Classes: The Paladin

Paladins - Icons of Virtue. The paladin combines the strength and battle prowess of a fighter with the healing and buffing of a cleric.

What is the best strategy for developing your paladin? Can a paladin be soloed, and if so, how? How should you play your paladin within a group? What skills should you concentrate on developing? What spells are most useful, and least useful? What armor and weapons should your paladin be seeking out?

Post your strategies on how to best play and develop the Paladin and read, rate and comment on what others have to say.

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Help: Iím an erudite pally!!Follow

Help: Iím an erudite pally!!
#1 Sep 27 2004 at 4:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Hehe =P Yes Iíve heard they are rare. And before I begin asking what I came here to ask, let me tell you my story. (if you donít want to read the story skip the following paragraph.

I began my true everquest experience when I was accepted into the Macintosh EQ Beta testing. It lasted 3 months and we all got free lvl 65 players to fool around with and test the larger mobs. I took a mage (crap) but this other person who I raided with, whoís name was Niffurn, was an erudite paladin. He was amazing to say the least. He had this white armor and cape and a white horse, and for his weapon he had a LONG (like as long as 2 or 3 humans) jousting-type thing which came to a single point at the end and got thicker as it went towards his hand. When he used it, it looked like he was piercing, but maybe it was 2H SlashÖ. Iím not sure. Either way this guy could heal incredibly and seemed to never run out of mana as he led our group of EIGHT (yes the number after 7) down sebilis to kill Trakkanon. I believe he had all his AA skills maxed out (how long would that take to accomplish without a GM giving it to you?).

Regardless of all this, it is my goal to become that guy. I have a level 11 erudite paladin (after only 2 days of playing) on a PC server (finally got a new PC) which I donít remember the name of. I have heard that there are Ďerudite paladin onlyí items later in this game. Please could someone tell me more about those? Also, is it possible to become a powerful, great paladin as an erudite? Please let me know that my character can be amazing if I stick with it till the 60ís. I have heard really good things about these unique items for erudite paladins only, but what are they? I have searched practically every EQ websiteÖ

~Niffurn (in memory of Niffurn)

PS - in case you're wondering we did not kill Trak with 8 people lol.... it was the last night of the beta.
Help: Iím an erudite pally!!
#2 Sep 27 2004 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Erudite Paladin, the real challenge.

Yes, you can become quite powerful in the high end game. At the later points you can easily get gear to overcome your lousy starting abilities. It will be a difficult road at times, as your STR is so low. Usually tanks concentrate mostly on STA and AC, however, you will need to keep a close eye for STR as well so you can carry the heavy armor you need to wear. Erudite pallies do have access to some unique items, though I don't know much about them other than that they are there. Try looking in the Quest section and you will probably be able to find some of the stuff.
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Help: Iím an erudite pally!!
#3 Oct 06 2004 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Is a decent item, usually very cheap as it's Erudite Pally only. Really helps to pad out str & sta which will be weak at lower levels.

Don't worry too much about str, it'll take care of itself as you get better gear, concentrate on ac/sta/hp's and you won't go far wrong.

Happy adventuring!

Help: Iím an erudite pally!!
#4 Oct 06 2004 at 5:27 PM Rating: Default
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Unfortunatly there havn't been any race specific things since Kunark, honestly...

I guess SOE got sick of people whining about how other races had different items and how it made them cry... Personally I'm for a game that Race plays a big factor, allowing certain skills for certain races. But SOE hasn't, all the Race specific stuff falls out of usefulness at or before level 50, and you'll get suited up with Generic and boring gear that everyone else has.

On the bright side, this means that your Erudite can't honestly be picked at for his race, since he can tank as well as an Ogre or a Gnome (btw duh I know you can't be an ogre paladin)... But we can make fun of your Big Forehead =)
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Help: IÔŅĹm an erudite pally!!
#5 Jun 07 2005 at 7:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Sux to be you. Just kidding not seen many erduite pallies never though they would be good crappy STR starting and low dex and sta. you might want to trash it and make a Dwarf we ROCK. Nothing like being short and holy and looking up girls dresses.
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