Classes: The Paladin

Paladins - Icons of Virtue. The paladin combines the strength and battle prowess of a fighter with the healing and buffing of a cleric.

What is the best strategy for developing your paladin? Can a paladin be soloed, and if so, how? How should you play your paladin within a group? What skills should you concentrate on developing? What spells are most useful, and least useful? What armor and weapons should your paladin be seeking out?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Paladin and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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Paladin on Ragefire (Timelock / progression)Follow

Paladin on Ragefire (Timelock / progression)
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I've been thinking about making a baby Paladin. I have some limited twinking ability through my Enchanter and can get full set of banded and some fine steel for the Pally.

Out of the available races on Ragefire only the High Elf and Erudin really appeal to me, and out of those two the High Elf seems the most interesting for me at least.

But High Elves are really weak. 60 strength? My Dark Elf Enchanter is that strong (actually a little stronger thanks to jewellery with (+4int +2str).

I am curious about where to drop the stats though when I create the Paladin. The class thing here on Allahkazam says Stamina and Wisdom are main stats... but won't that make my Paladin hopeless in terms of damage? And isn't damage important both in terms of, well, doing damage in a group as well as solo... but also for generating aggro when tanking?

With a full set of medium banded it will weigh 47 points, then add 2H fine steel sword for another 10, which is 57 points total... optionally, FS longsword for 5 points + kite shield for 10 points, which is 47+5+10 = 62 points.

In other words, I'm constantly encumbered!

So should I beef up the strength to 75-80 points as minimum?

I feel the High Elf as a Paladin will be annoying to play and hit things with less force than an overboiled noodle if the strength is left unattended...
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