Oracle of Marud

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NPCs you kill to lower the faction

Quests you do to lower the faction

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Who is this guy
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For those interested - EQ2 lore:

Glavarius Marud "Leave me be. If those Koada'Dal of Felwithe, those... "New Tunarians", do not believe they need my services as the royal oracle any longer, then I shall just decline to use my abilities for anyone. Hmph."
Glavarius Marud "Despicable. That brooch bears the family crest of K'Arnon. Their honor is forever tarnished by that thief, Parathanellis. Instead of relinquishing the Robe of the Oracle when he forfeited his position as oracle to the King during the early days of the Age of Turmoil, he kept it and disappeared into the night. Parathanellis K'Arnon has caused my family extreme grief. "
Glavarius Marud "The Robe of the Oracle was not a possession for Parathanellis to keep, it was part of the position as oracle to the King. My father, the Oracle of Marud should have been the next to inherit that robe, and I after him. Without the robe our calling as oracle has been hindered."
Glavarius Marud "My family made it a priority to find him and discover what happened to him. Suitably, he died a dog's death, killed by some two-copper rogue for his robe while he was sojourning to the Ocean of Tears. Prior to the cataclysms I learned that the rogue was working for a member of the Circle of the Unseen Hand named Vilnius the Small, but since then the trail has gone cold and the Circle refuses to give me any information. I long ago gave up on learning the fate of the Robe of the Oracle."
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