good
770 posts
Picked one up from Holy Ophidan today in Rubak.
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