Priests of Marr

In North Freeport can be found the Temple of Marr. This temple is dedicated to the trinity of Marr. The Queen of Love, Erolissi Marr is worshiped here, The Lightbearer has a seperate gathering place in the Hall of Truth, and her other bother diety remains a mystery. Under the guidance of Tholius Quey, clerics receive their training, and Palidins dedicated to the Queen of Love receive their training from Gygus Remnara. The Priests of Marr are Allied with their brothers in the Knights of Truth in fighting off the Freeport Militia. Talking with the priests will reveal how a crusade into the Ocean of Tears, left Freeport undefended, and allowed the Freeport Militia to come to power under Sir Lucan D'Lere.

The following quests require Priests of Marr faction

Quest Name Minimum Faction Required Maximum Faction Allowed
Gauntlets of Ro Amiable
Piranha Hunting Apprehensive
Sentry Xyrin Amiable

Zones in which you can raise the faction

Zones in which you can lower the faction

NPCs you can kill to raise the faction

Quests you can do to raise the faction

NPCs you kill to lower the faction

Quests you do to lower the faction

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Easy and quick faction boost
# Jun 28 2013 at 11:44 AM Rating: Good
56 posts
If you are looking to raise your Steel Warriors, Knights of Truth, and Priests of Marr factions, simply give stacks of (bottle of milk) to (Mojak Hikspin) in The Commonlands. This is part of the (Paladin Message) quest, but you don't need to actually start or complete any of the quest to do this turn in. Easy, cheap way to boost your faction!
Something's Fishy?
# Jan 15 2003 at 2:44 PM Rating: Good
654 posts
lol What's with these guards and fish? Kill a minnow and they hate you? But kill a piranna and that's ok. But WAIT! Noo lol, then the Melitia hate you! "Hey you killed a minnow! TIME TO DIE!"

33 Ogre Warrior
Mithanial Marr
Antonius Bayle
Dark elf cleric to dubious so far
# Mar 14 2002 at 4:53 AM Rating: Decent
1,075 posts

I've been dubious for a bit now with priests of marr, north freep cleric faction. I started threaten or scowl as a dark elf cleric of inny.

After killing orcs for a bit, but getting impatient, I used the one use halfling mask from the innitiate of innoruk line of quests in neriak to do some paladin quests in freeport. Later, when high enough with the halfling mask I started giving cloth shirts to Altunic jardin in WC (Test of Truth quest?)

I also need the halfling mask to buy the coth shirts which are sold nearby at an inn in wc. Some of these vendors are on freeport merchant factions like Coalition of tradesfolk, so they are amiable but some are on commons residents I guess and still dubious =/

After tons of cloth shirts at 6 gold a pop to the wandering paladin guy, I finally got non kos to north freep clerics while in hafling form and later even in dark elf form. Now I'm dubious as I said and gave a bunch more shirts and am still dubious. I've done various quests at the cleric guild itself also there.. which I need halflign form when turning in the items for.

Initially I just wanted to be non kos in all of freeport, which I am now ;) Now that I've done that though I want to be in so good with the north freep clerics I can train there and do quests like I can in the sewer at the dismal rage clerics and in Qeynos.
# Jan 14 2002 at 5:44 PM Rating: Default
If you are a warrior, you may want to watch your faction with the Freeport Militia since the quest for our epic requires several trips to East Freeport and dealing with an NPC there. May be a bit of a stumbling block.
Guards in WC
# Apr 02 2001 at 11:42 PM Rating: Default
The 2 guards in WC at the shack also raise this faction, names Guard Colin and Guard Valon i think
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