Coalition of Tradefolk

The main merchant faction of Freeport.

The following quests require Coalition of Tradefolk faction

Quest Name Minimum Faction Required Maximum Faction Allowed
Armor Size Indifferent

Zones in which you can raise the faction

Zones in which you can lower the faction

NPCs you can kill to raise the faction

Quests you can do to raise the faction

NPCs you kill to lower the faction

Quests you do to lower the faction

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# Jul 26 2003 at 2:26 AM Rating: Decent
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does this faction apply to every merchant in the game?
RE: merchants
# Jul 21 2005 at 8:39 AM Rating: Decent
618 posts
Nope. Every City pretty much has thier own faction for merchants. This faction is for the merchants in Freeport. There are good and evil merchants in Freeport and I believe this is the good faction.
Antonius Bayle
# Aug 17 2002 at 10:58 AM Rating: Default
An unnamewd NPC under the Arena in West Freeport, simply "a prisoner" in a cell can also lower faction. He was an easy kill for a level 11 Half-Elf Warrior and shouts upo dying that the good folk will remember this foul deed.
He did not drop anything.
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 05 2002 at 9:04 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) he is for pally epic you ***
Dubiously, not appre. :P
# Apr 22 2002 at 7:40 AM Rating: Decent
Opps, sorry, I ment to say that the merchants con to me still dubiously, not apprehensivly. I turned in a load of deathfists belts to the captain. My freeport milita faction went up, but my collation faction still stayed dub. It seems as a dark elf, my faction will go up slower. But I wonder if they will sell to me if I con appre. to them? If anyone have any quests that a dark elf can do to raise faction with these guys fast, please post it here. Thanks.
Apprehensivly and still won't sell :(
# Apr 10 2002 at 12:49 PM Rating: Default
I am a dark elf warrior and I've been able to raise faction in north freeport by killing tons of orcs. The knights of truth and common residents look at me amiably now.(I can bank in nfp, yay!) I handed in orc pawn picks to gaurd valon in wc and deathfists belts to the captain of the freeport milita who's inside the guard house to raise my faction with the collation of trade folk and freeport milita. They now look at me apprehensivly, but still won't sell to me. I Was wondering if they'll ever sell to you even though your a dark elf, and how high your faction has to be? Btw, the merchants in the inns, on the left and right sides are on the collation faction, the one in the middle is common residents faction. The only ones I have to worry about in freeport are the priests of marr, and the arcane scientists faction. Ashen order glowers at me now to, thier faction went up slowly.
Raise faction
# Apr 03 2002 at 7:49 AM Rating: Default
DO the inert potion quest.....its easy and gives alot of nice faction. Starts in Erudin
Vendors HATE Iksar
# Nov 11 2001 at 10:52 AM Rating: Default
I have killed orcs until the Freeport Militia cons "amiable" to me... but the merchants in the city still refuse to sell to me. Is there any way to raise faction with the merchants WITHOUT taking a hit to my status with the Militia?

Iksar NEC
RE: Vendors HATE Iksar
# Nov 13 2001 at 1:01 PM Rating: Excellent
Yes you can raise faction with merchants and not take any lowered factions while doing so. In east freeport behind the leather shack is a place called Hallard's, you hand in 4 orc pics at a time to Toshan Hallard and get the following factions:
Coalition of Trade Folk(merchants)
Coalition of Tradefolk Illegal(rogue guild)
Knights of Truth
Merchants of Qeynos

No factions are lower by this quests.

I did this quest/faction with my dark elf magician and went from dubious to high amiable. Only thing thats a bit of a probelm is the orc pawn pics weight 10 pounds each =)

Goldlace-Dark Elf Magician
Solusek Ro
# Nov 02 2001 at 7:44 PM Rating: Good
62 posts
This is a cross posting from the Investigator's Badge quest; I hope this helps those seeking the Best Price.

Faction is easily fixable using the "Honey Mead for Trumpy" quest to get up to Amiable with the Circle of Unseen hands, then the "Rogue's Errands" to get to Ally, then forcefeed Captain Rohand brandy to get in good with the Qeynos Guards. With this technique, my faction with Circle of Unseen Hands, Coalition of Tradefolk, Coalition of Tradefolk Illegal, Qeynos Merchants, Antonius Bayle, Guards of Qeynos, and Corrupt Qeynos Guards could not possibly get any better. You'll fing Trumpy either by the 2nd dock by the Erudite chanter, or in the bar just behind said dock. The rogue guild is found under Crow's Bar in QN, go in the closet in back then through the butt fugly painting. Rohand is all alone in the Mermaid's Inn - and he's on a strange faction. The QGuards were screaming for my blood, the Circle was Allied, he looked on me Warmly.

Markoff Chaney
Gnecro of the 44th Corpse
faction goes up, prices as well :(
# Sep 29 2001 at 4:48 AM Rating: Default
Hail, Friends.

I am working on my complete set of Ro Armor, and as some might know, you will need two bars of platinum for every armor piece. When I bought the first two, I had to pay 112pp and some change per bar. Being a poor Paladin, I thought about raising my faction with the Merchants to save some money.

I did the messenger quests for the Rogue Guild, did the Orc Pawn Pick Quest and went from indifferent to amiably. 'Coo..' I thought and checked back the price for a platinum bar. Now it costs 113pp and some change?!

Does anyone have a clue why the prices you have to pay go up when people like you better?

Thanks in advance
faction discount
# Feb 13 2004 at 4:50 PM Rating: Decent
Seems like so long ago that I learned this.

Alright, your charisma is the strongest determiner of prices. MOre charaisma = cheaper buying/better selling.

On faction, there are penalties and dicounts as follows:

scowling to dubious - merchants will not sell to you
Apprehensive - will sell to you with a penalty
Indifferent - will sell to you at "standard" cost
Amiable to Ally - will sell to you at a discount

This is why, as a DE cleric, I get better prices (same CHA) in the Necromancer guild under East Freeport (amiable) than in the Inns (apprehensive). If you want to sell in the inns and are not too good, cycle the note to Janam and note to reby quests, the quest NPCs are right next to each other at both ends.

-Forzz, 38 cleric of Innoruuk, <evil legions> drinal
RE: faction goes up, prices as well :(
# Oct 07 2001 at 8:00 PM Rating: Default
Sadly your faction has nothing to do with the prices that you pay for things from merchants. Your charisma is about the only thing that will effect a price change to your favor. Dosen't make allot of sense, I know, but that is the way they set it up.
RE: faction goes up, prices as well :(
# Oct 21 2001 at 4:44 AM Rating: Good
Actually faction does play a part in the prices from vendors. The more faction you have the lower the vendor prices will be, to some extent, although prices are based mainly on your charisma at the time. Also characters with really high or really low charisma may not notice a price change based on faction. If you have the sneak ability you can sneak up to a vendor to offset a bad faction, to do this you stand behind the vendor and press sneak until their "con" changes to indifferent. This not only gives better prices with apprehensive vendors but it also makes it so dubious or even KOS vendors will deal with you (for KOS vendors this works mainly if they are so green as to not aggro you) which is how you use the goblin vendor in runnyeye.

At indifferent faction you need roughly 110 charisma (slightly lower woll work) to get the "best prices" from vendors, any charisma above that makes no difference. At amiable or higher faction you only need charisma in the high 90s to get "best prices" from vendors. At apprehensive vendors don't seem to give their best prices, there may be a charisma value that will work but it would probably be above 120. Dubious or lower vendors will not deal with you unless you can use the sneak method above. I use the term "best prices" to mean the best value you can get from vendors, some items that are indicators of this are a platinum bar selling for 105pp or a flask of water for 1sp but certain vendors seem to never give good prices such as shady in EC or most of the Overthere Outpost vendors it is best to simply not use these vendors for high value items.
Raising Faction
# Jul 18 2001 at 9:18 AM Rating: Decent
I have heard a rumor that there is a bard in one of the Bars of Freeport that if you give him gold it will raise your faction with Merchants. Is this true ?
RE: Raising Faction
# Jul 31 2002 at 3:37 AM Rating: Decent
Yes, near the port of east freeport and near the inn there is the Grub & .. ? taverns where is Fabian...
you give him 2 gold, no more, no less and it raises your faction with knights of truth and some others... but not with merchants :)
with 60pp i came from kos to apprenhensively :)
This might help
# Jul 03 2001 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
At one of the zones into EFreeport from WFreeport there is a guy in rags that just stands there. I forget his name but if you kill him you get a decent sized boost to your Merchant faction. But you also take a hit with the Freeport Militia.. So he really isn't the best thing to kill for faction but he's quick and easy, he spawns fast and is only like level 4, of course if you become KoS to the guards then it doesn't matter what the Merchants think of you because you can't get to them without invisible/hide.

Although you could just kill the guy until you are glares with guards then do Deathfist Belts to raise it back up.
RE: This might help
# Jul 08 2001 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
There is only one Problem: If you do the quest for the Deathfist Belts you lose faction with the Knights of Truth in North Freeport. I suggest not to kill that guy in rags, if you like to kill someone then kill orcs :)

After killing them and collecting the orc pawn picks, you can do the Lottery Ticket Quest, which will raise the faction, too
What ARe
# Apr 22 2001 at 1:46 AM Rating: Default
What faction are the merchants in the side of the Inns in the commons? They are dubious to me and wont seel to me but the center ones are amiably. I need to know what faction to raise but I am unsure which it is.
RE: What ARe
# May 25 2001 at 1:57 PM Rating: Default
I am not totally sure on this, but I believe faction for the commons merchants is the "commons residents" faction, which can be increased by slaying deathfist orcs and dervishes in east commons (west commons as well). I am an Erudite Paladin and for a long time EC merchants wouldnt sell to me...after slaying hundreds of orcs the commons merchants love me ;)

Vorgus Bladebringer of the Bringer Clan
Kight of Deepwater, 37th circle
E'ci server
One quest lowers faction i know of
# Mar 30 2001 at 4:23 PM Rating: Default
Turning in militia helms into paladin guild will lower merchant faction.. best way to get it up is Trumpy tonic quest.. i know i went from kos to banker (yes i was kos to banker) to indiff in a few boat rides =)
Purpose of Faction with Merhcants?
# Mar 10 2001 at 1:07 PM Rating: Default
What exactly is the purpose of raising your faction with merchants if they already sell to you? As an enchanter, I thought maybe I could save some money by raising my faction before buying expensive gems. I am indifferent to all merchants in FP. I completed the orc pawn/lottery ticket quest about 20 times to find no faction change.
Well, just for a little expirament, I cast benevalence on a few different merchants to con check again and compare prices. My faction went from indifferent to amiable every time to find NO PRICE CHANGE! How does that work? I just wanted to know if I should waste any more time and money by buying as many picks as I can, until I get my agility down to 1 so I can't walk, and gate back to Hallrd's. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Crysies, the cutest High Elf on Norrath
RE: Purpose of Faction with Merhcants?
# May 13 2001 at 11:04 AM Rating: Good
As a enchanter your Charisma is probably already high enough so that you already get the best deals, even off of the apprehensive con'd mobs. Charisma and priceing was set on a lower scale, aimed to hurt races like halfings, trolls and such. i think it only takes like 110, maybe 120 charisma to get best deals off of low factions guys. But even with a low charisma, you can get good deals, with raiseing your faction
RE: Purpose of Faction with Merhcants?
# Jul 31 2002 at 3:30 AM Rating: Decent
i read this on

there is 4 groups for merchants pricing...
Threateningly (don't sell)
Dubiously (don't sell)
Apprehensively (sell)
Indifferent and above (sell)
To get best prices you need to have 104 charisma and to have indifferent faction or above...
else you would have to get 134 charisma to have best prices...
#Anonymous, Posted: Sep 21 2000 at 11:52 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) anyone know any good eq chat sites?
It's not III
# Aug 02 2000 at 7:14 AM Rating: Decent
It's not Coalition of Trade Folk III but rather Coalition of Trade Folk Ill as in Illegal.
CoTF factions
# Jul 22 2000 at 5:58 PM Rating: Decent
There are two different ones, Coalition of Trade Folk are the merchants of Freeport, and Coalition of Trade Folk III is the rogue guild. The merchants near the SK/Nec/evil cleric guilds are Dismal Rage I believe.
Raising Faction
# Jul 15 2000 at 12:52 AM Rating: Good
Not noticing the subtle difference in the name for merchant faction and rogue guild faction, I turned in 76 DF belts. Cost me a lot of money, all of it to be exact. But now the FRIGGIN rogue guild likes me. I think its the rogue guild, but I'm not positive. Anyway, I think in West Commons there is a guard at the toll booth that gives you some kind of quest if you hail him. Give him four pawn picks and he'll put you another quest that involved filling a bag with 8 cutthroat rings and combining it and giving it back. I don't know from firsthand experience if this is true or not, but its worth a shot if you've got a extra time and a lot of will.
Raise factions
# Jul 06 2000 at 2:18 AM Rating: Decent
I'd like to know how to raise faction with these merchants :-)
RE: Raise factions
# Sep 21 2000 at 11:49 PM Rating: Default
I killed shintl Lowbrew not knowing that i would lose faction and now fp merchants wont sell to me how do i raise my faction?=)
RE: Raise factions
# Oct 06 2000 at 2:06 PM Rating: Default
Try the lottery ticket quest with Halard in the resales building, its part of the Shield of the knight watch shield for paladins, that may do it.

RE: Raise factions
# Jan 17 2001 at 2:49 AM Rating: Decent
Kill orcs in Commons until yer eyes bleed. Eventually you will be able to sell and bank with these guys.
Orcs dont raise Tradefolk faction
# Mar 05 2001 at 7:16 PM Rating: Decent
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