Classes: The Paladin

Paladins - Icons of Virtue. The paladin combines the strength and battle prowess of a fighter with the healing and buffing of a cleric.

What is the best strategy for developing your paladin? Can a paladin be soloed, and if so, how? How should you play your paladin within a group? What skills should you concentrate on developing? What spells are most useful, and least useful? What armor and weapons should your paladin be seeking out?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Paladin and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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Starting out a PalyFollow

Starting out a Paly
#1 Jul 22 2008 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
Ok so I want to experiment with a paladin, but don't know what race would make the best paladin, or the best tactics to use when learning the class. I played one before (kinda badly) and had a bit of fun. So thoughts?
Starting out a Paly
#2 Aug 06 2008 at 12:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Any race can play any class that they can play.
It doesn't matter these days.
Go with what you like the best. As I've said in other
posts that you've put up I don't like Halflings or
Gnomes. I think they look silly.

As a Paladin you are a tank class, and a good one at that.
Paladins and Shadow Knights are often referred to as "Knights"
(makes sense eh?)

I have a 58 Paladin I mess around with sometime so I'll
impart what wisdom I know.

Until you get better gear and a good haste item
stick with "sword and board" (1 hand sword and a shield)
that way you can bash and have a chance to stun mobs.
Keep your skill up in 2hd slash though because when you
get to a high enough level you can "buy" the AA
skill of 2hd bash (bash without a shield) and that is useful.

Back to speaking of stun. Its one of your best line of spells.
Have a couple loaded at all times and use them to keep
a mob from casting and to delay their attacks.
This also good for getting and holding aggro (a mob's attention)
which your group will appreciate if you are the Main Tank (MT)

Another tip is if you're getting beat up on, root your
target, back up and heal yourself and then get back
in there and fight. Paladin's get Lay on Hands which
is a once every... hour and a half? (real world time) insta mega heal
to yourself or another player.
It is VERY important that you target yourself or a friend
in need when you use your Lay on Hands. I cannot tell you
how many times in the past I've needed it and I still
had the mob targeted when I used it and therefore wasted it.

Paladins are great against undead and you will get some
nice anti-undead procs. If you must solo I suggest
finding a good zone with undead in it because that is what
you are best against.
--Unrest, Veksar, Nadox, and others...

Paladin's also get some nice Hit Point buff spells and
a 90% exp. resurrection spell.
They never get a 96% exp res. spell. Only Clerics get that.

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