Classes: The Shaman

Shamen - primitive power. The only magic using class of the barbarians, ogres and trolls, shamen get a variety of spells that combine aspects of most of the other magic using classes. This combination, along with the racial strength, means the class can be played in a variety of different ways.

What is the best way to develop and play your shaman? What spells and skills are the most and least useful? Can a shaman be soloed, and if so how? How should you play your shaman in a group?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Shaman and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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Focuses to Help Solo? Question:Follow

Focuses to Help Solo? Question:
#1 Oct 06 2008 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey everyone,

Playing my first shaman and currently level 43. I have been mostly duo'ing with my Mage friend or trio with Cleric and War. It goes good cause I usually just DoT once and maybe Slow/Mala.

What I'm looking for is a good way to solo/farm. Since Root/Rot is going to be most efficient (I think), I'm looking for some good focuses for DoTs and Nukes (most DoT)

Since I'm only level 43, what would you guys recommend for; (1) soloing areas / techniques, and (2) what/where are some good focus items for the spells I'm interested in?

Any tips & advice would be much appreciated.

43 Shaman
Focuses to Help Solo? Question:
#2 Oct 13 2008 at 4:52 PM Rating: Default
I soloed my shaman all his life, with rare duoing. At 43, I suggest the caves in Draniks. I know you said root and rot would be efficiant, but in all honesty, with the potions available in game now, I fight like a beastlord does, with my pet. Pull the mob sith slow, Dot it one time, and beat the crap out of it. This becomes doubley easy with the DoN spells for Procs you get in a few levels, Spirit of the panther and leapord and such. This spell will let you and your pet proc dozens of times a fight for 145 to 400 damage at higher levels, which makes fighting even better. As far as Focus items, the Inticate defiant gear, and the Elaborate all have foci built in to every piece. this stuff drops everywhere, and is relatively cheap in the bazaar. You will hear alot of Shaman complain that the pet is not worth having compared to beasts and Mages, but with good pet toys, and a full range of buffs, your pet will hit about half as well as you do, so if you look at the cup as half full, you are now hitting for half again as much as normal = ) Anyway, Develop your own style, Enjoy the Versitility of the class, and have fun.
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